Is Japan Safe for Solo Female Travel?

Yes, Japan is a safe country for solo female travellers. In fact, it has been one of the safest countries for years to travel alone. And this fact has not changed – even in 2024. 

With low crime rates, technological advancement, a late-running transport system, 24X7 convenient stores, and welcoming locals – Japan’s safety is unquestionable. Plus, their super solo culture makes solo travel in Japan a lot less awkward.

However, there is always a BUT! No matter how safe Japan is, you should use common sense and be vigilant while exploring the country. So, to help you safely navigate to Japan, I have included some useful tips in this blog. 

1. Respect the Local Culture

Giving respect to be respected is a policy I always abide by in my solo ventures. Japan is no different. You won’t get weird looks or rude behaviour if you respect their culture. For example, being quiet in public is considered respectful in Japan. So, be reserved – don’t do small talk or answer the phone on public transport. 

2. Purchase an eSim

On a solo trip, the internet is our best friend. With the world at our fingertips, we feel safe. But the roaming costs are a pain in the pocket – isn’t it? That is why purchasing an eSim is necessary. It is for visitors to use local data cost-effectively. A basic, 3-day plan will cost you around $5.35.

3. Surf Internet Safely

Talking about the internet, I am sure you’ll be on the lookout for free WIFI just as I am. However, is it safe? Absolutely not. Using public WIFI puts your private information under threat. Use a VPN to avoid unwanted issues while travelling alone in a foreign country. 

4. Make Google Map Your Travel Companion

If the thought of being alone intimidates you a little – do not worry! Make Google Maps your partner in solo travel, especially in Japan. It makes getting around in Japan a breeze. From entrance and exit of metro stations to platform numbers, busy trains to finding a store – Google Maps has your back.

5. Stay Close to Major Metro Stations

Generally, accommodations near metro stations are very safe. Why? For the obvious – the central location. And, if it is your first time in the country, staying close to major subway lines like Shinjuku and Tokyo Metro eliminates the hassle. 

6. Keep Plenty of Yen in Your Pocket

Even in the era of online transactions, Japan has a soft spot for cash transactions. Most places in the country have had a cash-only policy till now. So, carrying a decent amount of Yen in your pocket is a must.

7. Be Alert of Pickpockets 

Although pickpocket scenes are rare in Japan, it does not hurt to be cautious, right? Be mindful while exploring crowded parts of cities like Osaka, Tokyo, Saitama, etc. Segregate your belongings and keep them in separate pockets to ensure safety. 

8. Avoid Usage of ATMs in Shady Areas

Scams can occur anywhere. ATMs in shady locations are fishy. Always opt for ATMs in secure locations. However, if there’s an emergency – take a good look at the machine and scan your surroundings before you swipe the card.

9. Exchange Currency from Secure Places

You may encounter several kiosks providing foreign currency exchange services but don’t fall prey to this scam. To keep your money safe and secure, exchange it from reliable places like the airport.

10. Don’t Flaunt

The best advice I have received on my solo ventures as a female is not to flaunt anything. Try to blend in with the locals to ensure you are not attracting any wrong attention. Here are a few don’t flaunt pointers in Japan to keep in mind:

  • Don’t flaunt your clothes. Dress modestly.
  • Don’t flaunt your tattoos. Cover it up as places like some gyms and onsens do not allow it.
  • Don’t flaunt your wealth. Remember, looking rich is not the goal here.

11. Download Helpful Apps

As soon as you enter Japan, download NHK World and Safety Tips. These two apps will help you stay safe during a natural disaster like a typhoon or earthquake. The Japanese government sends “J-Alerts” to your phone through these apps.  

12. Know the Emergency Numbers 

Memorise Japan’s emergency numbers for ultimate security. They always come in handy in a time of need. Here are the emergency numbers to add to your speed dial during Japan trips:

  • Police – 110
  • Ambulance/Fire – 119

13. Get a Travel Insurance

If you often travel to foreign countries, you already know how much security travel insurance provides. It helps you to get quality medical facilities during any mishap. So do not overlook it. Get one from your home country that covers your entire time in Japan. 

Have You Planned Your Solo Trip to Japan Yet?

is Japan safe for solo female travel

If safety concerns were holding you back from travelling to Japan alone, I hope this blog puts your worry at rest. Undoubtedly, Japan is best experienced ALONE. And, of course, it is safe. Just keep in mind the tips mentioned above. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your safe solo trip to Japan for a memorable adventure.


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