My Ultimate Solo Travel Guide to Naples in Italy

Looking for an ultimate guide for your solo travel to Naples in Italy? Worry not. I am here to end all your doubts regarding your solo travel to Naples, Italy. Happy?  

If Italy is the glaring minaret touching the skyline, then Naples is one of that majestic pillars holding the minaret.  

Naples is one of the hottest attractions of Italy. Yes, it really is hot! How can anyone forget Naples? Naples—their super-duper volcanos and fireball showerings!

Aww! I told you they really are hot. Jokes apart! Naples is a wonderful city, and to me, it is a place of wonder and a spot of longing, and of course, pizza.  

You know it is such beauty which is also a blend of a tiny bit of history, more artistic with some flavours and a little bit chaotic.  

I know I am a little dramatic with too much foreshadowing. So, let’s quickly look at my guide to Naples as a solo female traveller in Italy. The success of your solo travel in Naples relies on the plan. What is a plan? I define a plan as a thorough investigation that leads to knowing beforehand the pitfalls and fringe benefits you will have to face in your travel to Naples. 

Here we are to make a plan for your solo travel to Naples based on my experience. On perfect planning, your solo travel to Naples can be made safe, complete, and effective. Also, you won’t miss out on significant sightseeing locations, foods, games, and other activities. 

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1. Solo Travel to Naples, Italy 

To begin with, before you start your solo travel to Naples, plan the dates and prepare a rough budget. Then, get yourself familiar with the ways and customs of Italy, like some tips to follow as a solo traveller in Italy. 

As I speak of tips, I was more concerned about safety in Italy. So, yeah! Do a thorough background check. The final step is to prepare yourself for the awaiting fun. 

As we know, Naples is the official founder of pizza, and it has a brilliant volcano bombing the natives with fire and the historic Roman forum destroyed by the volcano. So, I was more excited to see these places on my solo travel to Naples. We all have something that is special and above the line. Yes! So, prepare yourself.

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2. What is the best time to visit Naples?  

I started my solo Italy trip during the last week of September and visited Naples in the first week of October. The weather was pretty fine through October. It was not too sunny and too rainy. I think October will be perfect. 

But generally, Naples is packed with travellers during the hottest months: June, July, and August. It is summer in Naples at these times. Winter starts from November and extends till March with heavy rainfall. 

The choice depends on your preference. If you hate summer and at the same time want to escape the heavy rainfall, the best time to visit Naples would be between August to October. 

If you want to share your trip with plenty of travellers, visit Naples during the summer. Again, I am warning you summers are crowded in Naples! So, tickets to public tourist places such as museums, ports, and castles may not be accessible. In that case, prebook your slot online. 

3. Is winter the best time to visit Naples? 

As you know, I didn’t visit Naples during winter, but I can say that it would be the best time to visit Naples if you are planning to settle for your budget.  

Not many people visit Naples during winter. So, the crowd is very less, and it is reflected through the price. You can find hotels at a lower price. Taxi cost will also be accurate because other times they lift the price. 

Winter is the month of Christmas. So, the narrow alleys of Naples will be lined with nativity pieces, candles, lights, and decorations. Wow, right? So many reasons to visit Naples in winter. 

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4. Holidays in Tourist destinations, Naples  

Here comes the alarming preparation for your solo travel to Naples. Naples tourist centres are closed for visitors from December 25th to 1 st January. 

Besides, it will be closed on festivals days like Easter. And, sometimes, the consecutive holy week before Easter will as well be closed. In general, museums are closed on Tuesdays, and some shops close midday for rest. So, consider this on your solo travel to Naples, Italy. 

5. Festivals in Naples 

Coming up is another criteria in choosing the best time of the month to visit Naples regardless of weather conditions. Some people travel to see the beauties of Naples and some others travel to take part in their festivities and culture. 

If you are the latter one, given below is the list of festivals observed in Naples. 





La Befana 

Secret candies kept in stocking for children 



Carnevale pastries and little kids in costumes 

Mar. to Apr.

Festival MANN 

Exhibitions in the National Archaeological Museum 


Maggio dei monumenti 

Open access to historic buildings of Naples which were not open to the public earlier 


Pizza Festival 

Pizza contests and prizes 


Festa della Madonna de carmine 

Buring of Madonna de carmine church tower  



Beach parties and fireworks 


Festival Ethnos 

Celebration of the diverse cultures 


Napoli Film Festival 

Exhibition of unique films in theatre 


Church of Gesu' Nuovo Nativity displays 

Alleys filled with nativity pieces and other decorations 

6. Food Places in Naples 

Your solo travel to Naples is incomplete without tasting pizza in Naples. Did you know that pizza originated in Naples? It is the home of pizza, especially famous for marinara and Margherita pizza.

My favourites are pizza montanara which is over burnt, and pizzas sprinkled with red tomatoes. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele is an age-old restaurant in Naples. They serve perfectly cooked pizza made from original traditional recipes. Do reserve a spot to enjoy pizza in its religious place!

To be honest, all the food places serving pizzas will be good in Naples. Honourable mention to Sorbillo and Starita restaurants. 

7. Must visit place in Naples 

According to my experience, the Catacombs of San Gennaro is a must-visit place in Italy. 

Before that, let me tell you who San Gennaro is. San Gennaro is a saint who is the patron of Naples. The catacombs are tombs of the saints of Naples, from which the famous ones are the saint Gennaro, saint Severo, and saint Gaudioso.  

What’s special about the Catacombs?

As their name suggests, these are underground galleries of tombstones. To put it in an unpolished way, this is a graveyard in the tunnel with dim lightings, wall paintings, and engravings. 

I doubt there are many catacombs for you to have a creepy experience. Hence, visit this catacomb of saints while you are in Naples. 

