How to Deal with Your Period on Your Solo Trip: My Ultimate Guide


Apart from considering a number of things before planning a trip, female solo travellers like you and I have to consider one more thing – “that time of the month.” Although they are natural, I do find periods a bit annoying to consider while planning a solo trip. But that does not mean that one should not travel. Women have had periods since the beginning of time, and that has not stopped them from doing anything! 

Honestly, getting your period on your solo trip is not the end of the world. Try not to spend all your day lying in your hotel room on a solo trip that you have wanted to take for so long. To avoid this, all you need to do is make preparations in advance, and you are good to go. And I will tell you all the secret tips that you need to make sure you have a gala time on your solo trip, even when you are on your period. So let’s begin!

Plan your trip around your period cycle

I understand that planning a trip requires a lot of things to consider, and postponing or preponing a trip just because of your period may not seem like the best idea out there. But if you can arrange your schedule around your period, then go for it! 

I would suggest you plan your solo trip after your period has ended and not prior to it. This way, you can enjoy your trip thoroughly without having to worry about when your period might start.

Skip your period for the trip

Yes, it is possible to skip your period if it falls on the dates that you plan your solo trip. You can do it by using birth control pills. However, I would recommend you consult with your doctor first. He/She may be able to prescribe you the right kind of pills that will do the work of delaying your period without harming your body.

Also, remember that staying on the pills may not be a permanent solution to delaying your periods. It is only a temporary one. 

Do thorough research of all the sanitary products that you use

Although sanitary napkins are widely available in most countries, when it comes to other sanitary products such as tampons, you might have to do a bit of research. For example, if you are travelling to Asia, it may get a bit difficult for you to find tampons. Very few western stores stock tampons, and in some countries, you may even have to go to a pharma store to get them.

When it comes to Europe or Australia, tampons are easily available at most stores. But here’s the thing, they don’t have applicators. So if you are someone who is used to using tampons with applicators, this may not be helpful. 

Packing Essentials for your period before the trip

Packing things that can prove to be helpful in dealing with your period on your trip is very important. Even if you go a little overboard with the packing, it is okay. The more options of sanitary products and essentials you have, the better. 

1. Sanitary napkins and tampons

If you have a preferred brand of sanitary napkins and tampons, I recommend you bring along those on the trip. Speaking from personal experience, I have a preference when it comes to sanitary products. While planning one of my solo trips, I realised my period dates were colliding with the dates of my trip. Knowing the unavailability of my preferred brands in the country I was visiting, I had packed up an ample amount of sanitary napkins and tampons. I would highly suggest you do the same. 

Remember to pack a sufficient amount of sanitary products without having to compromise on other travel essentials. Make sure the sanitary products do not take up too much space in your luggage. 

2. Menstrual cups

I believe menstrual cups are the best when it comes to travelling. These are travel-friendly and do not need to be changed every few hours. Once inserted correctly, a menstrual cup need not be removed for up to 12 hours. Also, these are reusable, so you do not have to worry about carrying a bunch of them with you. All you have to do is pack one menstrual cup, and you are good to go!

Be it adventure activities, water sports, or a day at the beach- menstrual cups are the perfect type of sanitary product for everything.

Again, for menstrual cups as well, make sure you pack the one from the brand that you find comfortable. It is essential because not all brands have the same size of menstrual cups, and if not used properly, they can cause a lot of discomforts. And the last thing you want on your solo trip is unnecessary discomfort.

3. Panty liners and reusable pads

You have to believe me when I say panty liners are life saviours. These can be helpful when you want to avoid spotting your favourite undergarment. Just wear a panty liner if you feel you might get your period in a day or two. 

When it comes to reusable pads, these are an eco-friendly version of your regular pads. The advantage of these pads lies in the fact that you will not have to pack a stock of those regular sanitary pads. Reusable pads can be used, washed, and reused. These do not contain chemicals and are made up of cotton, which will save you from those irritating rashes. Compared to regular pads, reusable pads are made up of highly absorbent materials as well. 

One reusable pad would be enough for your entire trip, depending on the length of your trip and the flow of your period cycle.

If you want to know more about reusable pads, you can check out this blog.

4. Comfortable clothes

While you can pack your favourite bikini or that gorgeous black dress you have wanted to wear for so long, remember to pack some comfortable clothes for when you get your period as well. If possible, pack the following clothes and pieces of garments too.

