What You Need to Know Before Your Solo Trip to Egypt

Egypt – the land of pharaohs is where history whispers through the sand. Well-known for the pyramids of Giza, Egypt grabs a spot on every solo traveller’s bucket list.

But what more? Honestly, pyramids are just the beginning. A solo trip to Egypt feels like answering multiple calls. A call of the deserts, Red Sea, Nile River, and ancient culture of some of the oldest cities in the world. 

As you prepare for your solo trip to Egypt, be ready for adventure, relaxation, and a change in perspective. You can also read my blogs on Egypt to customise your solo trip and get local insights into the country. 

Things to do in Egypt

  • Camp with Bedouins in the White Desert.
  • Hop on a camel ride by the Pyramids.
  • Engage in a sunset sailing activity on the Nile.
  • Explore ancient culture at Nubia.
  • Experience off-roading in the Black Desert.
  • Go on a shopping spree at Khan El–Khalili Bazaar. 
  • Soar above Egypt on a hot air balloon ride in Luxor.
  • Dive in the Red Sea to discover coral reefs.
  • Learn to make papyrus.
  • Witness the biggest collection of artefacts at the Egyptian Museum.
  • Hike to the top of Mt. Sinai.
  • Take a ride on a felucca.
  • Savour your way through the Egyptian street food – Ful Medames, Tamiya, Koshari, etc.
  • Watch a Sufi Dance show. 

Travel Expenses: What to Budget

  • Accommodation – Hostels are the best budget-friendly accommodation for solo travellers. However, in Egypt, you can also land in a good hotel at an affordable cost. Research well and filter your priorities. Budget stays in Egypt start from $7 and can go up to $25 per night.
  • Food – Food in Egypt is not as expensive as you might think. Even an average meal at a top restaurant costs around $10 – $20. Plus, the streets of Egypt are full of inexpensive vendors. They sell the perfect snack on the go.
  • TransportIf you are not in a hurry, buses and trains are the best option for long-distance travel. Plus, they are light on the pocket. For a comfortable intra-city train journey in Egypt, you can expect to $17 – $38 and a regular bus ride starts from as little as $0.15.

Recommended Daily Budget

Overall, if you are on a shoestring budget in Egypt, expect to spend around $30 – $40 for a day. In case, you are travelling to Egypt on a mid-range budget, you will spend about $50 and above. Aside from this daily budget, set aside a budget for activities and shopping as well!

Proven and Tested Money-Saving Tricks! 

  • Travel solo to Egypt between May and October (off-season).
  • Instead of flying into the capital, fly to the country through other cities at a cheaper rate.
  • Shared dorms in hostels are the best way to save on accommodation.
  • Exchange your foreign currency into Egyptian pounds to spend less on items.
  • Compare cost-effective places and activities to explore.
  • Bargain to secure good deals.
  • Always take public transportation over private ones. 
  • Book excursions at a better price through private guides.
  • Try and avoid purchasing anything from the hawkers around the Pyramid. 

In a Nutshell, What Awaits You in Egypt?

A solo trip to Egypt is one-of-a-kind. After all, it’s like living the classic “The Mummy” dream, isn’t it? Apart from that, it is an educative walk through the past. With unparalleled beauty, Egypt will win a soft spot in your heart.

Be it experiencing the historical allure, diving into the Red Sea, exploring the age-old markets, or relaxing in the oases – Egypt offers a solid package to unfold, unwind, and unlearn.