Day Trips in Naples    

Now, I am glad to tell you that there are so many tourist spots in Naples. Apart from this, all the locations are situated close, making our trip complete in a day. 

On this list, I like to share my most memorable day trip from Naples. I travelled to nearby islands called Capri, Ischia, Nisida, and Procida. 

Procida is less known among travellers. Neither it has any attractive hotspots, but you can witness the traditional customs and culture there. Marina Piccola, Cliff Faraglioni, and Blue Grotto sea cave are tourist attractions in Ischia. Capri is best for trekking adventure

I love Nisida Island. It looks cute in a crescent shape. You have to take a ferry to the other island, but there is a bridge connecting Nisida and the mainland. So, the walking journey is fun. 

The Port of Naples 

The port of Naples is the breezy spot in Naples and the place everyone must attend to if you plan to take Ferries and cruise. I hope you visit them in the evening after your busy day. Go, sit by the shore and relax, listening to the glaring honks from the ferries. 

Mount Vesuvius 

Alert! Mount Vesuvius is one of the reasons you must visit Naples. Yep! It is the hottest destination we discussed in the beginning. Okay. I can’t stop getting excited even now. My gosh! It is one of the jaw-dropping experiences I have ever had. You know, coming from a place where volcanos and lavas are far from reality, I enjoyed my trip to Mount Vesuvius

Moust Vesuvius is open for tourist. You can take a walk there. Yes, you got it right. As you are walking, the hot lava brews up calmly below you. 

It was a strange feeling, guys. What appears to your eyes are daily things like rocks, mountains, and plants but trust me, you will get chills because what feels inside you is terrific!

Like Marcello tells in Hamlet, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” you can feel the uneasy omniscient air in Mount Vesuvius.  

How can anyone not get the chills? This hot man destroyed the magnificent Pompei and Herculaneum. Damn!

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Historic Destination in Naples 

Pompei and Herculaneum

solo travel Naples

So, first on the list is Pompei and Herculaneum. Pompei and Herculaneum are roman towns destroyed by the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius. It definitely is a historical place as it preserves the early civilization and portrays the ruins of the volcano. Read this to know more about the stages of the eruption, how people escaped, what came after that. It is simply interesting. 

Duomo di Napoli 

Duomo di Napoli is nothing but the royal Cathedral in Naples. Baroque music is playing in my mind when I say this because the cathedral is designed in Baroque style. 

Here are five things to check out in Duomo di Napoli, 

  • The painting of the 46 saints in the hallway 
  • The sixteen piers located in the nave of the cathedral
  • Fabrizio Santafede’s eye-catching ceiling painting 
  • Side Chapels attached to the cathedral. 
  • Excavated mosaic floor under the chapel. 

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples 

Even you dislike history, art, and architecture, make it a point to visit The National Archaeological Museum. This famous museum is the living memory of the Renaissance period and has collections of ruins from Pompei and the Herculaneum. To those who love history, this place is a never-ending gem. The red brick painted building surely reminds us that this place is a serious place of learning. 

I took a metro to reach the museum. There are two metro route lines available to the museum. The first line stopping is Museo Stop, and the second line stops in Piazza Cavour. Take a metro and visit the museum before 7:30 p.m. The museum will be open from 9.00 a.m and closes by 7:30 p.m. Tickets are provided till 6:30 p.m only. And, the museum is closed on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. 

Regarding the gallery visit, it is either open in the morning or in the afternoon. I am not sure the reason behind it. The tickets for children below age 18 are completely free. For 18+ people, the ticket is around 18 euros. If you visit in the month of July, there will be exhibits and celebrations. 

The Royal Palace, Naples 

The Royal Palace tops the historical destination of Naples. This along with The Royal Palace of Caserta are located in Campani, Naples. These castles are marvellous beauties which we often see in films. The Royal garden adds beauty to the royal palace. 

You know what, The Royal Palace of Caserta outnumbers the Buckingham palace in the number of rooms. 

So, the Royal Palace will be open from 9:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m with a Wednesday holiday, and The Royal Palace of Caserta will be open from 8:30 a.m to 7:30 p.m. 

Castles in Naples 

solo travel Naples

Naples is home to seven archaic castles which are open for visitors. They are enticing historical destinations in Naples. 

  • Castel dell’Ovo 
  • Castel Nuovo (also known as Maschio Angioino) 
  • Castel Capuano 
  • Castel Sant’Elmo 
  • Forte di Vigliena 
  • Castello del Carmine 
  • Castello di Nisida 

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8. Naples Airport 

You plant your first step on Naples in Naples International Airport. Naples International Airport is also referred to as a Capodichino Airport by the locals. The airport is in the heart of the city, so you won’t have trouble shifting to your hotel. 

I took an Alibus to my hotel. Alibus stop is just one minute walk from the terminus, but when you come out, there would be a taxi’s clubbed to receive you. You can even take a bus which is at a distance of 3-4 minutes walk from the airport. 

Airlines such as Ryanair, Alitalia, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, EasyJet, and United Airlines provide service to Naples International Airport. And, the airport has facilities of ATM, currency exchange, hotel booking, VIP lounge, food stalls, luggage security, and capsule hotel Benbo. 

I hope this is of great help to you. Note that the airport is in the centre of Naples, more like connecting all locations. So, it will be convenient for you to navigate elsewhere. 

Click here to book your ticket to Naples. 

solo travel Naples

Don’t you think Naples is a jack of all trades? It has castles, museums, chapels, islands, a seaport, a catacomb and, yeah, the hot volcano! Sure, it is a wonder! At this point, it is your responsibility to plan your solo travel to Naples, considering all their wonderful locations. Have a great time!


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