15 Best Beaches to Visit on Your Solo Trip to Bali

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says “Bali?” Rice terraces, religious sites, and waterfalls are what most people usually answer. And sure enough, these are some of the most famous things that Bali has to offer. But there are a lot of other fascinating things that Bali offers, one of them being its stunning beaches!

When it comes to the beaches in Bali, I like to refer to them as the 3 S – Sand, Sea, and Sun! 

Over the past few years, the beaches in Bali became one of the top tourist attractions on the island. With a plethora of beaches here, you will be spoiled for choices. Most of these beaches do not require you to purchase an entry ticket, which is great if you have a tight budget. And a lot of them offer many water adventure activities as well.

If you love going to the beach just to relax or try out unique water sports, then this blog is for you. I will be mentioning the top 15 beaches for you to explore on your next solo trip to Bali! Read on to know more.

1. Kuta Beach

Arguably the most famous beach in Bali, Kuta Beach is a must-visit for all the beach bums out there. Originally, the beach was a fishing village. Over the last few decades, the village has slowly transformed into this stunning beach with several fancy bars, eateries, and resorts in the surroundings. 

During the months of July and August, the beach indulges in many festivals and events. So I would recommend you visit Kuta Beach during these months to relish the celebrations and witness a different side of Bali.

2. Seminyak Beach

Spread across an area of five kilometres, Seminyak Beach is popularly known as the golden sand beach. It lies between the regions Kuta and Legian. The beach has got many restaurants that serve mouthwatering dishes, top-quality hotels for you to stay and some amazing beachfront bars. 

If you are a beginner at surfing and other water activities, then Seminyak Beach will be the perfect opportunity for you to try out surfing. This is mainly because the beach has gentle waves when compared with other beaches in Bali. 

3. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is not really one of the famous beaches in Bali. It is located in the Bukit Peninsula area of Bali, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. If you are looking to spend some time away from the crowded areas and beaches in Bali, then you can head to Balangan Beach. 

Most people who visit this beach indulge in surfing and witnessing the gorgeous sunset in the evening. Since the beach does not offer much to its visitors, I think it’s a great opportunity to click some pictures here. You can wear your cute little dress or even a sarong to get some aesthetic beach shots! To know more about what to wear in Bali, check out my blog on the same here.

4. Nyang Nyang Beach

Another of the lesser-known beaches, Nyang Nyang Beach, is one of my favourite beaches in Bali. Since it is not so famous, it is always less crowded compared to other beaches in Bali. When I had visited this beach on my solo trip to Bali, I fell in love with it immediately! There are no visible eateries or bars around the beach, and the phrase ‘nature at its best’ suits Nyang Nyang Beach perfectly.

I had a great time at the beach. I sunbathed for a couple of hours and did a mini photoshoot in a beautiful sarong that I purchased from one of the markets in Bali. Since I knew that there would be no visible eateries or shops, I carried some snacks with me. But please make sure not to litter the beach, be a responsible traveller! I’d say we should gear up for eco-friendly solo travel after the recent global pandemic. What do you say?

5. Balian Beach

Balian Beach is one of the many remote beaches in Bali. Located in West Bali, it is at an approximate distance of 40 kilometres from Seminyak. So if you are staying in Seminyak or any of its neighbouring places, I would suggest you hire a taxi or cab to get to the beach. 

The beach has black sand, which is one of its kind and something unique for you to explore in Bali. Because how often does one come across a black-sand beach, right?

After reading up about Balian Beach before my solo trip to the island, I was a little confused about whether or not I should travel 40 kilometres for a beach. But at the back of my head, I was quite intrigued by its black sand. In the end, I decided to make the trip to West Bali and hired a cab. And I’m glad I made that decision because Balian Beach is nothing but beautiful! And the sunset views from the beach are breathtaking!

Here is a little disclaimer before you plan on visiting this beach. The roads to West Bali are not in their best shape. There are a lot of bumps that can make your ride a little difficult.

6. Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is one of the gorgeous beaches in Bali. It is located in Nusa Penida and has some beautiful landscapes. The white sand on the beach and the waves of the clear blue water look nothing short of magical. 

One of the popular water activities to try out at Atuh Beach is scuba diving. If you have been searching for the perfect moment to try out scuba diving, then I guess Atuh Beach is the one!

7. Sanur Beach

Considered just the right place for a relaxed time at the beach, Sanur Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali. Located at a distance of 11 kilometres from Denpasar City, the beach is famous amongst people who just want to unwind and relax. 

On every Sunday, many local vendors come to the beach to sell their items. With all the locals, tourists, and vendors, the beach gets wrapped up in an atmosphere of festivities!

8. Green Bowl Beach

Quite an interesting name, right? Well, the reason behind the name is that during the low tides, the formation of a bowl takes place. With this, the green of the hill surrounding the beach becomes visible. And hence the name Green Bowl Beach!

