What You Must Know Before Renting a Vespa in these Italian Cities


Of course, touring Italy on a Vespa scooter is fun, but there is always a time, a place to do things. Vespa touring may not be a takeaway option in all Italian cities. Same as that, renting a scooter in Italy is not as easy as it sounds.

So, in this article, I am going to walk you through the details of cities suitable for scooter riding in Italy and how to rent a scooter like a pro.

1. Explore with the best plan

The rule of thumb before you rent a scooter in Italy is to know if a scooter ride matches your travel plan. How good it is to rent a scooter in the Tuscany part of Italy than in Venice. I hope you understand the deal here.

2. Italian cities to travel in Vespa

That said, certain Italian cities prove to bring added adventurous experiences when explored through scooter rides. Thus, the Italian cities fit for the Vespa trip are, 

  • Tuscany
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Sicily 
  • Florence
  • Rome

3. How to rent a scooter in Italy 

Now that we have looked into the best cities for Vespa scooter ride in Italy. The Itching problem is to know how to rent a scooter in Italy. And, it is simple, you need to be above 18 years of age.

And, if you have money and proof of your eligibility as a driver, then you can rent a scooter in Italy in a minute’s time. So, carry your credit card, driver’s license, identity card, and passport to successfully rent a scooter in Italy. 

Credit card 

A credit card is mandatory to make the initial caution payment. The security deposit amounts from 200 to 500 euros normally. There will be no refund in case of any discrepancy. If you were unable to take the scooter ride as planned due to an unavoidable occurrence, you could use it to book a new appointment in the future. No refund is entertained under any circumstance. 

Driver’s license

You must know a driver’s license is required in the event of driving vehicles. To rent a scooter in Italy, you must own a valid national driving license. If you are a non-European citizen, you must also have a valid international driver’s permit. 

Identity Card

Identity card is not demanded in all Vespa tour rental places. Still, some rentals ask for one. So, carry your national identity card. 


Though a passport is not a compulsory document needed to rent a scooter in Italy, it is safe to have it by your side at the time of renting a vehicle. So, take your passport with you when you rent a scooter. Don’t drop it in the hotel/hostel.

4. Where to rent a Vespa scooter in Italy

Well, now you know how to rent a scooter and the best cities to rent a scooter. Still, we have one unanswered question. That is, where to rent a scooter? 

It is not a rare occurrence to see a Vespa scooter neatly parked near the tourist destination. Without you hunting for them, they will slip their way into your attention. That said, you can pre-book the Vespa scooter online. They are a myriad of agencies offering Vespa scooter rental services in Italy. I have mentioned them at the end of this blog post.

5. What to do after you rent a scooter in Italy? 

You could book your Vespa scooter ride on the spot or pre-book online. In whichever case, you must make sure of its condition and efficiency. You need to check if you have got the riding gear. Also, check for prior damages in the vehicle. 

Get the riding gears

You will get a safety helmet when you rent a Vespa scooter. By default, it comes with the package. If the seller fails to give you one, ask for one. Even if you find the helmet damaged, you can ask for a new one.

Check for prior damages 

You need to check the scooter’s working condition and appearance before renting it. Importantly, look for damages like scratches, broken equipment, etc., and report them. Otherwise, the damages are considered yours. The charges on the same will be put in your name. 

6. How long can you rent a scooter in Italy? 

You can rent a scooter in Italy for at least 12 hours to most of a week. Mostly, tourists go for 24 hours rental plan. If you rent a scooter for a week, the price is a little lesser than the daily cost. 

7. Is fuel charge and parking charge added to the rental fare? 

No! The fuel and parking charge is not included in your security deposit or the rental fare. The money you pay is only to rent the scooter in Italy. So, the parking charge and fuel charge fall in your pocket. 

8. Vespa rental price in Italy

A worthy note. The information on how to rent a scooter, what to do after renting a scooter, where to rent a scooter applies to all the Vespa touring cities. It includes Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Florence, and Rome.


Price/Day - Regular

Price/Day - Electric




Amalfi Coast












Yet, there will be price variations between the Italian cities. In general, the Vespa scooter price varies between the regular scooters and the electric scooters. You can also note considerable price variations between the Vespa models 50 ccs, 125 ccs, and 150 ccs in some places. Mapped below is a general outlook of scooter rental charges in the cities of Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Florence, and Rome in Italy.

To sum up, we can round off the rental charges in the range from 10 euros to 55 euros for a regular scooter. A slight increase from that for an electric scooter. Even so, the electric scooter rent price never goes beyond 90 euros in Italy.

If you are loaded, you can opt for a Vespa trip in all the places. But if you want to save money in Italy, this price chart will help you narrow down your options. I can never forget my Vespa rides in Tuscany. Tuscany is the best place to do a Vespa tour if you ask me. 

9. Vespa rentals in Tuscany

A Vespa tour in Tuscany is a religious thing to do in Italy. Riding alongside the hilltop town with serene landscapes, abundant vineyards, vintage towns, and rough passages is just wonderful! So, the top Vespa rentals in Tuscany are

  • Toscana in tour
  • I Bike Tuscany
  • Tuscany Cycle
  • I Bike Italy 

10. Vespa rentals in Amalfi Coast

My favourite place for Vespa touring after Tuscany is the Amalfi coast. Who wouldn’t love the sun-kissed ride by the coastline with the impressive waterbody and mountains? The top Vespa rentals in Amalfi Coast are,

  • Positano rent scooter
  • Amalfi bike rental
  • E-ride rent scooter 
  • Freeway scooter

11. Vespa rentals in Sicily 

how to rent a scooter in italy

For an exhilarating experience, rent a scooter in the picturesque town of Italy, Sicily. Sicily is immense with astonishing natural wonders. Vespa touring is the best way to find the hidden gems of Sicily. The top Vespa rentals in Sicily are,

  • Bikes Booking 
  • Sicily in Vespa
  • Mondello Rent scooter & bike
  • Scooter for rent

12. Vespa rentals in Florence

Taking a Vespa tour in Florence is not my cup of coffee. I like walking through the streets of Florence, peacefully admiring its archaic magnificence at my pace. But I also can’t deny the fact that the Vespa tour in Florence is unique and recommended for travellers in Italy.

So, the top Vespa rentals in Florence are,

  • Florence station rental 
  • Florence by Bike
  • Alinari scooter rent
  • Walkabout Florence 

13. Vespa rentals in Rome

Have you heard the saying ‘When in Rome be a Roman’? What possibly beats your time in Rome like a Roman than the Italian Vespa? Yes, rent a scooter in Rome and travel the historical landmarks of Rome like a Roman.

The top Vespa rentals in Rome are,

  • Bici and Baci
  • Cooltra
  • Treno e scooter
  • Roma rent a scooter

14. An Italian thing to do in Italy 

Vespa is not just a mere vehicle of transport. It is a vintage facet of Italian culture and lifestyle. That said, your trip would be lacking if you had not gotten your hands on the Italian Vespa. Besides, the Vespa tour is a must-do adventure activity in Italy. So, while you are in the Italian cities of Tuscany, Florence, Rome, Sicily, and Amalfi Coast, rent a Vespa scooter and ride to your adventure!

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