Why you should visit Egypt

Why Egypt? Egypt is the most underrated country for tourism despite its world class history. I’m still bewildered by the fact that why is it not on the top of many bucket lists. I ain’t going to lie, Egypt was not on my top picks too, especially for a solo travel. But I have always been a fan of the classic “The Mummy” and so many other cartoons related to the mystery of mummies. Was that good enough for me to take up a decision to visit the country? Not really, but I ended up choosing it because I thought it was so cool to travel there ALONE. As simple as that!

It was strange and surprising to hardly spot any Indians in Egypt. Nevertheless, I had to ignore the fact that I was one amongst a few and move on with my day tours. And I really hope this blog helps many fellow friends to have a picture of the ancient country. If you have already planned to visit Egypt after the pandemic, check out my other blog on must visit places!

The mystical pyramids of Cairo

The pyramids were breathtakingly beautiful and they were so huge unlike the ones I saw in movies and pictures. I swear the pictures and videos don’t do any justice to the most beautiful architectures in the world. The historic facts behind every pyramid is surreal. The camel/horse ride across the pyramids is magical even though it is quiet “touristy”. I automatically felt like the queen Hatshepsut and that, I owned the whole desert and pyramids to myself. I know its lame, but I ain’t kidding!

A must-visit for history nerds – The Egyptian museum

The Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo is full of mind-blowing artefacts, histories and obviously, mummies! It is creepy and also, fascinating to see the highly embalmed bodies of some important Pharaohs from the ancient Egypt.

Old Cairo’s aesthetically beautiful religious sites

Cairo is not just about the pyramids and museums, it has some lit mosques and churches that take you back in time. Muhammad Ali mosque in Citadel, the hanging church in old Cairo were some amongst many in the list. The places give you positive vibes and a whole new insight to the country’s diverse culture.

Aladdin market-like Khan el- Khalili

Khan el- Khalili is the largest and busiest bazaars in the country. The bazaar gets a new dimension and beauty when souvenirs twinkle in the night time. It is also one of the important market places in the African continent. How cool is that?

Felucca ride in The Nile

The Nile, the true beauty of Egypt! The felucca rides across the river during the sunset, kids playing football in the streets of old Cairo, islamic Cairo are sure a treat to our eyes.

Luxor – The hub of Egypt’s most iconic historical monuments 

The open air museum of Egypt, Luxor’s historical monuments like Karnak temple, Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut temple, Luxor Temple, Colossi of Memnon cannot be described in words! The hot air balloon ride in the West Bank of Luxor is a beauty on its own. Read more about the experience here, Magical hot air balloon in the Valley of the Kings!

Egyptian food is heaven on earth

Food in Egypt is absolutely delicious! Egyptian comfort vegetarian food bowl called koshari is one of a kind! Their shawarmas, falafels are also to die for! As a foodie, I only had local food during my entire stay in Egypt and I loved it!

The warmth of people – Safest travel destination

People are SO kind and welcoming. I visited a local family for dinner via Airbnb and made friends for lifetime! As a woman solo traveler from India, I had a lot of concerns. But I changed my perception of the country after my trip and in fact, it has become my most favourite till date!  There are many non touristy things to do in Egypt, visit my blog customise your trip to know more about my local experiences in the country.


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