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Bali, an exotic Indonesian island, is one of my favourite travel destinations. And the best way to explore the island in a ‘Bali’ way is by renting a two-wheeled vehicle called a moped. However, if you prefer exploring Bali in a much more luxurious way, then you can definitely rent a car as well.

Now, you must be thinking, why go through the hassle of renting a vehicle in a foreign destination? Well, one of the many reasons is that it will save your time. Waiting for buses and cabs and taxis can be really hectic sometimes. But it gets eliminated when you have your vehicle!

When I visited Bali for my solo trip to Bali, I figured renting a vehicle would be much better than travelling by public transport. I had the freedom to check out all my favourite places in Bali without having to waste too much time and money. And honestly, I don’t regret my decision to rent a two-wheeled moped in Bali as it surely made my experience on the island much, MUCH better!

Now, this blog will help you understand everything that you need to know about renting a bike or car in Bali. So, keep reading to know more!

Why you need to rent a vehicle in Bali

Before diving into the topic of renting a vehicle in Bali, let’s answer the question about how beneficial it will be for a solo female traveller.

Okay, so there are multiple benefits of having your own vehicle in Bali.

  1. The most important benefit is that it saves your time. Considering that a solo trip lasts for about a maximum of 10 days in a country, time becomes the most important factor here. Now, using public transport is not that time-consuming either, but renting a vehicle is definitely less time-consuming.
  2. Renting a vehicle saves your money as well. In public transport such as buses, you have to buy a ticket every time you travel from one place to another. The same goes with taxis because you will be paying a good amount of money at least three or four times a day. But with your own vehicle, you only pay the rental amount only once (or more, depending on the number of days you have rented the vehicle for).
  3. Driving or riding a vehicle on your own gives you a sense of independence and enhances your travel experience.
  4. You can easily reach certain places, like the non-touristy places in Bali, where there is limited transportation.

How to rent a vehicle in Bali?

Before renting a vehicle in Bali, it is important that you decide which type of vehicle you want and for how long. If you want to rent a bike, I would recommend you check out, where you can compare the prices of multiple rental companies on one platform. All you need to do is enter the pickup and drop-off dates and your location. The website will present you with a menu of rental companies as per the details you enter, and you can then select the one that suits your needs the best.

Similarly, to hire a car, you can check out The process of selecting the rental company is pretty much the same for both cars and bikes. The only difference is when you hire a car, you get the option “with or without a driver?” which allows you to rent a car with or without a driver. If you are someone who would prefer travelling in a rented car, but with a driver, then this option can come in really handy. 

If you don’t prefer an online service, you can ask your hotel/hostel to recommend a good rental company in that area. I bet the locals know better info than any online service!

Average prices of renting a vehicle in Bali

I had rented a moped for two days on my solo trip to Bali. The rental charges for one day were approximately 30000 Indonesian Rupiah to 50000 Indonesian Rupiah. However, these charges may vary depending on the time of the year you visit Bali. Always remember to do thorough research of rental prices online before making the decision to rent a vehicle.

For a car rental, the average prices range from 500000 Indonesian Rupiah to 800000 Indonesian Rupiah per day. 

The average prices for a car rental are clearly more than that of a bike rental. If you are on a tight budget, I would recommend that you stick to renting a bike. But do this only if you are comfortable with your riding skills. 

Documents needed for submission to the rental company

Tourists are required to submit some documents before renting a vehicle in Bali.

  • International Driver’s License
  • A copy of your passport
  • Visit visa
  • Passport size photo
  • Booking details

However, if you do not have an International Driver’s License, you can apply for a Temporary Tourists Motorcyclists’ License at any police station in Bali. It can help you avoid unnecessary penalty charges by the Balinese police (and trust me, the local police love scamming tourists this way).

Insurance coverage of the rented vehicle

Unfortunately, most local rental companies in Bali do not provide insurance coverage which means that you will have to be extremely careful with your vehicle. 

But recently, I read online about a few western rental companies opening up their vehicle rental services in Bali. And these companies provide insurance coverage! So, keep an eye out for the western rental companies if these are available in the area you are staying.

Inclusions with the rented vehicle

Most vehicles up for rent in Bali are in good condition. When I rented a moped on my solo trip to Bali, it looked as good as new. However, the experience may vary for each one of you. 

If you want to rent a bike instead of a moped, you can do that as well. I feel this inclusion of different types of bikes is a really good thing for tourists because not all of us might be comfortable riding the same type of bike.

Bali has many types of bikes for its tourists.