  • Plenty of dark coloured undergarments, mostly the comfortable ones like that granny underwear that is super comfortable, but you avoid taking it with you on your trips
  • Pants and shorts in black or some other dark colour
  • Extra undergarment to have a sufficient amount of backup in case you end up staining 
  • A mild liquid detergent or laundry soap to wash your undergarments or underpants in an emergency
  • Black underpants or linen leggings if you make a solo trip in the winter season

I will give you a very handy hack in case you forget to pack a laundry soap or a liquid detergent with you. So, if you stain your favourite non-black shorts or jeans, this hack will work like magic. Take off your shorts or jeans, spit directly onto it (yeah, it is gross, but it works!). Then gently rub the stained area together. Wait for a few minutes, and then rinse it with cold water. This will drastically reduce the bloodstain!

Here is a little thing to remember when you try this hack. When you spit on the bloodstain, make sure it is fresh. And I mean this because the longer you allow the bloodstain to sit on your shorts or jeans, the harder it will be to remove it.

5. Essential medications

My ultimate travel-friendly first aid kit!

If you are someone who experiences really bad cramps on your period, then I feel you. I think the only worse thing than getting your period on your solo trip is the cramps you get in the first few days of your cycle. But there is a solution to reduce the cramps as well.

Medications can prove to be your holy grail if you end up having cramps during your period. Now before you go about packing a bunch of painkillers and other medications, consult with your doctor first. This is essential. You do not want the medications to aggravate the pain or make the whole situation worse!

Here are a few things you can pack to reduce the pain and discomfort you may feel on your period.

  • Antacids are helpful in controlling a bloating stomach
  • Sleep aids that ensure you get a peaceful and deep sleep amidst all the pain and discomfort
  • A washcloth to soak in warm water and place on your pelvis to relieve some of the pain
  • Painkillers after consulting with a doctor
  • Face masks that help clear out acne and breakouts that you may get due to hormonal imbalance

Do a thorough check

Here is a small suggestion that will save a lot of your time. Try to carry the painkillers from your country itself. Because if you choose to purchase the painkillers in another country, the common active ingredients may have a different name. This can cause confusion and waste a lot of your time.

Also, before you carry the medications with you on the trip, make sure you check if the ingredients used in your medications are legal in that country. For instance, Dubai has a lot of restrictions when it comes to the type of medications you can take in the country. So be careful about this. If the medication or a certain ingredient is banned, you can consult with your doctor and try to get an alternative medication.

How to deal with your period on the trip?

The last section of this blog will help you understand what tips and tricks you can use to help avoid your period getting in your way of enjoying yourself fully on your trip.

Do not hesitate to allot one day of your itinerary for your body to heal

This is very important when it comes to dealing with your period on your solo trip. Taking a day off of your itinerary to stay in your room all day long may not seem like the best idea. But trust me, it will do wonders for your body, and the next days you spend exploring and enjoying the vacation to the fullest will be the best.

While you stay in the room, drink lots of fluids and, if possible, ask the room service to get you a cup of hot chocolate. There is nothing that can beat the comfort of having hot chocolate on your period!

when to visit india

However, if you do not want to miss out on any day of the trip and would love to go out exploring, I would suggest you take it easy. You can either take a bus tour of the city (this will reduce the amount of walking and thereby reduce pain) or go watch a movie at a local theatre. Even if you are an introvert, a bus tour can be a great opportunity to make some friends. Not everything that is a popular thing to do in a foreign country is considered touristy, right?

Put washrooms on the top of your priority

Based on the country you are visiting, the washroom norms may differ. Wherever you are going, make sure you have access to a nearby washroom. For instance, if you travel to India, you may come across a majority of Indian-style toilets. I have seen a lot of people struggle with such toilets. Developed Indian cities mostly have Western-style toilets also but keeping an eye out for these in other regions will be helpful.

I would suggest you keep a tiny menstruation kit in your bag at all times. Consider carrying paper bags as well in case a dustbin is not readily available in some washrooms. Make sure you change your pads or panty liners regularly after a few hours. If you fail to do so, it can cause itchiness or, even worse, an infection. Also, carry a big water bottle with you. This will help with keeping you hydrated and reduce pain.

mistakes of my first solo travel experience

And at last, do not forget to have fun on your solo trip. Period or no period, you can still make the best out of your trip if you carry all the essentials and take care of your body. Decide the kind of vacation you want to have and follow through with it!

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