15 Non-Touristy Things to Do as a Solo Traveller in Milan, Italy

This article is purely dedicated to the non-touristy things to do in your solo travel in Milan. Visiting the touristy locations serves well for the first time in Milan. But for a second time, we need to think of other catching locations. In light of that, the non-touristy things to do as a solo traveller in Milan are 

1. Fulfil your dream of riding a Ferrari

Owning the Italian luxury car Ferrari is a dream of many. You could partially fulfil this dream of yours by driving a rental Ferrari in Milan. Overall, this experience lasts 30 minutes with three laps of assured safe driving with an instructor with you. You will also be given a video of your driving, which will get you more likes on social media!

2. Have a sneak at the bomb shelters in Milan

Even though travellers are enthusiastic about the historical sites, there is always an offbeat location that seeks our attention. In the same way, despite many significant historic locations topping the list, Milan’s hidden bomb shelter is the least bothered. Hence, the bomb shelters of the second world war are a non-touristy place to visit in Milan. The underground tunnels take you to a gripping past of frightened souls who took shelter here.

3. Wonder at Milanese architecture

Igloo homes, also known as mushroom homes, are creative architectural homes in Milan. It is situated in the Maggiolina village of Milan. You should immediately google to see the original mushroom houses in Milan. You will like it!

4. A thrilling tour of the church of bones

Adding to the list is the church of San Bernardino alle Ossa. The church of San Bernardino alle Ossa is a freaking tour of a gallery of human bones. Sounds horrible, right? Not only is it amusing, but it is also a curious trip with histories of all the bones preserved there. Bones tracing back to the 13th century are present there. A must-visit place on your solo travel in Milan. That said, you can easily reach this location without guidance as it is near the Duomo Cathedral. No entry fees. 

5. Porta Nuova district – a place to escape Milan’s historical and Renaissance aura

Porta Nuova district- the modern and richest neighbourhood of Milan, is probably the one place to escape the renaissance spirit of Milan. Taking a pleasant walk through this fashionable cityscape of Milan gives you an absolute urban feeling. You will surely want to take a picture of one of the many tall attractive glassy buildings in Porta Nuova. Therefore, there is no better place than Porta Nuova to marvel at Milan’s modern architecture. 

6. Visit the museum of comics WOW Spazio Fumetto.

The WOW Spazio Fumetto Museum gives a different perspective for a museum starting from its entrance. This place is a true haven for comic geeks. I wasn’t expecting the display of Doraemon there. There were other Japanese exhibits as well. They have given room for international comics, which is fantastic. Apart from the displays, the museum conducts events and workshops purely on comic books and animation. It has a library and a coffee shop which makes the place perfect. Make sure to include this museum on your list of things to do in Milan if you enjoy comic books or want to explore the city’s more contemporary attractions.

Speaking of coffee shops, Milan is known for its addictive coffee. Read my blog post, “10 must-visit cafes in Milan,” to learn about the coffee culture in Milan.

7. Watch the Unicredit Tower

Our following non-touristy location in Milan is a more contemporary one. A place that could become a most visited tourist location in the future. As of now, it is a busy hub located in the centre of Milan. This modern epicentre of Milan features a skyscraper called the Unicredit Tower. Unicredit tower is the highest tower in Italy. Since it is located in the prime centre of Milan, renting a Vespa will make your way into the city convenient. 

8. Go to the tiniest bar, Backdoor 43

How about a small bar for a non-touristy visit in Milan? The bar I will reveal is the smallest in the world, called the Backdoor 43. As its name suggests, it covers only 43 square feet, including the restroom. So, you can imagine the rest. It takes work to secure a place in the bar due to its space confinement. Limited seating is one thing you need to consider before visiting. But, even if you don’t have a seat, you still buy and eat outside. The choice is yours.

9. Have a lively time at Spirit de Milan 

Spirit de Milan is a place to go for an absolute musical treat. In a single line, Spirit de Milan is a place to eat, dance, and enjoy live music in the alleys of Milan. This area is full of people dining in an array of eateries. Overall, it is a leisure zoom. Other than dining, you can dance to music as well!

10. Watch a match with the locals at San Siro Stadium.

Watching a football match with the locals in the San Siro Stadium is an enjoyable non-touristy thing to do in Milan. What do you say? Take the best local transport in Milan and head to San Siro Stadium. Have a great time watching a match amidst the cheering crowd.

11. Relax in QC Termemilano thermal bath

The thermal bath is a must-try non-touristy thing in Milan. Milan is not especially known for thermal baths. However, QC Termemilano is the best thermal bath out there. It is the best place to leave your troubles and relax!

12. Take a picture of an unusual sculpture in the middle of the city.

The Needle, Thread, and Knot sculpture by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen is located in the middle of the square. This massive installation consists of a 19-meter-tall steel needle embedded in the ground and an 86-meter-long multicoloured reinforced fibreglass thread that emerges from another place in the square with a knot. The three thread colours (red, green, and yellow) honour Milan’s impact on the fashion industry while standing in for the Milan Metro lines. I would say this sculpture in the middle of the city is unusual, and you must see it on your solo travel to Milan.

13. Visit the urban eco building known as the Vertical forest.

The vertical forest is a residential building in Milan. What attributes to its popularity are its architecture and urban green plantation. There are 19 floors in the building with 125 rooms. However, the entire building looks green, with bushy plants planted in every vacant area. These types of residential areas have yet to become quite normal as of now. Until they become mundane and common, the vertical forest is a must-see destination in Milan.

14. Take an informative tour of the Pirelli HangarBicocca museum.

For some enlightenment time in Milan, consider visiting the Pirelli Hangar Bicocca. This museum is a store of contemporary art put out by popular artists. A guided tour is highly suggestable as you can collect myriad information. Compared to the value of the museum, the entry fee of 8 euros you are paying is much lesser. Certainly, a non-touristy thing to do in Milan on a budget.

15. Watch the locals play Bocce in Porta Venezia.

Porta Venezia is the coolest neighbourhood to visit in Milan. It is a non-touristy place as the local crowd dominates it. The locals gather there to play Bocce. Bocce is a game that originated in Italy. It is an absolute Italian non-touristy thing to do on your solo travel. Yes, anyone can play the game regardless of age and experience. So, instead of being a spectator, you can be a player playing with the Italians. Apart from that, people gather near Porta Venezia for partying and drinking. Bar Basso is one of the most popular and busiest party places.

non touristy things to do in milan

 I hope you have a happy solo journey doing the non-touristy things in Milan! 


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