15 Stunning Cafes to Visit on Your Solo Trip to Bali


Bali is the land of beautiful scenic spots, spiritual and religious places, and gorgeous waterfalls. Over the last few years, the island has become quite famous for its food as well. Among the hundreds of stunning cafes available in Bali, most of these serve a number of cuisines from all around the world. The primary reason behind this is the migration of chefs and expats from neighbouring countries to the island.

So if you are someone who is a big foodie just like me, then Bali will have many beautiful cafes for you to explore. Now, I personally love cafes more than restaurants. The reason being cafes are cheaper and offer almost the same type of certain food items as that of restaurants. And the cafes are quite Instagrammable spots as well!

During my solo trip to Bali, I visited some of the gorgeous cafes on the island. And honestly, the food and ambience at these cafes were definitely a hit for me!

So here are some of the most stunning cafes that you can visit on your solo trip to Bali.

1. Cafe Organic

This cafe in Seminyak offers delicious vegetarian and vegan food dishes. The food is prepared with fresh and organically produced goods, which adds to the quality and taste you get here. The colours white and minimal green dominate the interiors of the cafe. In my opinion, these two subtle colours make the perfect background for an aesthetic Instagram picture!

Whether you are looking for a lazy afternoon lunch or a quick evening snack, definitely consider visiting Cafe Organic on your solo trip to Bali. The cafe opens from 7 AM and closes at 10 PM.

2. Sea Circus

Looking for a stunning Mexican cafe in Seminyak? Then Sea Circus is the place to be. I feel the name speaks enough for the type of vibe you can expect here. Not only is the cafe coloured in rainbow colours, but the food items offered here are quite mouthwatering too. The cafe opens pretty early in the morning at 7:30 AM and closes at around 10 PM. So, whether you are looking for a delicious breakfast, quick lunch, or a light dinner, Sea Circus is the perfect option.

On my solo trip to Bali, I was intrigued by the quirky interiors and wanted to check out the cafe. I would be lying if I said I was not impressed with both the food and the interiors. Some of my favourite dishes that I got to try at the cafe include Fish Tacos, Acai Bowl, and Margarita jugs! 

3. The Loft

Located in Canggu, The Loft is quickly rising to popularity with its delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes. But they also serve some delicious non-vegetarian dishes, including Australian beef burgers (one of their most famous non-vegetarian dishes!). To wash down all the delicious food, The Loft offers some healthy coffee as well. And their drool-worthy desserts act as the cherry on top!

Oh, and after you are done with your meal, don’t forget to get your pictures clicked in front of their iconic pink wall!

4. Kynd Community

Another great cafe for all the vegan lovers out there, Kynd Community, is one of the most famous cafes in Seminyak. Along with the food, the interiors and cafe service are top-notch as well. Their 100% plant-based menu is something that attracts a majority of their customers. The cafe opens early in the morning at 6 AM and remains open till 10 PM.

cafes in bali

When I visited the Kynd Community on my Bali trip, it instantly became one of my favourite cafes. The vegan food here is to die for! I had my breakfast here a couple of times. Some of my favourite dishes at Kynd Community are tropical berry smoothie, waffles, and coconut coffee!

5. Folk Pool and Gardens

Folk Pool and Gardens is Ubud’s first swim-up pool bar and twilight pool cinema. The cuisine offered here is modern tropical. Their wide variety of food items and in-house baked bread is something that works as one of the factors for its popularity. This cafe is perfect if you are in the neighbourhood and want to stop by for a quick snack in the evening. Their smoothies are some of the best in the town, so definitely try to visit Folk Pool and Gardens on your solo trip to Bali!

And also, the cafe conducts cooking classes on the weekends. If you want to try your hand at their famous food items or just learn to cook different cuisine, then definitely go for it. Folk Pool and Gardens open from 9 AM and closes at 10 PM.

6. Kismet

Known for its warm ambience, Kismet is one of the most popular cafes in Ubud. The meaning of the cafe’s name stands for four key values – fate, synchronicity, destiny, and serendipity.

The owners of the cafe take special care in showcasing their passion for cooking in the dishes served. The ingredients used for cooking are sourced from organic farms, so you can expect great quality and just the right taste. Whether it is a fresh breakfast meal or a quick snack in the evening, Kismet will not disappoint you!

Browse through the extensive menu offered at Kismet cafe here.

7. Coffee Cartel

If you are looking for delicious food, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cuisine, aromatic and rich coffee, fast WiFi, and stunning Instagrammable spots, then head to Coffee Cartel. You can either take a seat at the outdoor marble tables or the indoor wooden tables. The cafe also has a first floor with an al-fresco terrace that is perfect for enjoying the breathtaking views.

During my solo trip to Bali, Coffee Cartel was on the top of my list of cafes to visit on the island. And it lived up to all the hype. Some of their most delicious food include Vegan Smak Hotcakes, Bali Bowl with lots of delicious sides in a modern salad and candy floss, and Banana Nice-Cream! Located in Seminyak, the cafe opens from 7:30 AM and closes at 6 PM, so it is perfect for breakfasts, lunches, and evening snacks.

