6 reasons why women travel solo

Honestly, it sounds like an absurd question to me. It is similar to wanting to know why men cook. However, there are many people including my friends who still wonder why women travel solo. This blog is for those people who need to know the answers. Here you go…

1. Learning experience for future endeavours

It is not always related to heartbreaks or any other kind of life problems. It is about shifting to a bigger place in life with one less thing to do. Also, getting rid of the comfort zone and exploring things in an unknown nation all alone could definitely be helpful in near future!

2. Less drama with solo travel

There are many compromises required while travelling with a partner or a group of friends. It is a low-key best thing for female travellers to curate the travel itinerary as per their wish. Above all, freedom is 100 percent guaranteed without any fuss!

3. Wanting a change in life

This is the most cliched statement of many travellers regardless of the gender. But there is nothing wrong in wanting a change from a monotonous routine in life. Change is inevitable, and it is also essential to create a change to sustain in this fast-paced world.

4. Inspiration from a fellow female solo traveller

It is important to gather inspirations, and also to inspire in life. Many female solo travellers start out because of an inspirational solo travel journey. It is great when women support each other. And, it is even greater if they inspire each other!

5. Much needed journey for self love

The world lacks self love due to peer pressure. Solo travel could help to discover self love back. It is proven that some alone quality time can help to embrace flaws and imperfections.

6. Because they want to…

Last but not the least, women travel alone because they want to! It is as simple as that. Every human has a freedom of choice. Women wanting to explore the world on own could just be a choice!

Therefore, when you meet solo female travellers next time, ask them about the travel experience they’d like to share. Questioning their choice decision could come off as rude (even if that is not your intent), just saying!


An introverted blogger who is looking to make unforgettable solo travel memories with one short life.

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