The 20 Best Hostels and Airbnbs for Solo Female Travellers in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a beautiful place not only for solo female travellers but for everybody. Even though the country is relatively small in size, it has a lot to offer, a lot more than its size. It is a very pocket-friendly tourist destination, and one can comfortably explore the country for a couple of hundred dollars. Yes, that’s how cheap it is to travel to Sri Lanka! If you are travelling to Sri Lanka for the first time, read these tips to make your solo trip much better.

But because it is so cheap to travel to, there’s a problem with it—the problem of choice. You will be confused about what to choose because everything is so cheap. And this problem is most noticeable when it comes to accommodation. While every place to stay is quite affordable, not all these places are similar. They will have varying comfort, safety, hygiene, and ease of travelling to tourist spots.

No doubt, there are many places where you can spend a lot of money and enjoy your nights luxuriously with all the comforts in the world. You can spend a couple of nights here, but anything more than that is just a waste of money. On the other hand, you can find dirt cheap accommodations where you can spend nights but in pain. You will have to compromise on comfort, safety, hygiene, and it will leave a bad taste in the mouth at the end of your trip. So, in my opinion, mid-level accommodations are the best for a majority of solo female travellers. Neither do they compromise on safety, nor are these uncomfortable.

But there are a bunch of places to choose from. So, which one should you choose to spend your money and nights on? Well, I am going to answer the question in this blog. Read on.

Top Airbnbs for Solo Female Travellers in Sri Lanka

1. Neem Hikkaduwa – hosted by Rochana

Location – Hikkaduwa, Southern Province

Rating – 5.0 (12 reviews)

Price – 4,267LKR/night ($22)

This is a huge villa for solo travellers and can easily accommodate at least two people. Located just five minutes from the centre of the town, Neem Hikkaduwa is ideally located far away from the traffic noises. There is one king-sized bed, and all the amenities are accounted for. The host Rochana is very friendly and stays a little away from the accommodation, ensuring total privacy. If you are looking for an Airbnb in the Hikkaduwa, you can close your eyes and go for this one.

2. The Surf Shack – hosted by John

Location – Galle, Southern Province

Rating – 4.66 (86 reviews)

Price – 4,757LKR/night ($25)

This is a beautiful studio apartment right in front of the beach. So, you can enjoy yourself as much as you want at the beach and walk back to your hotel room whenever you want to. There is also a private outdoor area that lets you enjoy the views of the beach, all by yourself. You also get a 10% discount on all food and drinks from the Shack Beach Café. Not to forget, you get every facility that you need and can indulge in the regular sports that any beach has to offer. That’s a lot of good stuff for a low price!

You can check out this Airbnb here.

3. 7HCR Residencies – hosted by Lal

Location – Colombo, Western Province

Rating – 4.67 (18 reviews)

Price – 2,854LKR/night ($15)

This is one of the cheapest places to stay that doesn’t cut down on any facility. It is a compact studio apartment where you can peacefully spend your nights and even get some work done. Everything from Wi-Fi, washing machine, iron, air conditioner, fire extinguisher, workspace, microwave, refrigerator to parking and television is available here. Do note that there is no kitchen so you will have to arrange for food on your own. Lal and his caretaker are easily approachable and ready to help with any problem you might face during your stay.

You can check out this Airbnb here.

4. Private room – hosted by Dulan

Location – Galle, Southern Province

Rating – 4.55 (20 reviews)

Price – 1,903LKR/night ($10)

This is the cheapest and most colourful place in Galle. Even for $10 a night, it has all the amenities just like any other place, except a kitchen, air conditioner, and washing machine. Other than that, this is a great place to spend a few nights if you are travelling around Galle. It is close to the beach as well, so you can relax there and enjoy your time. It is a fairly small place, but we, as solo travellers, do not require a big one!

5. Sailors’ Bay – hosted by Dilan Swarnamal

Location – Dodanduwa, Southern Province

Rating – 5.0 (46 reviews)

Price – 4,757LKR/night ($25)

This is another place right in front of the beach, but much more premium. Do note that this place has a perfect five-star rating of over 45 people, which means something. Needless to say, every amenity is present except a television which isn’t even required when you have such a nice view of the beach right in front of you. And the friendliness of the host is a cherry on top, which makes the experience totally worth it.

You can check out this Airbnb here.