The Green Bowl Beach is an exotic beach that happens to be one of the most popular places to try out surfing. However, it is not an ideal beach for beginners in surfing. But that doesn’t mean you cannot visit the beach if you are a beginner at surfing. You can relax at the beach and click stunning pictures of the landscapes!

9. Echo Beach

Echo Beach is also known as Pantai Batu Mejan, and it is famous for its stunning sunsets, surfing breaks, and Hindu temples at a nearby location. The beach’s natural aura and black sand are something that attracts a majority of the tourists to its folds. 

Most visitors at the beach would be either sunbathing or swimming in the gorgeous blue waters. If you plan on visiting Echo Beach, don’t forget to carry your camera along with you. The views of the sunset from the beach are magical! And if you feel like munching on some food, then you can visit any of the seafood joints at the beach that serves delicious food at reasonable prices.

10. Jimbaran Beach

Located on the southwestern coast of the island, Jimbaran Beach is considered one of the most picturesque beaches in Bali! The beach also has several resorts, including the famous Four Seasons. You can check out Four Seasons for accommodation if you are in for lavish treatment!

You can relax at the beach, click pictures of the gorgeous sunset, or have a mini photoshoot of your own against the backdrop of the calm waves.

11. Canggu Beach

Located between Tanah Lot and Seminyak, Canggu Beach is every surfer’s paradise! The beach is usually crowded, owing to its popularity. You can also find plenty of restaurants, eateries, and bars at the beach to beat your hunger pangs! Some of its most popular restaurants include Bale Sutra and Aoba Bali.

If you are looking to spend a day surfing, relaxing, sunbathing, and gorging on some delicious food, then Canggu Beach is the place to be!

The ideal time to visit the beach is during the months of April, May, June, and September.

12. Gunung Payung Beach

beaches in bali

Gunung Payung is a gorgeous Bali beach nestled amidst hills. The hills keep the atmosphere at the beach calmer and colder, thereby making it a perfect place to relax without worrying about the scorching heat. The white sand and breathtaking views are a few of the other attractive features of Gunung Payung Beach.

When it comes to water sports, the beach offers surfing and snorkelling, and it is an amazing place for sunbathing.

Since the beach lies in quite a secluded area, you won’t find any eateries, restaurants, or bars nearby. So I would recommend you carry some snacks and drinks along with you.

When I had visited Gunung Payung Beach, I was most excited about snorkelling. I had never tried snorkelling before, and doing something out of my comfort zone on my first ever solo trip seemed like the right thing. And I am happy I took the decision of snorkelling in Bali, as it was one of the highlights of my first ever solo trip!

13. Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach is one of the unique hidden treasures of Bali. Surrounded by natural limestone formations, the beach is also known as Bluepoint. It is a good place for people who love indulging in adrenaline-pumping adventure activities like diving and surfing. Or, if you want to have a relaxed time at the beach, you can even sunbathe.

The absolute best time to visit Suluban Beach is during the windy months, from June to August. The atmosphere during these months at the beach is the most peaceful!

14. Tanjung Benoa Beach

A paradise for all water sports junkies, Tanjung Beno Beach, is located in South Kuta, Bali. Some of their most popular water sports are parasailing, skyboarding, and jet-skiing. Other than water sports, the beach also has some amazing restaurants that serve lip-smacking food. Two of the most famous restaurants are All Spice Restaurant and Bambu Bali. 

When I had visited Tanjung Benoa Beach on my solo trip, I had the yummiest meal at All Spice Restaurant! My favourite dishes from the restaurant are Malaysian Yellow Chicken Curry, Crispy Whole Fish, Steamed Jasmine Rice, and Mushroom Soup. 

I would highly recommend you visit Tanjung Benoa Beach, either for its popular water sports or the fancy restaurants and delicious food!

15. Padang Bai Beach

I saved the best Bali beach for the last. Padang Bai Beach is one of the most magnificent beaches on the island. One of the reasons behind its beauty is the fact that the beach is still in its undisturbed and original form. The beautiful water around the beach is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. 

A major highlight of Padang Bai Beach is the number of diving sites from where you can spot some of the marine creatures such as reef sharks, moray eel, and octopus.

Additionally, you can also check out the temples at a nearby distance from the beach. The famous temples include Pura Tanjungsari and Pura Telaga Mas.

A tip for you before you hit the beaches in Bali

beaches in bali

Considering the hot climate, the chances of you getting tanned are quite high. And since a lot of you will definitely be in your swimwear, most of your arms and legs will be exposed to the scorching heat. So to avoid getting tanned, I would recommend you wear an appropriate amount of sunscreen. If possible, carry a bottle of sunscreen in your bag as well. You can keep reapplying it as and when needed.

Okay, so this is it for this blog. I understand that visiting all the beaches on one solo trip may not be possible. So you can choose the ones that seem the most interesting to you. Once you get back from your Bali solo trip, do let me know of your experiences in the comment section below. I would love to hear about them!


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