What to pack for your solo trip to Italy?

Just in case—it all starts with that. Then god knows, one leads to another, and another like the journey to Neverland.

We all have been there, circling in the Tornado of what to pack and what not to pack. Thankfully, we can make packing decent based on a few factors like the country we are travelling to and weather conditions.

This blog is for my friends planning a solo trip to Italy. Are you ready, friends?

Pack your luggage as you read this article. Let us approach packing like a walk in the park.

C’mon, let us do it.

To give you a little knowledge about our packing methods. I like to start by saying that the items going to be listed below can be categorized into weather, accommodation, and safety essentials.

Must pack for your Italy solo travel

On our what to pack for your Italy solo travel list, let me address the items that are without doubt essentials to pack for your Italy solo travel. There is no room for “just in case” for these items as they are so necessary without which your travel becomes sordid.  


Yep! You will need an Italian adaptor to charge your gadgets in Italy. It’s true! The U. S adaptors do not fit into the Italian adaptors. So, check for Italian adaptors on google. Find the best one and order quickly. Just think about it—without this adaptor, you can’t really charge any of your gadgets even in the hotels. 

Italian adaptors have three-pin placed in line horizontally. Check for the correct one before placing the order. It is easily available. So, no worries about getting them!

Power bank

Of course, the power bank is a must for every traveller. Your battery is not going to last long. Your mobile, camera, earphones need a backup. At the same time, you cannot carry heavy items. So, what’s best for you is to carry a slim body power bank, just to reduce your burden.


Keep your eagle eyes open for VPN. The virtual private network of Italy is restricted for others and extremely safe. You will have to get access to their private network to use their websites. If you think you don’t want their VPN, you are wrong, guys. 

Their private websites have all the information you will need in Italy, like information on local restaurants, routes, details to resorts and so on.

Surf shark, Proton VPN, and Nord VPN are some good private VPNs in Italy. The bottom line is your location should be changed to Italy to get access to their world.

Wi-Fi Plan

We have talked about chargers and VPN, but to use all of them, you need Wi-Fi. And sadly, there is not much free service available in Italy. So, please, as a part of packing, input the Wi-Fi plan into your what to pack for your solo travel to Italy.

Unlike other countries, Italian public places don’t offer Wi-Fi free service. You rarely see any place with free Wi-Fi. So, search for good prepaid Wi-Fi plans in your place, something with discounts. Otherwise, portable routers will be the best option for you.


Guessing why scarf is on the list? Then here is the answer. In Italy, places like Cathedral and Vatican City would not let people inside without a scarf. Covering your head is mandatory in Italian churches and other sacred places.

I didn’t know this and travelled to Vatican City. I was left with no other option but to buy an expensive scarf in the touristy shop displayed outside Vatican City.

Crossbody bag

If you have read my previous blog post, “Is Italy safe for solo female travellers,” you must by now know the threat of pickpocketing. Pickpocketers are a real struggle in Italy. Without any doubt, a crossbody bag is a must-carry item for you to pack for your solo travel to Italy.

What to pack to tackle any weather?

Weather plays a crucial role in deciding your solo travel to Italy. Italy has summer, spring, and winter. It is in the summer, the tourist crowd is largely noticed, and in winter, it is seemingly low. Now, there are items to pack for your solo trip to face their weather conditions.


So, if you want to visit Italy during summer, you will be caught up in the parching sun during your travel. The summer in Italy can give you headaches. That’s why we have sunglasses! Cool your body and mind by wearing sunglasses. Staying in the sun too long is not good for our skin too. Let sunglasses make your Italy solo travel in summer easy.

Sunscreen lotion

Yes! You are right. After sunglasses, without any doubt, you have to pack sunscreen lotion for your Italy solo travel because it is summer! You are travelling to cheer up in Italy. What shows your radiant look more than your beautiful skin? It is our duty to protect our skin from getting harm from the sun. So, sunscreen is a must if your trip to Italy is in summer.


Now, what do you pack for your Italy solo travel in winter? Umbrella saves you innumerable times if you plan your trip to Italy in winter. During winters, there is heavy rainfall for sure. However, winters are a good time to travel to Italy. Here is why?

If you are that person who loves trailing Italy during winter, take an umbrella with you. Raincoats or umbrellas will help to tackle the rain. I hate carrying around raincoats. Umbrellas settle calmly in my bag. So, an umbrella would be the best option.


