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Top 11 Mosques to Visit on Your Solo Trip to Dubai

Before my first solo trip to Dubai, I had made a list of places I wanted to visit. It helped me plan my entire trip and also save up on a lot of money. While Dubai offers something for every kind of traveller, the thing that got me fascinated the most was how much the country values its traditions. 

Dubai is definitely one of the most well-developed and richest Islamic countries in the world. Along with a fair share of touristy places to visit in the country, Dubai does have plenty of majestic mosques that make a huge impact on all of its visitors as well.

The best part about Dubai is that it’s not overtly religious, and it does not force its people or visitors to follow their majority religion, Islam. Visiting the beautiful mosques in Dubai will help you understand the religion and Dubai’s traditions a little bit better. However, you might have to wear appropriate clothing when you enter religious places and mosques in Dubai. 

If you plan a solo trip to Dubai, I would highly recommend you visit the mosques in the country. Now, I understand that visiting every mosque in Dubai may not be entirely possible, but I hope this blog helps you select the mosque that interests you and is convenient for you to visit.

1. Grand Mosque

Located on Ali Bin Abi Taleb Street, the Grand Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Dubai. Its elegantly designed architecture attracts a huge number of visitors from all across the world.

Originally, the Grand Mosque was built in the year 1900 as an Islamic school (also known as a madrassa) for children. Unfortunately, it was demolished in the year 1960 to make way for another mosque. It was rebuilt again in the year 1998. An interesting point to note here is that the original structure of the mosque has remained intact since the time it was built for the first time!

When you enter the mosque, you will be greeted by the five beautiful Arabic inscriptions at the entrance. The windows of the mosque have been built with wooden and stained glass, which represent the original era it was built in. The Grand Mosque has the tallest minarets in the city, which are of Anatolian architecture.

2. Jumeirah Mosque

Owing to the beauty of the architecture, Jumeirah Mosque is another contender when it comes to the popular mosques in Dubai. Located right in the heart of the Jumeirah neighbourhood, this mosque was built in the year 1976. 

Jumeirah Mosque is inspired by the ancient Egyptian structures and traditional Fatimid architectural styles. The late H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum gifted this beautiful mosque to the country. The inside of Jumeriah Mosque features stunning designs of pastel shades, golden chandeliers, and Islamic calligraphy on the walls. People of Dubai call Jumeirah Mosque one of the most photographed landmarks in the country, and you can see it for yourself when you visit it on your trip to Dubai. 

Non-Muslims are allowed inside the mosque on all days of the week (except for Friday) for guided tours. Each tour may last about 75 minutes, which is enough time to admire this beautiful architecture. If you love photography, you can even carry your camera inside the mosque. 

3. Al Salaam Mosque

If you happen to be in the Al Bashra area, I would recommend visiting the Al Salaam Mosque. The mosque can be easily spotted as it is located right behind one of the famous malls of Dubai – the Mall of Emirates. 

It is one of the newer mosques in the country and opened in the year 2014 by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

The architecture of the mosque has been inspired by Turkish buildings with a mixture of Emirati and Ottoman design and culture. This is also something that makes the mosque unique and stands out from many of the architectures in the country. The domes of the mosque are designed in a pyramid-like shape which attracts many architecture lovers from all over the world. With stunning stained glass windows, the mosque features two eye-catching minarets as well. 

4. Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

Named after Umar Bin Khattab, a companion of Islamic Prophet Muhammad, Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the United Arab Emirates. Located in the Al Safa area, the mosque is nicknamed the Blue Mosque. The nickname came from its architecture which has been greatly inspired by Istanbul’s Blue Mosque. The architecture is a mix of both Andalusian and Ottoman styles.

Built in the year 1986, Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque has gone through two renovations in the years 2003 and 2011. After the second renovation, the mosque became one of the largest in the country and can now accommodate approximately 2,000 people. 

To know more about the history of the mosque, you can opt for the daily tours offered here. However, remember that the mosque remains closed for tours on Fridays. Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque should definitely be on your list of mosques in Dubai to visit on your solo trip to the country. 

5. Abdul Rahman Siddique Mosque

You must have heard that Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest man-made island. And Abdul Rahman Siddique Mosque is located on Palm Jumeirah! Initially, the mosque was a part of a competition held to design a mosque on Palm Jumeirah. But later on, the mosque turned out to be one of the most famous tourist attractions in Dubai. 

Abdul Rahman Siddique Mosque is on every traveller’s list of mosques to visit in Dubai, and rightly so. It is famous for its stunning architecture and big windows that let in plenty of natural light, making the interior beautiful. Abdul Rahman Siddique Mosque is one of the few mosques that allow women to pray inside. If you happen to visit the mosque on a Friday afternoon, you might even get free meals after the prayers. 

