15 Adventure Activities for Solo Female Travellers in Italy

Hello Swag buddies. What’s going on in your phenomenal mind regarding your travel to Italy?

Keep reading this article if you are ready to sign up for an adventure-packed solo trip to Italy dripping with risks, shrills, and thrills. May your travel define a unique statement of Italy and make you feel alive.

At the end of 15 adventures activities to do in Italy as a solo traveller, you will call this archaic place of art, architecture, tradition, custom, a hidden den of adventure!

So, ready to escape the routine for some adventurous feast?

1. Join a cruise in Italy

First on the solo traveller adventure list in Italy is the cruise. Take a cruise to get the sight of Italy from the deep sea. Do not hesitate to feel the queer silence of the sea amidst their ferocious waves. I agree. The cruise journey is in itself adventurous, but what made my cruise experience terrifyingly satisfying was my self-made threatening imagination. It happened on my cruise to the Amalfi coast. Amalfi coast is such amazing natural beauty. I was stunned seeing the plain sight of the sea—the unspecifiable blue colour and the vastness of the ocean gave chills.

Amalfi Coast cruise

So, it all happened in the middle of the ocean on the Amalfi Coast. Out of nowhere, I remembered all the survival movies, especially the ones with ships sinking and people becoming a meal for the marine habitats like piranha, anacondas, to name a few. I was simply frightened to death!

When the ship landed, I was over the moon. Suddenly, all those terrifying thoughts turned into happy emotions!

My second cruise experience was from Florence to Lucca. Particularly, this cruise journey was picturesque. The cruise covers

Florence to Lucca cruise

  • The city of Florence
  • Manorala in Cinque Terre 
  • Vernazza in Cinque Terre
  • Corniglia in Cinque Terre
  • The city of Lucca

2. Vespa Bike Tour

Vespa bike tour in the medieval town of Tuscany is a must-do adventure as a solo traveller in Italy. If you have read my blog post on 25 Tips for Your First Solo Trip to Italy, I have advised you to be careful of the Italian roads and sidewalks. Tuscany, a medieval town, is undoubtedly no exception to it.

So, travelling a hilltop in a two-wheeler is risky enough to delight you. What is more adventurous than pushing the horn frequently in the alleys of a foreign town? End your Vespa tour in Tuscany at Tuscany hills restaurant. It is an amazing place to taste the best Italian dishes.

3. Bathe in the Ischia Island

Thermal bathing is one of my favourite adventures in Italy as a solo traveller. You may call me crazy. But, trust me, it is magical! So, as I say thermal baths, you must understand that I am referring to the island of hot springs in Naples. None other than Ischia, the home of hot springs, massage, health, and spa. The health spas of Ischia have hydromassage, waterfalls, hot springs, and pools at varying temperatures.

If you have watched the “Nine Perfect Strangers” series, you know how therapeutic the spas are. Just kidding! The island of Ischia has several health spas to choose from. To name a few popular ones among the travellers,

  • Poseidon
  • Negombo
  • Castiglione
  • Cavascura

4. Mountain biking in Trentino

Mountain biking on the so-called “pale mountains” of Trentino is a solo traveller adventure. If you need further information, Trentino is a UNESCO heritage spot. It is widely known for its special mountain called the Dolomites.

You may be asking, what are the Dolomites?

The Dolomites are mountains that appear in pale colours ranging from pale grey, brown to white. Sometimes a mix of all. The area around the mountain looks like the mountain has spilled its colours.

Even more fascinating is their dawn appearance. Yes, the Dolomites look downright gorgeous when sun-kissed. Mountain biking is fun and exciting here. Nevertheless, some routes are not fit for an unskilled person. So, choose the passage of your comfort. During the festival of Suoni delle Dolomiti, the mountain echoes music since operas and music festivals happen in the mountains. A mellifluous adventure!

5. Hunt and cook your meal

A common thrilling adventure preferred by solo travellers is trekking. Imagine going into the deep woods, uninhabited terrain guarded by the mountains, to hunt and prepare a meal out of it!

adventure in italy

To experience this extraordinary trekking experience, you have to land in the city of Parma. Parma is a city in the Northern part of Italy, just like Bologna. The hunting takes place on the side of the forest overlooking the Apennines mountains.

For your information, you don’t have to be a non-vegetarian to sign up for this activity because you are going to hunt the abundant porcini mushrooms and black truffles in the forest. Here comes the special part. After hunting, a local chef will teach you to cook and flavour it with Italian seasonings.

6. Treasure hunt in Tuscany

Treasure hunt elevates the soul of old to gold. No wonder it is on our solo traveller adventure list. How do you like treasure hunting in the vineyards?

Yes, your guess is right—tour and treasure in one place. As said, you can find treasure hunts more likely in the wine garden areas like Tuscany.

Vineyard Hunting

But, I went treasure hunt in the city of Capodacqua. I wonder if you are familiar with this city. Capodacqua, placed in the central part of Italy, called Umbria, is a very beautiful location. Your adventurous treasure hunt, aka vineyard tour, includes

  • Wine tasting – You will be taken to wine cellars. You will learn to drink wine like locals by adding bruschetta, cheese, and tozzetti.
  • Olive tasting- Olive is one of the prime ingredients of Italian cuisine. 
  • Grape tasting- Grape tasting, one of the religious things to do in a vineyard, comes with the tour without any say.
  • A prize at the end of the tour- Only if you reach the end with the flag of success.

