5 interesting countries to visit after the pandemic

There are 195 countries in the world and most people choose to visit either budget-friendly countries or the overrated ones with good marketing team. If you are planning for a travel itinerary after the pandemic, consider the following underrated countries that not many talk about!

South Africa

If you are a lion king fan or an ardent animal lover, then South Africa is the place for you. The country is known for its diverse wildlife. Needless to mention about the culture that is as diverse as the beautiful wildlife and landscapes! It brings the inner child in you for sure. English is the widely spoken language and hence, independent tours without local guides should not be a problem. The ideal time to visit the country is May – September even though it makes a year-round destination.


You will love the Himalayan kingdom once you lay eyes on the spectacular views that are still not fully exposed to the outside world or media. You also win a jackpot if you love trekking! The temples and religious sites offer spiritual vibes with majority of the locals following Hinduism and Buddhism. The best time to visit the country is October – November.


This South African nation has got an amazing coastline for the lovers of sun, sea and sand. And that means there is also a tonne of water sports and activities to witness rare marine life. The Tofo beach is the main hub for backpackers and if you are lucky enough, you can spot cute dugongs and whale sharks. The best time to visit the country is October – November.


If you’re too bored of your friends and relatives raving about their expensive trip to Iceland, choose Finland as your next destination! There is generous amount of snow in the winter and infinite sun in the summer, the absolute best of both worlds! And the picturesque views are to die for! Don’t forget to hit the most famous Finnish sauna to destress yourself while on the trip! The best time to visit the country is June – August.


Egypt is still so underrated despite having the best monuments and history in the world. How did people even forget about the classic Stephen Sommers “The Mummy” so soon? Unbelievable! The mummies, pyramids, The Nile, temples, everything about the country has a story to tell the world! If you are a history nerd, you will need multiple trips back and forth to the country! It is a year-round vacation destination but the best time to visit is September – April. There are so many other blogs that I have written about my trip to Egypt, please do check them out in the travel category.


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