What You Need to Know Before Your Solo Trip to Dubai

Dubai is one of the top picture-perfect cities in the world. From skyscrapers to breathtaking landscapes, Dubai welcomes you to a kaleidoscope of experiences! Besides, the strict laws of Dubai make it a safe destination for solo travellers! Could it be any more perfect?

That said, even in such a perfect place like Dubai, there’s a problem. Yes, it is a problem of too many things to do. Especially if it’s your first time in the city. With tradition and modernity hand-in-hand, you will be spoilt for choice. If you need insider insights, you can check my blogs on Dubai. Apart from that, here’s an overview of a refreshing vacation as a solo female traveller in Dubai!

Things to Do in Dubai

  • Take a helicopter tour of the city.
  • Experience a miracle at the vibrant Miracle Garden.
  • Head out on a majestic desert safari.
  • Catch a show at the Dubai Opera House.
  • Explore souks, a traditional marketplace in Dubai.
  • Try camel milk – Camelccino at the Dubai Mall.
  • Discover the traditional Dubai at Dubai Creek.
  • Witness the Dubai Fountain performance.
  • Admire Dubai from the observation deck of Burj Khalifa.
  • Surf, chill, laze around, and watch the sunset at Kite Beach.
  • Take a picture in front of Wings of Mexico.
  • Indulge in an open-air Arabic dining experience.
  • Visit the most photographed mosque – Jumeriah Mosque.
  • Go on a culinary journey to taste top food items like Shawarma, Al Harees, Ghuzi, Majboos, etc. 

Travel Expenses: What to Budget

  • Accommodation – On your solo trip to Dubai, accommodation plays a key point in your budget. In a not-so-inexpensive place like Dubai, staying at a hostel or a capsule is the best way to save money. Plus, you get to share stories with fellow travellers. A win-win situation, isn’t it? A dorm bed in a hostel in Dubai starts from $19 and can go up to $30 per night. 
  • Food – If you do not want holes in your pocket, be wise and eat at the local restaurants. They serve dishes that are finger-licking good. Skip the alcohol. And you’re good to go. For a full-day meal in Dubai, you can expect to pay about $30. However, one fine-dine experience is a must when in Dubai! So, save some dirhams for it. 
  • TransportTo keep your budget under check, public transport like the metro is the cheapest option to get around the city. It will cost you below $2 per ride. Your next best options are tram (limited) and buses (time-consuming)! Per ride, it costs $0.82 and $0.68 – $1.77 respectively! 

Recommended Daily Budget

It is fair to say Dubai is not going to be a budget-friendly affair. You see, the land of opulence and luxury comes with a price. But, if you plan well and consider every activity realistically, a budget trip to Dubai all alone is possible. On average, for a budget trip, you can expect to pay around $60 – $100. The inclusion of luxury experiences significantly increases the overall cost estimation.

Proven and Tested Money-Saving Tricks!

  • Purchase the Dubai Card to get offers and discounts on several activities.
  • Buy a real SIM card from a mobile store or mall instead of anywhere else.
  • Invest in cheaper accommodations like hostels.
  • Try and avoid hopping in taxis, as they are expensive.
  • Do not tip everywhere.
  • Take advantage of free yet popular attractions.
  • Be mindful of rates while exchanging currencies.

In a Nutshell, What Awaits You in Dubai? 

Dubai awaits you with a suitcase full of experiences. On your solo trip there, live every moment and be in the present! Dubai doesn’t happen to everyone. So, if you have made it to the city – make sure to make the most of everything.

Whether you want a serene beach gateway, a thrill-filled desert adventure, or break a leg into the famous Dubai nightlife, Dubai won’t disappoint you on your solo trip!