  • Yamaha Nmax
  • Honda Scoopy
  • Yamaha R15
  • Honda Beat
  • Kawasaki Ninja

When you rent out a bike or moped, you will most likely be getting these inclusions with it.


Now, you might feel like your smartphone will work just fine for directions, which is true. But if you end up in a secluded area with no network or your phone battery dies down in the middle of the day, the GPS will work as a lifesaver.


This one is another of the very helpful things you need with your bike or moped. Bali has a very strict policy of wearing the helmet at all times while on the road. So, wearing a helmet when you rent a bike or moped is a must!

What to check for before renting a vehicle in Bali

In order to avoid being a victim of the scams, I would highly recommend that you check your vehicle, both the car and moped or bike, for visible damages. If you find any damages, make sure you click their pictures and have the owner of the rental company acknowledge them. 

While I came across no such damages when I rented my moped, I have heard many of my friends who have travelled to Bali experience this scam. What happens is, while returning the rented vehicle, the owner makes you pay an additional fee for damages that were already there on the vehicle before you rented it. And you will be left with no option but to pay the additional amount. This happens because most tourists tend not to check their vehicles and finally end up paying a huge amount. 

Tips for driving and riding a vehicle in Bali

To have a smooth travel experience of driving or riding in Bali, keep these points in mind.

The condition of the roads

Honestly, the most annoying thing about Bali is its roads. The condition of the roads in some areas is extremely poor. What’s worse is the fact that even pedestrians are not safe in certain regions. I have seen some motorbikers riding their bikes on the footpath just to get ahead of everyone!

So, if you are not confident with your driving or riding skills, kindly refrain from renting a vehicle because the chances of you getting into an accident and damaging the rented vehicle here are pretty high!

If you do not wish to travel by public transport like buses, you can easily book cabs and taxis. But beware of the fake taxis and cabs that, again, scam tourists!

Always wear a helmet and keep the seatbelt on

Like I mentioned earlier, Bali has a strict ‘always keep your helmet on while on the road’ policy. If the cops catch you without a helmet, you will be asked to pay a hefty amount. And not wearing a helmet also increases your chances of getting hurt during an accident! The same goes with keeping your seatbelt on while you are driving a car on the roads.

No drinking and riding or driving

Well, this is kind of obvious. Considering the road conditions in Bali, pulling a stunt such as drinking and riding or driving may not be such a great idea. It will make you more prone to accidents, or you might have to pay a fine to the cops if you get caught. Not to forget the damages that may occur to your vehicle and an additional fee for that!

Accidents are always considered the tourists’ faults

Even though this is not fair, this is how Bali works! If you get into an accident, it will always be considered your fault, regardless of who was actually at fault during the accident. If you experience no injury, then it will be modest on your part to pay for the other person’s damages. 

This is practically a rule in Bali, i.e., if you don’t want to get involved in these things, follow all the rules and regulations on the island, wear a helmet, keep your seatbelt on, and do NOT drink and ride or drive! Basically, don’t get into unnecessary accidents.

Avoid renting old scooters

This one goes without saying again. Old scooters that look like they could break down at any point, kindly refrain from renting those. 

You can easily get brand-new-looking scooters for almost the same price. If you cannot find any good rental companies online, I would suggest that you ask the staff at the hotel or hostel you are staying in. In most cases, the locals know more about such things where even the internet fails to help us!

Be careful at intersections

In Bali, it is very common for drivers and riders to overlook intersections and taking turns. When I visited Bali, I saw so many drivers recklessly driving, especially at intersections. Such mistakes are what lead to accidents. So, be very careful!

Always check your fuel levels before hitting the road

It is not uncommon for your vehicle to run out of fuel while you are in the middle of enjoying your solo trip. I realised that automatic gear vehicles drain faster as compared to manual ones. So, always check for fuel in your vehicle before hitting the road.

A bike can hold up to 4 litres of fuel, which can easily last you for about 100 kilometres of travel! And per litre fuel will cost you about 20512 Indonesian Rupiah.

So, what do you prefer to rent, a moped/bike or car, in Bali?

The rules and policies for renting both the car and bike or moped are pretty much the same in Bali. The minor difference is the inclusion of a driver while renting a car.

While it will be extremely comfortable for you to have your own vehicle in Bali, I would suggest you consider a few things before going ahead with your decision. The condition of the roads and your driving or riding skills are something that you should definitely factor into your decision before renting a vehicle in Bali. And also, even after taking these things into consideration, there are way too many rules and regulations that you will need to keep in mind!

But regardless, you will definitely have a lovely time exploring Bali. So, make sure to enjoy as much as possible, because once you are back home, you will be missing the wonderful time you spent on this beautiful island!


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