10 Offbeat Places for Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Apart from the two classic places – Ueno Park and Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo boasts several offbeat hotspots for cherry blossoms – sakura like the Zojoji Road, Chidorigafuchi, Aoyama Cemetery, and Nakameguro.  

Amidst Tokyo’s modern buildings and expressways, you’ll find undiscovered gems for cherry blossom viewing – hanami in parks, gardens, lanes, and river banks. These places are perfect! There was no maddening crowd, just the unique sights of the delicate white and pink hues. 

Without any further ado, let me give you a quick rundown of my ultimate ten offbeat places for cherry blossoms in Tokyo that you must include in your cherry blossom viewing schedule in the city.

1. Chidorigafuchi Moat

One of the Tokyoites and my favourite spot for cherry blossom is Chidorigafuchi. Right beside the Imperial Palace, in the heart of Tokyo, Chidorigafuchi moat is a picture-perfect location. The uniqueness of Chidorigafuchi during mid-spring lies in its pink and white archways over the water, the boat house (10 am – 5 pm), and the illuminating night-time view of the cherry blossoms.

The best way to explore Chidorigafuchi is by walking. Take a meditative walk and enjoy your solitude beneath the cherry blossom trees. Another alternative is to row a boat for the rare views of the enchanting cherry blossoms. 

2. Nakameguro

Another offbeat place for cherry blossoms in Tokyo is Nakameguro – a riverside promenade! Hop on a train from Shibuya, and within 5 minutes, you will reach the location. The riverside walk on either side gives stunning scenery. 

offbeat places for cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Apart from that, Nakameguro surely knows how to treat your taste buds, especially if you’re a street food lover! Isn’t this a dream? Walking amidst the cherry blossoms while binging on delicious treats. Sunset is the best time to experience Nakameguro. 

3. Komaba Park

Komaba Park is a well-kept secret along the Meguro River behind the University of Tokyo’s campus. This little green park turns into a soft pink heaven during the cherry blossom season. 

Surprisingly, it is not very crowded even after being located right in the centre of Tokyo. In addition to cherry blossoms, the park boasts a famous history of the owner, Marquis Maeda Toshinari.

4. Aoyama Cemetery

Hanami at a cemetery sounds weirdly spooky, right? But if you have an adventurous soul, nothing can beat this offbeat destination for cherry blossoms in Tokyo. 

Walk down the tunnel-like road through the middle of Aoyama cemetery, with cherry trees blooming on both sides. It’s a mystical must-visit spot in Tokyo during the cherry blossom time!

5. Zojoji Road

Imagine the eminent Tokyo Tower and cherry blossoms in a single frame – isn’t it breathtaking? That’s the magic Zojoji Road creates. And it doesn’t end there. 

Zojoji Road is a stone’s throw away from the Zojoji temple. Explore the shrine, specifically the left side of it. It gives the best view of the tower. 

6. Kinuta Park

If you want to experience cherry blossoms with the locals, head to Kinuta Park. Kinuta Park is on the western side of Tokyo. From Yoga station, you’ll have to walk for about 15 minutes to reach the spot. 

In this golf course turned park, you will find lots of space. Apt for having a cute picnic by yourself!

7. Nogawa Park

The cherry blossom at Nogawa Park soothes the soul and gives you ample Instagram-worthy frames. Just 30 minutes away from Shinjuku, this offbeat spot is ideal for escaping mundane city life.

April is the best time to watch the entire park in full bloom. Plus, the park also boasts yellow canola flowers. So, a combination of white, pink, and yellow creates amazing sightings!

8. Komazawa Olympic Park

Do you love to stay active? Komazawa Olympic Park has got you covered. Here you can access all the sports facilities like running tracks, cycling routes, archery, soccer fields, etc. while treating your eyes with pleasant cherry blossoms. And if you get tired after these activities, you can also grab a bite from the cafés at the park. 

9. Asukayama Park

Conveniently located next to Oji Station and the Toden Arakawa tramway, you can visit Asukayama Park for cherry blossoms if you’re visiting Tokyo in April. 

The park also features a small cable car. You can board it for free and reach the highest point. The views of hundreds of cherry blossom trees are truly mesmerising!

10. Showa Kinen Park

Showa Kinen Park is the largest park in Tokyo. It is home to a variety of cherry blossom trees. As a result, the season here lasts quite long.

Besides cherry blossoms, you’ll also get to view tulips, poppies, and other flowers during this time!

What’s Your Pick?

offbeat places for cherry blossoms in Tokyo

With that, I hope you have found your answer for the best offbeat places to view cherry blossoms in Tokyo. You can pick multiple places from the above that suit your schedule. But don’t overschedule. Cherry blossom viewing is the best experience when you surrender yourself to nature and unwind. In addition, always run a cherry blossom forecast check. It tends to vary from year to year. That said, the cherry blossom season is also one of the peak seasons in Japan, so keep in mind that no early booking is too early. You can also check out my blog post on 15 things to do during the cherry blossom time in Japan. I’m sure it’ll be helpful when you’re travelling solo.


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