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It is a longing of every traveller to have a hot cup of coffee. Speaking of which, for Italians, making coffee is an art. Of all the Italian cities, Milan is best known for its authentic coffee flavours and baristas. So, sipping this delight is a must-do thing on your trip to Milan. Let me tell you about the top ten cafes in Milan that cater to different types of travellers at varying price points.

1. Torrefazione Coração do Brasil

Torrefazione Coraçao do Brasil is a beautiful cafe in a lively Milan neighborhood. It serves delicious coffee, breakfast, and aperitivo. A cafe to stay away from tourists and mingle with the locals of Italy. Of course, a very cheap one in Milan. Although the cafe appears tiny, it is a must-visit since they sell varieties of coffee beans such as Bahia, Moka do Brasil, Maragogipe, and coffee capsules.

Address: Via Paolo Sarpi 6, 20154 Milan Italy(0.5 km from Monumental Cemetery)

Timing: 07:00 AM-07:30 PM

2. Orsonero Coffee

Orsonero Coffee is the best budget-friendly cafe in Milan you must visit on your solo travel. Although quite busy and congested in space, it is worth a visit for a traveller in Milan. It is located a short walk from the central Stazione. This cafe is best known for cappuccino and oat milk. As said, it is quite crowded with limited seating.

Address: Via Giuseppe Broggi 15 Corner Via Morgagni, 20129 Milan Italy

Timing: 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM (closed on Mondays)

3. Caffè Bistrot Savini

It is now time to introduce you to the Milanese aristocracy, a cafe once reserved for aristocrats. Caffe Bistrot Savini is the name bearer of fame. The American writer Ernest Hemingway is a frequent visitor of this cafe. So, this cafe symbolises luxury, history, and expense. A must-visit cafe for this beautiful history. Otherwise, the cafe is a bit overpriced. The cafe shares the ground with its restaurant. Don’t go to the restaurant. It’s a totally bad experience! But the cafe is good. Okay. I will give you the reason why the cafe is good. The cafe has a special combo called “Grab and Go” that includes salads, varieties of juices, drinks, and a full espresso.

Address: Via Ugo Foscolo 5 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 20121 Milan Italy( 0.1 miles from Duomo di Milano)

Timing: 07:00 AM – 07:00 PM

4. Corso Como Cafe

Corso Como is a cafe located half an hour’s walk from Piazza Del Duomo. It is indeed easy to spot the cafe situated on Corso Como street, the central part of Milan. Due to its significant location, you should expect a higher price. Yes, it is expensive. But, the overall service satisfies the price. 

Address: Corso Como 10 – 20154 Milan 

Timing: 11:00 AM- 08:00 PM

5. Terrace Aperol

Terrazza Aperol, known as the Terrace of the Pearl, tops the list of best cafes in Milan. It is located on the right side of the Duomo. As its name says, it is a rooftop cafe. You need to reach the second floor from the Autogrill Duomo Store to reach this cafe. This cafe has a luxurious bar. Apart from coffee, the most popular drink in this cafe is Aperol Spritz.

Address: Piazza Duomo, angolo Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – Piano 2 – 20100 Milan

Timing: 11.00 AM – 11.00 PM

6. Upcycle Milano Bike Cafe

Upcycle Milano bike is a popular cafe fresh in the business in Milan. The reason for its popularity is its theme. It is the only cafe with a bicycle theme in Milan. The walls of the cafe are decorated with cycles. Although the ambience of the cycle looks sophisticated, the price is quite reasonable. That’s guaranteed. Coffee is amazing. Besides, this cafe is where you must try Italian dishes like pizza, burgers, and sandwiches.

Address: Via Andrea Maria Ampere 59 Il, Milan

Timing: 08:30 AM – 11:00 PM

7. Crazy Cat Cafe

If you are a fan of pastries, ice creams, and cats (yes, you heard that right!), you NEED to visit this cute cafe. I loved their caramel cappuccino and muffins. The prices are minimal for their absolutely yummy desserts! It is also a great place to take a quick break since it is near Milan central station. The cats give you good company on your solo travel to Italy! 

Address: Via Napo Torriani, 5, 20124, Milan

Timing: 09:30 AM – 08:00 PM

8. Torrefazione Ernani

This cafe is top-notch for three simple reasons. They make custom-brewed coffee, their quality stands out in the bar, and they have made themselves a brand for blue diamond coffee in Milan. So, if you want to taste Diamante Azul (“Blue Diamond”) coffee in Milan, there is no best place than Torrefazione Ernani.

Address: Corso Buenos Aires, 20 – Milan

Timing: 07:00 AM- 07:30 PM

9. Caffe Pascucci

If you are looking for a decent place to sip coffee with a neat breakfast meal, Caffe Pascucci is the place for you. Their menu has appreciable dishes suitable for international travellers. A speciality of this cafe is they prepare coffee with homemade coffee beans. You can request special roasting of your preference and enjoy your taste glands. Piazza San Babila and fashion’s famous Golden Quadrilateral are only a short walk away from this cafe.

Address: Corso Europa, 22 – Milan (0.2 miles from Via Della Spiga)

Timing: 11:00 AM- 08:00 PM

10. Caffe Napoli

The list is incomplete without Caffe Napoli. If you know this place beforehand, it’s well and good. If not, let me tell you. Caffe Napoli is best known for unquenchable espresso. It is located just near the Duomo. Thus a favourable location to have the best espresso in Italy. The best part is they have the flavour of authentic Italian Neapolitan cremini. That said, it is a little bit occupied by tourists. However, note that the cafe has limited seating.

Address: Via Gaetano Giardino 1, 20123 Milan Italy (0.1 miles from Duomo di Milano)

Timing: 07:00 AM – 07:00 PM

What is your pick from these must-visit cafes in Milan?

best cafes in milan

That’s all the best and must-see cafes to visit in Milan. As evident, all the cafes mentioned above are situated closer to the tourist destinations of Milan. So, you don’t have to take a special trip to reach these cafes. With a short walk or glimpse around the tourist destinations of Milan, you will find these cafes. That said, be sure to input your experience in the comments below.

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