6. Kandy Cottage – hosted by Dharshani

Location – Kandy, Central Province

Rating – 4.84 (153 reviews)

Price – 3,805LKR/night ($20)

What better place to spend some time than a private cottage for as little as $20 a night? Kandy Cottage is a place straight out of a movie and looks stunning! It looks like an ancient place with all the modern technologies available. It is equipped with mosquito nets and fans to keep those pesky mosquitos away. You will also meet two friendly dogs, along with a friendly host. It is only ten minutes from Kandy city and is a peaceful place to spend some time in the greenery.

You can check out this Airbnb here.

7. City Stay – hosted by Ash

Location – Kandy, Central Province

Rating – 4.61 (132 reviews)

Price – 5,137LKR/night ($27)

It is a building that has many beautiful apartments right in the centre of Kandy. It is located within walking distance of many tourist attractions, so you wouldn’t even need to worry about transportation most of the time. There are many rooms to choose from with varying designs and costs. Every amenity is accounted for except a kitchen, but you can order breakfast for as little as $4, which is a nice addition.

You can check out this Airbnb here.

8. Apartment 15 – hosted by Anusha

Location – Galle, Southern Province

Rating – 4.91 (12 reviews)

Price – 2,854LKR/night ($15)

The USP of Apartment 15 is the service and hospitality. Anusha is the perfect host, and it’s hard to find such a good host for a low-priced accommodation like this. It is a minimalistic place, and the location isn’t an issue either. There is a well-maintained queen-sized bed and all the basic facilities except an air conditioner, washing machine and television are accounted for. If you are looking for an inexpensive place in a good location and service and hospitality matter a lot to you, Apartment 15 is the place for you!

You can check out this Airbnb here.

9. Bella 69 – hosted by Chutti & Kanchana

Location – Hikkaduwa, Southern Province

Rating – 4.78 (89 reviews)

Price – 4,755LKR/night ($25)

This is a cabana right next to the beach. What makes this place great is the hospitality of Chutti and Kanchana. With every basic amenity taken care of, this is a great place to spend a few days at. There is also a small veranda with a beautiful view of the sea where you can do yoga, relax or just work on your laptop. Little things like this make the place one that you must consider. Do note that there is no air conditioner, washing machine, or television here.

You can check out this Airbnb here.

10. Banana Leaf Apartments – Kittul Room – hosted by Amila & Hannah

Location – Hikkaduwa, Southern Province

Rating – 4.95 (101 reviews)

Price – 4,943LRK/night ($26)

This is one of the best-looking and fanciest places that you can choose to live in. Along with all the basic amenities, you get a barbeque grill, a garden, and a plunge pool. All of this would make you look forward to getting back to this place after a tiring day of exploring Sri Lanka. The cherry on top is the easily approachable hosts.

You can check out this Airbnb here.

Top Hostels/Dorms for Female Solo Travellers in Sri Lanka

11. Hostel First @ Colombo Airport

Location – No.477, Negombo Road, Kurana Katunayaka, Negombo

Rating – 9.0 (297 reviews)

Price – 1,802LKR/night onwards ($9)

This is one of the best hostels that are close to the Colombo Airport. Not only can you stay in a common area, but also opt for a private room with queen-sized beds. Alternatively, you can also opt for common or shared bathrooms. Along with all this, you get free Wi-Fi, lockers, linen, breakfast, coffee, and tea at all times of the day.

You can check out this hostel here.

12. Arne’s Place – The Friendliest Hotel

Location – 53 Panama Road – Tsunami Hotel Road Access, Arugam Bay

Rating – 10.0 (21 reviews)

Price – 3,897LKR/night onwards ($20)

Arne’s place has a perfect rating, and they totally deserve it. I spent one night here, and I had no complaints. You get your private rooms which is the best part. They also offer free breakfast and snacks, and drinks throughout the day, and Wi-Fi too. If you are looking to stay in a hostel around Arugam Bay, you can check out Arne’s Place.

You can check out this hostel here.

13. C1 Colombo Fort

Location – No. 37, Mudalige Mawatha, Colombo

Rating – 9.2 (318 reviews)

Price – 6,549LKR/night onwards ($34)

C1 Colombo Fort is one of the most luxurious hostels in Colombo, which is why the high price. You can opt for private rooms here along with a beautiful garden, common sitting place, free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel, and all-day staff support. If you are looking for a clean and modern hostel in Colombo, value good service, and are okay with spending slightly more, look no further than C1 Colombo Fort.

You can check out this hostel here.