8. Milk and Madu

With outlets in both Canggu and Ubud, Milk and Madu serve some tasty food items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their lava stone pizza is one of the most popular and unique food items. The views of the rice fields from the cafe are an addition to things that Milk and Madu have to offer. And on special nights, the cafe organises live music as well. So if you happen to be around either Ubud or Canggu, then definitely try visiting Milk and Madu, especially for the food and live music! The opening hours of the cafe are from 7 AM to 10 PM.

9. The Shady Shack

Don’t go by the cafe’s name because The Shady Shack is one of the best cafes in Canggu. Their speciality is in their bowls. For every craving of yours, there is a bowl. Craving some protein? Have their Protein Bowl. In the mood for some Asian cheese? Try their Haloumi Bowl. Looking for some Japanese food in a bowl? Go for the Nori Bowl.

When I had visited The Shady Shack on my solo trip to Bali, I tried out their Japanese Nori Bowl. Although I had not expected it to be this good, the Nori Bowl was definitely one of the best food dishes I have tried so far. You should visit The Shady Shack if you love nutritious, healthy food bowls! The timings of the cafe are 7:30 AM till 11 PM.

10. The Cashew Tree Collective

Located in the beautiful Bingin area, The Cashew Tree Collective serves delicious healthy vegetarian food. The cafe opens early in the morning at 7:30 AM and closes at 10 PM. This is why it’s perfect to have all three meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – here. Oh, and also, you can always stop by the cafe to have some delicious snacks as well. 

Some of their famous dishes are the Bakti Bowl, Plants Benedict, and the Superseed Fruit Salad. What can get healthier than this, right? And also, the dishes served at The Cashew Tree Collective are super nutritious too!

11. Bukit Cafe

Located between two gorgeous beaches of Bali, Padang Padang Beach and Bingin Beach, Bukit Cafe is an innovative eatery that serves mouthwatering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cafe’s extensive menu is perfect if you want to have a quick breakfast, heavy lunch, or a relaxed dinner after a tiring day exploring Bali. The Bukit Cafe cafe also features some great seasonal products’ dishes that you should definitely try out on your visit.

12. Crate Cafe

The locals of Bali refer to the Crate Cafe as the Lifescrate. And for all the right reasons. It is one of the most happening cafes on the island that serves some lip-smacking cuisine. The cafe is famous for its good quality coffee as well. If you love coffee and delicious food just as much as I do, then definitely try to visit the Crate Cafe. The cafe only opens from 6 AM to 5 PM every day, making it perfect for an early morning coffee run, lazy afternoon lunch, or a quick evening snack. 

cafes in bali

When I had visited the Crate Cafe in Canggu, I instantly became a huge fan of their coffee. And the food was as delicious as it could get. Also, the cafe has some Instagram-worthy picture spots for your next Instagram post!

13. Watercress Cafe

Recently, Watercress Cafe turned out to be a new addition to the list of stunning cafes in Canggu. The cafe has a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner cuisines. Watercress Cafe has a delightful menu with flavourful dishes for you to explore. The cafe opens in the morning at 7:30 AM and closes at 10 PM.

However, if you are in Ubud and do not have any plans of visiting Canggu but still want to check out this cafe, well, then they have an outlet in Ubud too. It is located on Jalan Monkey Forest near the Ubud Market.

14. Neon Palms

Neon Palms is a beautiful little cafe located on the first floor of the Bali Boat Shed in Seminyak. The tropical decor is something unique that you may not come across that often (this is something that makes Neon Palms a picturesque cafe, too!). Their menu is flavoursome with a wide variety of food items and delicious cocktails. The opening hours of the cafe are from 8 AM till 11 PM.

When I had visited Neon Palms, I was impressed at first sight, if that’s a thing. Everything that I tried for my late afternoon meal was totally worth it. Some of my favourite dishes from Neon Palms include King Prawn Sushi Bowl, Korean Spiced Chicken Strips, and Flatbread Tacos. 

The cafe has a wine shop, too, where you can check out their authentic wine collection and purchase a bottle or two!

15. Shelter Cafe

This beautiful breezy rooftop cafe is one of the most popular ones in Seminyak. Most of the food items served here are more on the healthier and nutritious side. But hey, that does not mean they are not delicious. I guess I wouldn’t complain if I were getting such healthy and tasty dishes. You can browse through their menu of fresh juices, rich coffee, delicious food, and power-packed healthy smoothies. Trust me, you won’t regret visiting this cafe, and everything you order will definitely taste good!

My all-time favourite food items at the Shelter Cafe are their variety of fresh fruit juices, cold coffee, and healthy fruit smoothies.

The cafe is located in Seminyak and opens from 7:30 AM till 6 PM.

So, what’s your favourite cafe(s) in Bali?

Okay, so this brings us to the end of the blog. I explored as many cafes as I could from the ones mentioned above, and honestly, everything that I tried out turned out pretty good. Although there were very few cafes that offer authentic Balinese cuisine, I liked every other cuisine I got to try out so far. 

If you are planning on visiting Bali for your next solo trip, then definitely visit these cafes. Also, if you do not like the food that much, you can at least get great Instagram-worthy pictures!

Do let me know in the comment section about your solo trip to Bali and all your favourite cafes. I would love to hear about your experiences! 

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