6. Masjid Al Rahim

Located in one of the posh areas of Dubai – Dubai Marina, this is one of the most stunning mosques in the country. Opened very recently in the year 2013, Masjid Al Rahim is known for its unique architecture. The beautiful dome and minarets of the mosque surrounded by the stunning skyscrapers of Dubai Marina add to its beauty. During sunset, as the sun rays bathe the mosque blue and white, Masjid Al Rahim looks no less than a heavenly sight.

The mosque has separate prayer rooms for men and women, ablution rooms, and an Islamic library. If you have a keen interest in learning more about Islam or the history of the mosque, you can visit the library.

7. Al Kabeer Mosque Al Rashidiya

Located near one of the popular shopping destinations in the country, Rashidiya Shopping Center, Al Kabeer Mosque Al Rashidiya is next on the list that I would recommend you check out on your solo trip to Dubai. The architecture of the mosque is one of a kind, and it also has a large outdoor space where visitors can relax while admiring its beauty. The mosque is also surrounded by many trees that make it a peaceful place for its visitors and worshippers. 

8. Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque

Located in the Deira neighbourhood of Dubai, Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque is the first eco-friendly mosque in the country. The eco-friendly features in the mosque include

  • Ablution stations with water-saving technology
  • Energy-saving lights
  • Air conditioners that emit lower greenhouse gases
  • Energy-efficient thermal insulation systems
  • Solar panels

This is one reason that attracts a huge number of visitors to the mosque.

Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque has a capacity of 3,500 people, and it was opened in the year 2014. Not only that, the architecture of the mosque is very modern yet elegant. Compared with other mosques in Dubai that are of this size, many might consider this mosque and its Bedouin Emirati architecture very simple. But this is the beauty of the mosque as it takes its first step towards having a greener environment in the future.

9. Rashid Bin Bakhit Mosque

Another beautiful mosque located in Jumeirah, Rashid Bin Bakhit Mosque, features multiple minarets and domes and stunning arches. Although the mosque is smaller in size when compared with others, it is still quite famous among both locals and tourists. You can visit the mosque for its unique architecture and beauty.

10. Imam Hossein Mosque

Dubai has two famous Iranian mosques. The first one is Imam Hossein Mosque. Located on the Al Wasl Road in the Jumeirah neighbourhood, it was developed by an Iranian community in the year 1979. It is also one of the most famous Shia mosques in the country. Persian and quasi-Fatimid styles have influenced the architecture of the mosque. 

An interesting feature about the Imam Hossein Mosque is that its dome and exteriors are covered in traditional blue tiles, which resemble the design and architecture of an Iranian hospital located across from the road. When you enter the mosque, you will see similar blue tiles along with gold and green accents on the interiors. They also have beautiful Arabic inscriptions over them.

The mosque contains a lot of halls, among which one is a library. You will find a wide variety of books on different languages, including Urdu, Arabic, Persian, and English.

11. Ali In Abi Talib Mosque

The second famous Iranian mosque in the country is Ali In Abi Talib Mosque. It is located in the Bur Dubai neighbourhood, near the textile souk. It is one of the most popular souks in the country, and spotting the mosque will not be difficult. 

I think Ali In Abi Talib Mosque should also be on your list of mosques to visit in Dubai. Many visitors from all over visit the mosque every year, especially for its stunning designs and architecture. 

You will notice the dome and exteriors of the mosque are influenced by Persian style and has a blue background with floral designs. Some of the other colours that add to the beautiful architectural designs of the mosque are red, yellow, and green. If you also look closely, you will see Quranic quotes written in beautiful calligraphy on the exteriors.

Dressing while visiting the mosques in Dubai…

This is one of the most important things you must consider before planning a day out exploring the mosques in the country. Although Dubai is one of the most modern countries in the world, it still holds its traditions and culture close to its heart. And it is only polite to follow the rules and regulations set up by the country, especially when visiting religious places such as mosques. 

When you visit the mosques, the key is to dress modestly. Now, this does not imply that you have to wear an ‘abaya’ to cover yourself compulsorily. But you need to cover your body. I would recommend you wear loose clothes that do not cling to your body. If you have also got any tattoos in obvious places, it would be better to wear clothes that hide them. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is wearing a scarf. Some mosques provide a scarf for their visitors. So in case you forget to carry one with you, you can just take one from outside the mosque.

Well, this concludes the top mosques to visit on your solo trip to Dubai. While you explore this gorgeous country, I would recommend you visit the mosque that interests you the most. It would definitely be a great way for you to learn more about Islamic culture and traditions.

Also, if you happen to visit the country during the holy month of Ramadan, you can check out my blog for a better understanding of Dubai during Ramadan. 

So what is your favourite tourist attraction in Dubai? Let me know in the comments below.


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