What are the Must-Visit Day Trips from Udaipur?


1. Eklingji Temple

Eklingji Temple is a must-see day trip from Udaipur. It is 65 km away from the city of Udaipur. Let me now describe the temple’s splendour! The majestic temple complex is surrounded by high walls and comprises 108 temples. It also has a large footprint of roughly 2500 square feet. A four-faced black stone statue of Lord Shiva known as Mahadeva Chaumukhi (the quadriform divinity), a nandhi, and a silver snake encircling Lord Shiva, are also housed in the temple. The statue’s four faces represent the four directions. A local tip: While you are there, remember to visit Indra Sarovar, a magnificent lake located beyond Eklinjgi temple.

2. Kumbhalgarh Fort

A trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort is inevitable on your trip to Udaipur. I can list down many reasons why Kumbhalgarh Fort is worth visiting. To specify, there are a lot of adventurous activities you can do in Kumbhalgarh Fort. Further, it also features beautiful temples and palaces. If not for its temples and palaces, you must visit this place if you want to see the second-largest wall in the world!

3. Ranakpur

day trip from Udaipur

Ranakpur, located 91 km from Udaipur, is a most visited day trip from Udaipur next to Kumbhalgarh Fort. Travellers march to this place to witness the wonderful architecture of the Ranakpur Jain Temple. If you didn’t know already, Ranakpur Jain Temple was included in the list to choose the seven wonders of the world. So, yeah. You must visit this place to witness its art and architecture. And, for people who follow Jainism, it is a pilgrimage site. Also, many travellers go hiking from Kumbhalgarh Fort to Ranakpur Jain Temple. You can also give it a shot.

4. Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh Fort is one of the absolutely beautiful forts of Udaipur. The fort is spread across 700 acres and sits high on a 180-metre hill. It is a place for solo travellers who have a keen interest in the stories of Rajputana bravery, pride, and passion. Just like Kumbhalgarh Fort, the Chittorgarh Fort showcases palaces and temples. Besides, there are several beautifully crafted towers. You can take part in their light and music show which foretells the story of the sacrifice of Gora-Badal, Rani Padmini, and Johar during the siege of Chittorgarh Fort.

5. Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the most anticipated day trip destination in Rajasthan. Being the only hill station in Rajasthan, it has gathered popularity and tourists. So, a trip to Mount Abu is a must on your trip to Rajasthan. And it is located 162 km away from Udaipur. So, you can either take a bus or cab from Udaipur to Mount Abu. Although the point of attraction is the climate, there are also many exciting things you can do, like trekking and crocodile watching, to name a few. You can find more details on what to do in Mount Abu here.

6. Molela

Molela is our next day trip destination from Udaipur. To begin with, Molela is a small village 65 km away from the city of lakes. It is a village flourishing with terracotta artworks and artists. As a result, it will not be difficult for you to find an art workshop there. Make sure you sign up for at least an hour of class. It will be a delightful experience. Of course, you must visit their museum, which exhibits the priceless pieces of the Molela Terracotta art.

7. Haldighati

The next excursion location is Haldhighati which is 40 kilometres from Udaipur. It is strictly a historical site. Your journey begins at the famed Haldhighati mountain pass, the site of the great Haldighati battle in 1576. Aside from it, there are memorials, statues, and museums dedicated to the battle’s history.

8. Nathdwara

When you are in Haldighati, Nathdwara is easy to reach. It takes only 20 minutes to travel between Haldhighati and Nathdwara. However, Nathdwara is located 48 km away from Udaipur in the Rajasamand district. It is famous for Shrinathji Temple. Although not my favourite place, it is worth visiting as you can easily go to Rajasamand Lake from there. 

9. Rayta Hills

Next on our list is another serene landscape place like Alsigarh, Rayta hills. Rayta hills, located 40 Km from Udaipur, are best visited during monsoons. That’s when the beautiful land sparkles in green. Not to mention the milky clouds, misty mountains, and cold lake. It is a must-visit day trip in Udaipur if you want a retreat to nature.

10. Nagda

The village of Nagda, located 25 km away from Udaipur, is our next destination. It is located behind Lake Bagela. What is there in Nagda to amuse a solo traveller? Well, Nagda is home to many age-old temples. One of the popular is ‘Saas-Bahu Temple.’ The temple has a very intriguing backstory. Read my blog post on “What are the Famous Temples to Visit in Udaipur?” to know its interesting story.

11. Alsigarh

day trip from Udaipur

Alsigarh, located just 32 km away from Udaipur, is the best place to grip fresh air amidst the refreshing scenery. Adding, it is also a lesser know gem of Udaipur. So, you won’t find any crowd there. Which again makes it an ideal place to enjoy as a solo traveller.

12. Menar

So far, we have looked into day trip places that represented history, nature, rare architecture, enriching landscapes, and wonderful art. Similarly, next is a unique destination of Udaipur called Menar. Menar village, named after Menar Lake, is a jaw-dropping place with vibrant flowers and abundant birds. It is an eye-soothing dreamy location every traveller longs for on their travel. If you need some pictures in the company of birds and colourful flowers, then this is the place!

What is your favourite day trip from Udaipur?

That concludes our list of must-see day trips from Udaipur. If you’ve been to any of the places named above, tell us about your experience as a solo traveller there. Your words will encourage other solo travellers who are considering visiting Udaipur.

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