7. Canyoning at Cocciglia 

Now, brace yourself for a fun-filled canyoning adventure in the city of Lucca. This package is a pure delight. Enter the crystal-clear pool of water. You will be in the company of fellow travellers like you and limestone gibber stone. You can have all the splashing water fun from jumping, mountain climbing, sliding, swimming, and whatnot. The stage is all yours. If you have a fear of heights or water, this would be the best adventure. Do not lose out on the fun to fear. Remember that your safety is ensured and equipped.

8. Snorkelling in Sicily

Snorkelling is another water adventure suggested for solo travellers in Italy. Sicily is the home of snorkelling. No questions as to where to do snorkelling in Sicily. You can do it wherever you see a waterbody because Sicily has so many islands. If you get bored in one place, you can turn to the next.

I loved the whole package, from the boat ride from Taormina passing by Mount Etna then reaching the Isola Bella Island. Jump off the boat to find the secrets of the hidden marine world. Scare the tiny fishes away, chase starfish, touch the coral reefs. Have fun!

9. Skiing in Brenta Dolomite 

Italy becomes the land of ice and coldness during December. Pack your things to Italy during December to enjoy the ice adventures made for solo travellers. Adventures apart, I love the scene of these mountains and terrains dipped in spotless white. So, Dolomites is my first choice to ski. Yeah! The place where we discussed mountain biking.

However, the majority of the visitors stop at the Eastern part of Dolomite. If you want ice adventure, then head towards Brenta Dolomite to Madonna di Campiglio. Madonna di Campiglio welcomes the travellers with,

  • Skiing
  • Night skiing
  • Ski mountaineering
  • Ice-skating
  • Ice climbing 
  • Dog sledging

10. Cable car ride at Courmayeur

Imagine riding at an altitude of 3466 meters from the ground. How cool is it? Following up ice adventure is sky adventure in the highest point of Italy. A cable car ride from Monte Bianco (Courmayeur) to Mont Blanc is one of my unforgettable and sensational memories of Italy. The ride starts at the valley station in Mount Bianco. The endpoint is the ferociously looking Mont Blanc. 

Touch the peak and kiss the sky at Courmayeur cable car ride!

11. Paragliding at Mount Seceda

Here is your opportunity to fly like a bird. Mount Seceda comfortably seated at the foot of

Dolomite natural reserve is the next stunning adventure spot for a solo traveller to paraglide.

Do not worry! If you are scared to go alone, you can opt for tandem paragliding. Paragliding at Mount Seceda is unique, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

12. Street art tour in the streets of Rome

adventure in italy

Visiting Graffiti furnished streets may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you are aware, Graffiti art is banned in Italy. And is highly punishable by law. But you can witness them in the southern part of Italy, more visibly in Rome. I find them adventurous because they remind me of the gangsters. Isn’t Graffiti the loathsome creative expression of the gangsters? Don’t these street arts mark the territory of a gangster?

Don’t blame me. Blame the media for pushing this into me. And, I possibly failed to see a gangster or fight on the streets of Rome. I wish I dressed like grunge while strolling their streets.

13. Hiking trails at Mount Etna

The top adventure in Italy for a solo traveller is hiking Mount Etna. The very name beckons adventure, and I just love this place! It could be my fascination with volcanoes and lavas. Recently, Mount Etna exploded with fireballs. But the hiking trails continue without interruption because the volcanologists monitor Mt. Etna 24×7. So, no threat to your life and tour. If someone dies, it could only be because of hours and hours of walking and dehydration. My hiking tour of Mount Etna was adrenaline-boosting, heart-pumping, and jaw-dropping!

  • The mountain sits at 3350 m from the land. However, you are not permitted to go beyond 2900 m.
  • It takes half a day to finish the tour.
  • Gear up with mountain shoes, comfy clothes, and water.
  • You can take a break in a hotel situated at the height of around 1170 m.
  • It is safe to stick with the group.

14. Visit the catacombs of Rome

I have visited the catacomb in Naples. They were drop-dead dark but kind of calm. I felt like walking in a museum with poor lighting. But, the catacombs in Rome are horrendous. I paid a visit to the catacombs of Rome after knowing that they are the oldest catacombs of Italy. The walk into the catacomb of Rome was more than I could handle for a solo traveller adventure.

The pathway was rustic, old, damaged. There were endless tunnels to confuse the travellers. Once you reach the heart of the catacomb, you will be shaken to death seeing the millions and millions of skeleton skulls standing before you, staring through your eyes. Horrific. If you like it, then for your information, there are five other popular catacombs open for visitors. They are

  • The catacombs of San Sebastian
  • The catacombs of Saint Agnese
  • The catacombs of Domitilla
  • The catacombs of Priscilla
  • The catacombs of Saint Callixtus

15. Dine at Polignano a Mare 

Polignano a Mare, also known as the cave of nun, is the last adventure activity on the list, but definitely not the least. This one is unique in its setting. Yes, it is a cave but also a restaurant. The cave is rightly positioned in the meeting point of land and water. Also, the cave entrance opens to the vast sky above and the vast water body below.

How cool is candlelight dinner at the Grotta Palazzese? Things to know before you visit Grotta Palazzese.

  • No on-spot reservation is available. Book seats beforehand.
  • Strictly adhere to dress code.
  • Only serves Apulian Cuisine.
  • The dinner time is only 2 hours.

Final thought, if you are travelling on a budget, do not even think about this restaurant. Sorry.

So, what is your first choice of adventure activity in Italy?

Are they the land adventures such as treasure hunt, Vespa tour, mountain biking, hiking at Mt. Etna, catacomb visit, street art tour, hunting or water adventures like snorkelling, thermal spa, and cruise?

If not land and water, is it sky adventures like cable cars, paragliding, or skiing?

The choice is yours. Make up your mind. Decide the best-suited adventure from the list to escape your daily travel routine.


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