Vespa Rentals for Solo Travellers in Milan, Italy

Riding a Vespa in the streets of Italy is a fantasy for every traveller. It is one of the unique travel and cultural experiences Italy renders for its visitors. That said, renting a Vespa in Italy is effortless. It is made even easier through online rental services. Motoroads, BikesBooking, Civitatis, Toprentmoto, and Onmovo, are some of Milan’s popular and best Vespa rentals. Please continue reading to look at their facilities.

Vespa rentals in Milan

The following are the best Vespa rentals in Milan. All of these are online-based services. Hence you can book your Vespa from any part of the world.

  1. Motoroads rental
  2. Bikesbooking
  3. Civitatis
  4. Toprentmoto 
  5. Onmovo


If you are looking for rentals with myriad options of scooters or motorbikes, there is no other option better than Toprentmoto. Toprentmoto rental is diverse and organised into categories to help you choose the best model based on your needs. One of their best features is that you can hire a scooter from them in one location and return it in another. That way, your trip will be more flexible.

Motoroads rental

The motto of motoroads Vespa rental services in Milan is transparency and cost-effectiveness. They have no hidden charges. They offer their service 24×7 and also provide a 20% discount.


Bikesboooking rental’s best feature is that they guarantee transparent price matches. And they provide free cancellations on all bookings, which is a plus for travellers because our travel sometimes goes differently than predicted. 


As one of the best rentals in Milan, Civitatis provides various tours and activities, which is a catching feature of this rental. They have a 24-hour reservation service. Apart from that, they promise minimum-price services.

Another distinguishing facility is when you visit their offices, you may find the greatest top-quality equipment, helmets, GPS units, and GoPro cameras. Even better, you can sign up for one of their regularly planned tours, which happens at least six times a year. 


Onmovo Vespa rental’s tagline is “No deadline to remember or keep in mind.” And no extra costs, as Onmovo’s monthly rate, includes all the expenses. Secondly, they are known for their amazing customer service. They take care of the maintenance work extraordinarily. If you have issues with your rented Vespa, they replace it with another one with no questions asked. Thirdly, you don’t have to register, pay charges or provide documentation as your scooter is already registered.

Can you rent Vespa in Milan offline?

Online is one of many options to rent a Vespa in Milan. You can directly visit the above rentals. Book your Vespa and take it instantly. But the online facility is a blessing for foreign travellers who have yet to learn about the new land and how things work out. So, they can book their Vespa online and begin their solo travel with the assurance of a Vespa awaiting their arrival.

How to park your Vespa in Milan?

Parking is a responsibility that comes with renting a Vespa in Milan. It is mandatory that you know the parking rules in Milan. So that you won’t be charged with a fine—paying a fine may not be that big of a deal for luxury travellers. But if you want to travel solo to Milan on a budget, then pay attention to what I am going to say. 

First thing, parking your Vespa is relatively easy. You need to look for white markings on the road. Better look for the place where other motorbikes are parked. That way, it is easy. 

Stay away from yellow markings. Yellow marking is for four-wheelers. Another precaution is “Divieto di Sosta” which means Do not park. If you are careful of these, you can avoid an unwanted fine.

What is the price of a rental Vespa?

The price of a rental Vespa in Milan can come between 30 Euros to 90 Euros a day. Sometimes it can go to 115 Euros as well. 

Do I need to pay a security deposit before renting a Vespa in Milan?

Yes, there is a security deposit before renting a Vespa in Milan. The security deposit is usually 250 euros or 500 euros. This amount is completely refundable. If you have made the payment through a credit or debit card, it will be refunded to the same. A deduction from the security deposit will be made if you have damaged the vehicle.

Is it mandatory to show a licence?

A B-category driving licence is required for mopeds under 125cc, while an A-category or B licence with three years of driving experience is required for 150cc scooters. That sums up that one needs a B-class driving licence mandatory to rent a scooter and operate a vehicle in Milan and throughout Italy. Non-European travellers must hold an international driver’s licence to rent a Vespa in Milan.

Does the rental price cover the cost of gas and parking?

No! Your security deposit or rental fee does not cover fuel and parking expenses. In Italy, you not only pay for the rental scooter, but you are also responsible for paying the parking and fuel fees.

What should you do after renting a scooter in Italy?

Both on-the-spot and online reservations for Vespa scooter rides are available. In any scenario, you must confirm its efficiency and condition. It would help if you verified that you have the necessary riding equipment. Additionally, look inside the car for any earlier damage.

Grab your riding gear

When you rent a Vespa scooter, you will receive a safety helmet. It is automatically included in the bundle. As soon as you go to pick up your scooter, be sure you get a helmet. Even if the helmet is broken, you can request a replacement.

Check for any prior damage

You should examine a scooter’s appearance and functionality before renting it. Search for any defects, such as scratches or broken equipment, and report them. In any other case, you are liable for the harm. Additionally, give the bike a full inspection to check for scratches, damage, and the mirrors’ presence. If you do, be careful to seek a replacement motorcycle or show the rental company. So, you won’t be held accountable when you return it.

Fill the fuel tank

Make sure the gas tank is full. Remember to fill the tank while returning the scooter to the rental. Also, make sure to ask what type of gas should be used if you need to refuel.

vespa rentals in milan

To sum up, riding a Vespa is an enjoyable experience every solo traveller in Italy should partake in. Renting a Vespa is an unchallenging task in Milan. There are many good Vespa rentals in Milan. I have pointed out the best rentals above. The only thing is to ensure you possess a licence, carry cash for a security deposit and check for prior damages before renting a Vespa. Of course, park the Vespa properly to prevent unwanted penalties.


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