Where to Stay on Your Solo Travel to Venice | 7 Best Areas

As solo female travellers, we know the drill, right? We have to prioritise our safety over everything. Therefore, to have an ideal solo vacation in Venice, it is very crucial to find the best area to stay in Venice, Italy, that suits both your pocket and style. That said, you can consider several best areas in Venice before choosing your pick. This includes the six main sestieri (districts) – San Marco, Cannaregio, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Castello, Santa Croce, and Giudecca Island.

To make it easier for you to decide where to stay on your solo trip to Venice, I’ve written a detailed post about the seven best places to stay in Venice for first-time and frequent visitors. Continue reading to learn about the accommodations, points of interest, and what makes these places stand out for a unique experience in Venice.

1. San Marco – the best area to stay in Venice for two nights

If you’re planning to stay in the city for a night or two only, San Marco should be your go-to choice. It is the first place that pops into mind when you’re on your first trip to the city. And for all the right reasons! 

It is the city’s heart and an excellent starting point for visiting most of the city’s tourist attractions. That means you can tick off most of the iconic places in Venice with just a little walk. This area also gives you some of the most surreal views of the city of lagoons. Isn’t that great? 

However, owing to its popularity among tourists, the San Marco district remains mostly crowded. Prepare to be a part of a horde. Furthermore, this is the most expensive part of Venice as it contains boutiques, high-end restaurants, shops, and 5-star hotels.

Places to visit in San Marco

  • St. Mark’s Square
  • Saint Mark’s Basilica and its rooftop
  • The Doge’s Palace
  • Bridge of Sighs

Best accommodations in San Marco

  • Hotel A La Commedia – €166/night
  • Al Theatro Palace – €419 / night
  • The Gritti Palace – €2,600/night

2. Cannaregio – the best area to live and explore like a local

Now that I have told you about the most popular and pricey area in Venice let me introduce you to an area where you can stay in Venice without breaking the bank. Right from affordable accommodations to cheap eateries, everything is appropriate for solo travellers like us.

The benefits of staying in this area do NOT end here. In Cannaregio, you can explore Venice like a true Italian. The people, the less-touristy atmosphere, and the touristy attractions sealed the deal right away for me! 

You can go on a historical adventure, collect some souvenirs, explore churches and palazzos, stroll around the canal, and snack on Venetian street food. And, man, the best part is that you get all of this just a mere 15 minutes from San Marco.

Places to visit in Cannaregio

  • Jewish Ghetto
  • The second largest canal in Venice – Cannaregio Canal
  • Calle Varisco: the narrowest street in the city
  • Bridge of three arches
  • Madonna dell’Orto Church
  • Fondamenta dei Ormesini

Best accommodations in Cannaregio

  • Ostello S.Fosca – CPU Venice Hostels – €35/night
  • Guesthouse Alloggi Agli Artisti – €81/night
  • Alle Guglie Boutique Hotel – €140/night

3. Dorsoduro – the area for all the curious travellers

If you want to stay close to the city centre and simultaneously escape the touristy crowd, Dorsoduro is your place. Dorsoduro is connected with San Marco via the Accademia Bridge (visit it at the time of sunset). 

In every corner of the city, you might bump into something new. It is, in fact, home to several hidden gems in Venice, like the Campanile of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Apart from that, Dorsoduro satiates your desire to witness the nightlife of Venice. Since it is a university district, the area is filled with cheap pubs and bars in the Campo Santa Margherita region. Oh, and before diving into the nightlife, go for a peaceful walk at Zattere. 

Places to visit in Dorsoduro

  • Gallerie dell’Accademia
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection
  • Church of Saint Sebastian 
  • Ca Rezzonico

Best accommodations in Dorsoduro 

  • Casa Academia – €71/night
  • Domus Cavanis – €110/night
  • Hotel Agli Alboretti – €148/night

4. San Polo – the area with everything!

The tiniest among Venice districts, San Polo comes with a complete package! The area is a perfect amalgamation of everything a solo traveller wants. Be it a quiet neighbourhood, popular attractions, or good eateries, San Polo has it all. 

It houses one of the very significant landmarks of Venice – the Rialto Bridge. You know what that means, right? You will get the best views of the bridge from here. Get your lenses ready to capture that one perfect shot.

You will also come across some of the cutest cafes and restaurants at San Polo, right by the Grand Canal. Make sure to taste the traditional Venetian delicacies. Besides, do not forget to visit the historic Rialto market. 

Places to visit in San Polo

  • Rialto Bridge
  • Rialto Market
  • Basilica dei Frari
  • Campo San Polo

Best accommodations in San Polo

  • Ai Boteri – €63/night
  • Ca’ San Polo – €146/night
  • Hotel Marconi – €157/night

5. Castello – the most tranquil area to stay in Venice

Castello is very unlike Venice. So, here’s the fun fact: Although Castello is the largest district in Venice, it offers the most non-touristy neighbourhood. As a result, you’ll be greeted by lesser noise and a peaceful environment. And, the best part about this area is undoubtedly its greenery. Yes, you read that right.

Castello is home to the public garden of Giardini, where you can get one of the rarest sights of greenery in the city. So, now you know where to get fresh air if you do not want to stay in an area of bricks and canals. 

Places to visit in Castello

  • The Naval History Museum
  • Basilica San Pietro di Castello
  • Librairie Acqua Alta
  • Giardini della Biennale

 Best accommodations in Castello

  • Sweet Venice – €64/night
  • Hotel Rio – €89/night
  • Hotel Paganelli – €100/night

6. Santa Croce – the well-connected area in Venice

best areas to stay in Venice

If you’re planning to stay well-connected throughout Venice, Santa Croce is a great area, especially in the city, for more than three nights. This area boasts a bus station, Santa Lucia – a train station, several Vaporetto lines, and a water taxi. I don’t think any district offers such top-level connectivity in Venice except Santa Croce.

Besides, it retains its Venetian charm very well. You can see it in their structures. Although there’s not much to explore here, you can always visit the other districts in minutes and wander around.

Places to visit in Santa Croce

  • Museum of National History
  • Palazzo Mocenigo
  • San Giacomo dell’Orio

Best accommodations in Santa Croce

  • Albergo Marin – €99/night
  • B&B Venice 1964 – €86/night

7. Giudecca Island – the not-so-typical area to stay in Venice

best areas to stay in Venice

Giudecca Island is one of the best places I have stayed on my solo trip to Venice. I understand it might not be an ideal pick for every traveller. That said, if you want to slow down and soak in the Venetian lifestyle, this is the place to do so. 

The only downside of this area is you won’t be spoiled for choices when it comes to accommodation. But eateries, wine shops, nightlife, unparalleled views of the lagoon, and churches make up for it in every way possible. By the way, if you’re in the city on the 14th of July, do not miss out on the feast of Redeemer, which takes place on the island every year.

Places to visit on Giudecca Island

  • Santissimo Redentore Church

Best accommodation on Giudecca Island

Note: All the prices of hotels mentioned in the post are subject to change. Check and compare them on websites before finalising one!

Take your pick…

With that, we have come to the end of this post. All these areas have a charm of their own. You will always walk through the others no matter what area you choose to stay in. 

If you need help planning your solo trip to Venice, feel free to refer to my ultimate guide to Venice. It summarises every detail and saves time from scrolling through multiple web pages.

If you’ve already been to the city, share your experience and let me know which area you chose to stay in in the comments below. 

Until next time, happy travelling!


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