Wondering, why is a hairdryer on the weather-related items list? Seriously! If you still don’t get it, you really have no idea how winters will be in Italy. Winter is rainy, cloudy, cold, chill, whatever that is against summer, which brings us to the subject of how to dry your hair when surrounded by coldness. If not for a hairdryer, you will stay wet till your return. Lol.

What to pack to travel easily?

This list is all about making your Italy solo travel easy as hell! Let’s straightaway jump into our next what to pack for your Italy solo travel list.

Rucksack bag

what to pack for Italy

Solo travellers know the comfort one gets from a rucksack bag. Anyways, for my friends for whom Italy is their first travel, I tell you, a rucksack bag is the best for travel. Since it is a shoulder bag, you can pack a lot and feel light.

In Italy, when you are in a city to venture into its tourist destinations, it is a matter of fact that these places will be at a shorter distance. Most travellers like walking to their destinations instead of spending a huge sum on transportation

To put it simply, you will be walking a lot during your travel to Italy. If you carry a rucksack bag,

  1. It is comfortable as the weight is balanced on your shoulders.
  2. You can stuff a lot of things. So, you can cover places without coming back and forth to your hotel/hostel
  3. It is multipurpose. If you are taking day trips or trekking, a rucksack bag proves to be the best.


Since all your stuff is safely pushed into the rucksack bag, all that is pending is walking to your destination. Let’s make walking in Italy relaxed with sneakers. Sneakers are good for travellers as their body is built to withstand difficulties. For example, Italian sidewalks are known to be damaged. So, wearing comfy shoes will relax your leg. And sneakers give you a smooth look as they have flat heels with a heavy body.

By the way, if Mount Vesuvius is on your checklist, don’t even dream of wearing flats. Sneakers are the best for mountain walks.

Clothes to pack for your Italy solo travel


Italy is not only the land of art and architecture but also the land of beaches, seas, and islands. Uh! Swimming pools too. Nowadays all hotels and resorts have a swimming pool.

Even though you may not step your foot on the water body, pictures with swimsuits with a blue background have become mandatory. Hence, the swimsuits are on your list to pack for your Italy solo travel!

Dresses and Jeans

Warning! It’s purely based on my opinion, guys. I find jeans and hoodies to be comfy for the winter climate. Similarly, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers look perfect for sunny weather. It depends on your choice. Pick the right dress according to the weather at the time of your trip to Italy.


The nightlife in Italy is amazing. You will have quite a number of reasons to party and have fun in Italy. In Italy, people have no reason to party because they always party. There are clubs, bonfires, and distinct festivals for you to celebrate. So, do pack partywear like a cocktail dress to impress the crowd.


Medical emergencies in travel are a real struggle. Getting sick is the worst thing that can happen to any traveller. So, preventing these emergencies will save you from the awaiting risk. Pack your usual medications if you were taking any for allergies or other medical conditions.

Motion sickness

Motion sickness! Yes, it happens. Don’t let motion sickness ruin your solo trip to Italy. No one wishes to stay in the hotel during their trip. So, yeah! Pack the necessary tablet. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is the key to being healthy. It sounds like the simplest thing, but it really does prevent your body from getting sick in the first place.

Jet lag

Next on the list to pack are jet lagging pills. Oops! Have you experienced jet lagging?—zoned out in your original time, unable to bring yourself to action. Again, this is a problem to be taken seriously on your solo trip to Italy. However, jet lagging is common as we are travelling to an unfamiliar time zone. Your body needs time to fix it naturally, but there isn’t much time left for you in Italy.

So, pack the right medications that help with jet lagging. Let’s not lag behind on our cheerful trip to Italy.

Souvenir Packing

what to pack for Italy

Till now, we dealt with what to pack for your Italy solo travel. Now, it is time to look at a crucial part of packing to Italy. And that is leaving space for souvenirs. Huh! Did you forget besties? Your packing plan is successful only when you pre-plan and reserve a place to bring back the souvenir gifts.

Photography Equipment

Finally, on our “what to pack for Italy solo travel list” are the photography essentials. Photos bring more light and flash to your Italy trip. So, to add extra beauty to your trip, carry the essential equipment like camera gears, tripod, selfie stick, and lens filters.

Did you pack with me?

I hope you did. I can’t find words that suffice the importance of packing for your solo trip away from home. As said earlier, packing is usually either too much or stuffs unnecessary. Now you know the demands of Italy and what to pack for your Italy solo travel.

So, there you are. Pack all the mentioned items for your solo trip. Let’s make packing smart and easier


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