What are the Famous Anime Fests in Tokyo?

If you want to live and breathe your Japanese pop culture dream, anime fests in Tokyo are your best bet! From AnimeJapan, Comic Market, Animelo Summer Live, and Niconico Chokagi to World Cosplay Summit – Tokyo is the epicentre of hosting some of the popular anime fests in Japan.

Needless to say, all of these anime fests in Tokyo are known to create a stir among otakus (anime fans). If you are one of them (or not), attending one of these fests during your solo travel in Japan is a must! With creative flair, trendy anime characters, and an insane anime fandom, I think it is safe to say – you are set for an unparalleled anime experience.

That said, as every anime fest in Tokyo is unique, which one to add to the itinerary is a delightful yet difficult debate. Well, as you know, my brain loves to sort travel-related debates, I have jotted down the famous anime fests in Tokyo and their highlights in this blog. So, right away, dive into the list of anime fests in Tokyo to stumble on the suitable one for your schedule.

1. AnimeJapan – A Yearly Anime Fest to Feast On

AnimeJapan is the melting pot of culture and the latest trends. Ever since 2014, it has been Tokyo’s as well as the world’s one of the greatest anime conventions. If you want to treat your eyes with expansive animation of Japan, this is where you need to be!

You name it and you’ll have it. Cosplay, industry insights, interactive displays, celebrity panels, merchandise shopping, and so on. Spread across eight halls in Odaiba’s convention centre, AnimeJapan knows how to keep you hooked. Take the Rinkai line to Kokusai-Tenjijo Station and walk for about 7 minutes to reach the location. And pre-book your tickets always!


  • Exclusive screening of the latest anime releases
  • Networking with creators, voice actors, and industry professionals behind the scene
  • Collecting memorabilia from the favourite anime merchandise stall

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight

When: 23rd March – 26th March

2. Comic Market – Anime Lover’s Disneyland

Comic Market, a.k.a – Comiket, is hands down the best anime fest to attend in Tokyo. Especially, if you seek more of a culture-driven experience. It is a juncture of anime and manga culture beyond the commercialisation. 

The fest provides a platform for both amateur and pro creators to present doujins – self-published works. As a result, the stalls at Comiket are nothing less than a treasure chest! 


  • Showcase of individual artist’s work – comics, magazines, etc.
  • Cosplay is at its finest and contributes to the vibrant atmosphere.
  • Massive crowd of creators and fans

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight

When: Mid–August and December

3. Animelo Summer Live – Vibe with Your Tribe

Of all, Animelo Summer Live or Anisama is the biggest live concert in Japan. It is held at a stone’s throw distance from Tokyo. If you plan it right, you can attend Anisama right after Comiket. 

Anisama is the best place to set your soul free. Just like a karaoke night in Tokyo – jam to your favourite anime songs and live a night to remember. The fest continues for 3-nights straight and has a global fan base. That said, grab your tickets in advance. They sell like hotcakes. 


  • Diverse forms of eclectic musical acts – anime theme songs, J-pop artists and bands
  • Surprise performances of renowned artists

Venue: Saitama Super Arena

When: Late August

4. Jump Festa – Ruling the Heart of Anime Lovers Since 1999

Planning for an underrated solo winter trip to Japan? Add Jump Festa to your itinerary. It shines a spotlight on the characters of the Jump magazine series. The event introduces exclusive previews, adaptions, and updates related to the series published by Shueisha. 

If you are unaware, Jump magazine is the GOAT of the anime and manga magazine lines. Does Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and Slam Dunk ring a bell? These are all creations of Jump magazine! 


  • Jump Super Stage – engage in a panel talk and Q&A sessions with creators and voice-over artists.
  • Pre-sales and limited edition items at merchandise stalls

Venue: Makuhari Messe Hall

When: December

5. Niconico Chokaigi – A Mass Union of Sub-Cultural Platform

Niconico is Japan’s own version of YouTube. It is a sub-cultural platform and includes everything from anime to live shows. Niconico Chokaigi Fest aims to bring this online culture to the offline community.

At this event, you will witness everything under one roof. Literally. Anime, game shows, doujin, live shows, and of course, cosplay! 


  • Vtuber Festival – a festival for virtual YouTubers/artists held at the Niconico Chokaigi Fest.

Venue: Makuhari Messe

When: Mid-April

6. Pikachu Parade – A Global Carnival of Joy 

The yearly outbreak of Pikachu in Yokohama city, 30 minutes from Tokyo, is an incomparable visual spectacle. Parade, Pikachu, and positivity!

There’s no doubt why the vibrant and adorable mascot – Pikachu draws smiles and attention from people all over the world. So, if you happen to be in Tokyo in August, Pikachu Parade should not be missed! Join the parade and share the street with one of the most prominent and oldest Pokémon ever – Pikachu!


  • Over 2000 Pikachus march the streets of Yokohama
  • Wide range of activities and games at the week-long Pokémon festival 

Venue: Yokohama

When: Mid-August

Which Anime Fests in Tokyo Excite You the Most?

anime fests in tokyo

Anime fests in Tokyo are the best possible way to immerse yourself in the world of anime. That said, if you are an anime veteran, AnimeJapan and Comiket are the most exciting picks of the lot. However, in case you are an anime amateur, Pikachu Parade or Anisama will be an ideal choice.  


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