14. JJ’s Hostel

Location – Yatipila Road, Mirissa North, Matara District, Mirissa

Rating – 9.6 (393 reviews)

Price – 1,566LKR/night onwards ($8)

This place focuses on luxury at an affordable price. You can opt for either female-only dorms or private rooms here. The amenities here are endless. Some of them are swimming pool, rooftop terrace, guest kitchen, library, parking, garden, laundry services, and many more. If you are looking for a hostel around Mirissa, you should go for JJ’s without a doubt.

You can check out this hostel here.

15. Clock Inn Kandy

Location – 11, Hills Street, Kandy

Rating – 8.3 (572 reviews)

Price – 1,934LKR/night onwards ($10)

Clock Inn Kandy is a budget hostel located right in the centre of the city. You can choose from a variety of rooms, including dorms and private rooms. It is a great place to mingle with fellow travellers and make some friends. Every basic amenity is accounted for, including free Wi-Fi, breakfast, tea, coffee, air conditioner, and television. If you are looking for a cheap hostel in Kandy, make sure you consider this one.

You can check out this hostel here.

16. Urchin Unawatuna

Location – Mahagedarawattha, Ganahena, Unawatuna

Rating – 9.4 (14 reviews)

Price – 4,995LKR/night onwards ($26)

This is a luxurious hostel located in a quiet neighbourhood and only a couple of minutes away from Unawatuna Beach. They focus a lot on the luxury and service part, so you will have no complaints regarding that. They offer private rooms with maximum comfort. Be it the comfortable beds, great shower, or air conditioners- they haven’t cut corners on any aspect. If you are someone who doesn’t compromise on comfort and safety, Urchin Unawatuna is the hostel for you.

You can check out this hostel here.

17. The Spindrift Hostel

Location – 49 Samaraweera Place, Weligama

Rating – 9.5 (201 reviews)

Price – 2,197LKR/night onwards ($12)

The Spindrift Hostel is the perfect place for backpackers. It is a famous hostel among solo travellers, and you can find a lot of them here. There is a dedicated place to hang out where everyone can sit and talk and make friends with similar interests. You can choose from dorm rooms to private rooms and do not cut corners on any major facility. There is a gaming corner, free breakfast, tea, coffee, water, Wi-Fi, and lockers. 

You can check out this hostel here.

18. Hangover Hostels Ella

Location – No.16 Police Station Road, Ella

Rating – 9.0 (561 reviews)

Price – 2,846LKR/night onwards ($15)

Hangover Hostels is a reputed hostel chain in Sri Lanka which have five hostels in the country. The Ella branch is ideally located and provides the best amenities you can ask for. Everything from free Wi-Fi in all areas to an air conditioner, showers, and lockers. They also have a bunch of games like carrom, UNO, and Jenga, so making friends here is not going to be a problem. 

You can check out this hostel here.

19. Bedstation Sigiriya

Location – No. 03, Aluthwaththa, Dambulla

Rating – 9.4 (57 reviews)

Price – 1,327LKR/night onwards ($7)

The USP of this hostel is its location. It is perfectly located around major tourist attractions, which are within a walkable distance. Along with that, this is the cheapest hostel I have ever come across that doesn’t compromise on anything major. It’s clean, safe, perfectly located, offers good service, and amazing value for money. No matter what you like in a hostel, Bedstation Sigiriya will not disappoint you.

You can check out this hostel here.

20. Palm Beach Inn and Sea Shells Cabanas

Location – 200/1, Galle Road, Bentota

Rating – 9.4 (16 reviews)

Price – 4,098LKR/night onwards ($21)

Surrounded by lush greenery, Palm Beach Inn and Sea Shells Cabanas are refreshing to spend some time at. They offer private rooms with all the necessary facilities, including mosquito nets as you can encounter some due to the vegetation around. They also have a massage service that can relieve all your pain after a long day of exploring the country. I must say, they offer some of the tastiest dishes, and you must definitely try them out!

You can check out this hostel here.

Where are you going to stay in Sri Lanka?

Those were some of my recommendations for the top Airbnbs, hostels, and dorms in Sri Lanka. I have mentioned a lot of places, so you can find the one that suits your needs and budget. As a rule of thumb, you can opt for Airbnbs if you want a private space and want to try some unique place. If you want cheap accommodation, hostels and dorms are the best for you, as they do not sacrifice safety and security either.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to me or contact the hosts via the link that I have provided. Last but not least, if you plan to travel solo to Sri Lanka but are confused and unable to make a plan, I have got you covered. Happy travelling!

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