25 Things to Do Alone in Iceland as a Solo Female Traveller

Your solo trip to Iceland is probably approaching, and let me guess—you are slightly worried you may run out of things to do in the wonderland!

Your worry is legitimate. But not when you will arrive in ‘the Land of Fire and Ice.’ This marvellous land is a dream destination for solo travellers. It does not matter if you like to do touristy things or unique ones—Iceland has adequate surprises for everyone!

One small tip—remember you will not be in Iceland forever! So make the most of this experience!

1. Visit Reykjavik City Library

You must have been looking at lists of things to do alone in Iceland, and this option must probably strike you as an unusual one! For me, a visit to any country is incomplete unless I visit the public libraries. It is not just about the books—the place gives you a feel of the art and culture of the island! 

You can go and wander around the books and spend some time looking at the Icelandic literature section. I also love libraries for the kind of people you stumble across there —people from different age groups! In fact, I am certain a visit to libraries is almost impossible if you are on a family trip. So do utilise this opportunity on a solo trip and connect with the cultural roots of Iceland. 

2. Visit Iceland’s museums

I know you are probably restless to get to the part where I start talking about all the adventurous things that you can do in Iceland, but hold your breath! Your visit to Iceland will remain incomplete if you do not explore its museums. The audio guides in different languages will give you so much information that you will be returning with bags of stories for your friends!

Let me name a few museums that you should definitely visit! The Saga Museum, with its life-like replicas, is a treat for the eyes to know about the Viking settlers! It is not just information overload at this museum—you even have the opportunity to dress up as a Viking at the end of the tour! 

The Perlan Museum is probably more fun if you love to walk through an ice cave and feel the chill! The planetarium will simulate the experience of space, time, and Northern Lights for you!

The Reykjavik Maritime Museum is a delight if you are keen to know about Iceland’s fishermen and the heritage of seafarers!

Do not miss the Icelandic Punk Museum—this will walk you through the country’s punk scene evolving throughout the years. Another fun fact here—the museum is underground! How more thrilling can this get?

You can also check out another underground museum, the Settlement Exhibition, and the Arbaer Open Air Museum, which has ancient Icelandic houses on display if you can spend some more time touring museums!

3. Go to the Culture House

The main attraction for me on visiting the Culture House was the gorgeous building. Built-in the early 1900s by Danish architect Johannes Magdahl Nielsen, the Culture House is a treasure trove of artefacts, sculptures, and paintings. The oak furniture that you will see inside is another treat for the eyes!

4. Visit the coffee roasters in Iceland

For a coffee lover like me, visiting Iceland’s coffee roasters was a dream come true moment. The Reykjavik Roaster even offers coffee roasting and brewing workshops which were an absolute delight. On your return from Iceland, you can expect to be your own barista—how cool is that!

5. Enjoy the cozy cafes in downtown

Relishing a cup of coffee at a cozy open-air cafe at my own pace while browsing through my favourite book was one of the top to-do things for me while in Iceland. This gave me ample opportunity to taste the local bakes, savour a good cup of coffee and reconnect with myself away from the hectic schedule of doing touristy things! 

6. What about a refreshing swim in the Blue Lagoon?

A dip in this famous turquoise geothermal pool is the ultimate attraction for solo travellers! You can swim in this iconic pool to feel re-energised before you plan your adventurous schedule. For lovers of luxury, you can indulge in a luxury spa!

7. Visit Skofagoss waterfall

Do not miss this moment of calm if you are in Iceland on a solo trip. Just stand in front of this picturesque view and feel the breathtaking view seeping through you. I can assure you that this picture-perfect moment will bring you immense joy long after your trip is over. 

8. Do not miss the other waterfalls

If Skofagoss overwhelms you with nature’s beauty, do not miss the other waterfalls in Iceland. Gulfoss, Dettifoss, Haifoss, Godafoss, and Seljalandsfoss are among the other most beautiful waterfalls that you will find in Iceland. Do not miss packing the hiking jacket in your rucksack if you are planning to stand close to the falls. You would not want to return drenched from the sites! 

9. Go to the Diamond Beach

As the name suggests, this beach will give you glimpses of diamonds, aka giant ice pieces! The beach has this colour palette look to it—icebergs breaking against the black volcanic sand! Sigh, I am envious of you now—you will soon be able to view this terrific beauty on your trip. 

10. Did you know you can stay in a church?

Well, I did not know that I could spend a night in a church! In East Iceland’s Stöðvarfjörður, you will find Kirkjubær church. The church now functions as a hostel and would be among one of the unique things that you do in Iceland. Built-in 1925, the interiors of this church will take your breath away! It also has a kitchen—so your food front is sorted too!

11. Do not miss eating a Rúgbrauð when in Iceland

This Icelandic rye bread is traditionally baked underground for almost 24 hours. Now, this is an item you would not want to get off the shelf in the supermarket! Go visit the geothermal areas and try to taste this bread at restaurants by Lake Myvatn. Locals often put stones on top of where the baking takes place in order to let others know that the spot is taken and the baking process is on. When I first read about this iconic bread on BBC Food, I could not really believe it. The art of baking this bread has been passed down through generations, and it is one hell of a bread!

12. Hike along the volcanic trails

things to do in iceland

Imagine National Geographic coming alive—yes, that’s what you will feel on visiting Iceland’s volcanic trails. Hiking along the volcanic trails will be one of the most fulfilling experiences on your solo trip! You can plan a week-long volcanic hike with a local tour company in order to make the most out of this excursion. You can also stay in the volcano huts, which serve as the camping ground during this trip. With the latest volcanic eruption happening a few months back, you are in for a visual treat in this country of contrasting landscapes. 

13. Drive around 

If you have hired a car for your stay in Iceland, there is no better way to enjoy the wonderland than to drive around aimlessly and explore the magical landscapes. Do not forget to pack food and water if you are planning to drive for long hours! You can set out to catch some attractions or end up roaming around farmhouses. One of the most spontaneous things to do in Iceland, I am sure this will not leave you disappointed!

14. Visit the Dakota plane crash site

This place in South Iceland has become a hotspot among tourists. This is near a town called Vik. You will find the famous plane, and it would be difficult to miss this as you will also probably find hordes of tourists at this spot. The site visit is also a part of package tours which you can avail.

15. A walk at the Djúpalón Beach 

The rock formations, the pools, and the black sand make quite an ensemble at the Djúpalón Beach. You would be amazed at how much history this place holds. There may be too many tourists at this place, but that is not an excuse to not go to this place! If you like to trace the history, some facts for you—this was the largest fishing station in Iceland between the 16th and 19th centuries. But now you would only find the ruins!

16. A dip in the Reykjadalur hot river

You will need to drive for an hour from the mainland of Reykjavik to reach this place. This will be followed by an hour’s hike. You can soothe your nerves as you take a dip in this ‘warm’ river. As the tiredness of the day wears off, you can enjoy a moment of solitude to reflect on the fascinating solo trip that you have had so far!

17. Paraglide in Iceland

When you land up in Iceland, you are probably already prepared to experience getting high on adventures! This pure moment will leave you thrilled for the rest of your life—getting off the ground and then, well, flying! For me, it was a Harry Potter moment—swishing in the air. Choose the location and a sound company that will ensure your safety before you decide to paraglide. You will also need some emotional preparation, no matter how brave you are. Let the guide walk you through all the steps if you are feeling nervous. Also, leave your camera with the guide who can capture this exhilarating moment for you!

18. Enjoy the nightlife

Iceland does spoil you with bountiful landscapes, but surely there is no reason to dress up, put on your heels/sneakers and enjoy the nightlife in downtown Reykjavik. The happy hours last as long as three hours so go grab drinks in Iceland’s best bars! What you should not miss is some good conversations during the evening! If you are staying in a hostel, you can team up with some other occupants and enjoy the party together!

19. Catch glimpses of the quintessential Northern Lights

things to do in iceland

How can you miss the Northern Lights if you are going to Iceland? The Northern Lights can be spotted between August to April—so yeah, pick your season right! If you are on a budget, you can spend some time doing your own research and keeping an eye on the forecast to ensure you catch the view of the Northern Lights. But if you are willing to rely on a packaged tour while you relax, you can find a number of tour operators who will ensure that you do not miss this fascinating experience of your life!

20. Go scuba diving 

If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone, consider scuba diving in Iceland. You will actually fall short of describing your experience in words once you are back from scuba diving. If nature can leave you overwhelmed, scuba diving will give you that feeling! It is recommended you take a short course before the actual dive. There are plenty of tour operators which you can choose from for this unforgettable experience. 

21. To save money wherever you can

If you run out of money on a solo trip, you have nobody to fall back on! So I always try to cut corners wherever I can when it comes to travelling alone. A few tips that I can give you to avoid extra expenses are never buying bottled water in Iceland (the tap water is perfectly safe) and not shopping from the expensive grocery store of 10-11! 

Also, try to buy alcohol from the duty-free stores or rely on the happy hours if you want to grab drinks. Try to mix and match your meals with a combination of restaurant food, self-cooked meals, and supermarket food. This way, you will manage to not go overboard with your expenses.

22. Download apps for a smooth trip

things to do in iceland

There is no denying that we are living in the digital age. So why not just take advantage of it and enjoy a hassle-free trip? There is a range of apps that you can download before your visit to Iceland. The weather app Vedur will help you keep an eye on the forecast, which is absolutely essential given Iceland’s unpredictable weather. You can also download the app Straeto, which covers all the public bus operators in Iceland. The other apps that you can consider are Appy Hour for those who love partying, Aurora Forecast for catching the Northern Lights, and Flight Aware to track flights. 

And yes, do not miss downloading 112 Iceland for any emergencies!

23. Walk along the Látrabjarg cliffs 

Anyone who has visited the spot can vouch for the effect it will have on you, and it is such a treat for bird watchers. During the summer months, you will be able to witness a crazy amount of bird nests. Estimates say around 40 percent of the world’s razorbills population are found here in the summer. This spot is also a hit among writers for the myriad of emotions it brings to visitors!

24. Do not miss the countryside music festivals

If you enjoy the music scene, catch a music festival while in Iceland. I prefer the small ones by the countryside, which gives the full experience of dipping into Iceland’s locale cultures! But you can catch the big ones too if that’s what you are fond of. Add this to your bucket list and lose yourself amidst an evening of rock music. The energy at the concert will ring in your ears for a long!

25. Go to the country fairs

This experience is an absolute treasure hunt! Not a hit among most international tourists, it may be difficult to locate on a website. You have to rely on word of mouth to find out about the local fairs in the countryside. I typically ask around at the hostel reception or stay in an Airbnb to get to know of these fairs or to get invited to one (if I am lucky enough). You can experience the Icelandic meals, hospitality, music so closely at these small fairs! 

I already gave you a disclaimer that the list of to-do things in Iceland is quite endless! When it comes to doing things alone, the list gets longer as you do not need to worry about aligning your interest with your friends or family members! 

I know it may get difficult to cover all the points in the blog. What you can aim for is a cocktail of all worlds—a bit of adventure, a few solitary walks, a couple of dips in hot pools, and an abundance of food! 


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