How to Travel Solo to Naples on a Budget

Southern Italy’s unpolished city – Naples, may appear expensive to a solo budget traveller. But here is the truth: it isn’t. Naples in Italy is the cheapest to visit compared to other European cities. So, it is entirely possible to travel solo to Naples on a budget. All you need is a realistic approach and proper planning to get the most out of the city at a low cost.

And, as a self-proclaimed proponent of low-cost travel, I am here to help. Here is some travel advice to Naples in Italy to help you stay within your budget.

1. Avoid peak seasons if you’re on a shoestring budget.

Whether in Naples or elsewhere, it is always wise to skip the peak season when travelling on a budget. Wondering why? Because travelling in the off-season or low-season, i.e., has way too many perks. 

You get cheap accommodation as the hotels, hostels, and Airbnb lower their per-night charges. If lucky, you might even end up getting great deals. Besides, we all know how chaotic Naples tends to get. So, travelling in the shoulder season saves you from the jam-packed touristy crowd of the peak season, i.e., the summer season (June, July, and August). 

And, after reading this, you’re wondering, when is the best time to visit Naples? Although I travelled to the city in October, the time between November to March is best for exploring Naples. Less crowded, less expensive, and full of festive spirit.

And guess what? You can avoid facing the city’s scorching heat during this time (After all, Naples is hot!). 

2. Time your trip with one of the free festivals.

Continuing from the previous point, it will be a plus if you can time your trip to coincide with one of the Neapolitan festivals. A Naples culture trip will showcase the traditional side of the city. After all, the spirit of the festivities has its allure. Be it Napoli Film Festival, Christmas, or carnivals, participating in these festivals free of cost adds a different dimension to your solo trip in Naples.

3. Stay at hostels 

Where to stay in Naples on a budget must bug your mind constantly. The answer to silence that bug is by staying at hostels. Hostels in Naples are ideal for solo travellers. They are not only reasonably priced but also conveniently located.

Many hostels are centrally located closer to prime attractions, eateries, and modes of public transport. Therefore, there’s no way your safety is jeopardised while looking for a budget stay in Naples. 

Furthermore, staying at the hostel gives you access to several free activities and a diverse social zone. That is one of the main reasons I always prefer to stay at a hostel. You can have free city tours of Naples in the Italian way. And complimentary breakfast is almost available in all the hostels—even hostels such as Tric Trac host free pasta and pizza nights (free dinner is always a winner, isn’t it?). On average, a hostel stay per night will cost you €10 – €25. That said, you can stay at Naples Experience Hostel at an exceptionally low rate of €7 (highly recommended).

4. What to eat and drink on a budget in Naples

Now that you know where you can stay within your budget let’s talk about food. As a foodie, I enjoy sampling local delicacies wherever I go. And oh boy, I must say Naples did not disappoint. Especially the Naples street food. They are cheap and full of flavours. So, to experience true Italian flavour on a budget, skip the fancy restaurants and go for street food.

Many inexpensive restaurants serve Neapolitan fresh mozzarella, frittata di pasta, cuoppo (fried vegetables and seafood), sfogliatelle (Italian pastry), sandwiches, and of course, Neapolitan PIZZA! Is there anything better than eating pizza in its birthplace? I guess not. Furthermore, in Naples, you can buy a slice of pizza (€1-2) instead of a whole pizza.

You can get beer and really good wine at €5. Also, if you’re a coffee person, you cannot miss out on the city’s coffee culture. I have had shots of espresso at only €1. How cheap is that? 

5. Carry your water bottle

I know it sounds simple, but this tip will help you save a lot of money on drinking water. You do not need to buy water at all. Refill your bottle throughout the day from free water sources. For example, the water in the thousand-year-old fountains in the old city is pure and safe to drink. You can even re-fill with tap water.

6. Get weekly passes to roam smoothly around Naples.

Naples is well-connected by various means of public transport – metro, buses, trams, and funicular railways. Especially the metro system – it is a lifesaver for budget-conscious travellers. 

Tickets are available at any ticket machine. If you intend to travel by metro frequently, I recommend purchasing weekly passes based on your stay in the city; they are more cost-effective.

7. Opt for a discount card and spend every penny smartly.

When you’re on a budget, every penny counts. So it is best to look for discount cards and use them wherever possible. For example, a tourist pass like the Campania Artecard is ideal for visitors staying in Naples for a few days.

A three-day pass costs €21. It includes visits to three famous Naples attractions: the San Gennaro Catacombs, the art gallery Capodimonte, and the Naples Archaeological Museum. It also provides a 50% discount on entry fees to other attractions.

If a visit to Pompeii and Herculaneum is on your list of things to do in Naples, I recommend you get the Campania free pass. It is only €11 extra but covers a lot more. You can even get to Amalfi Coast at a cheaper cost.

8. Take the free walking tours in Naples.

Naples is best discovered on foot. Guess what else? It’s free (sorry about the PJ)! Its narrow alleys and crowded street urge you to walk and witness the city. There are free walking tours conducted in the city. Book a slot and get going. 

You can even walk alone to get a feel of authentic Naples. Go for an early evening walk to meet locals and experience the city first-hand!

9. Free/budget-friendly things to do in Naples

You can do tons of things in Naples on a budget; take a look at them to plan your day.

  • Spend some time on the beach at Naples’ Longmire. Soak in the sun, sip your drink, and unwind.
  • Get in touch with nature by visiting the Botanical Garden for free. It’s a paradise, with 30 acres of diverse flora and fauna.
  • Visit the churches that showcase the culture and jaw-dropping baroque architecture of bygone eras.
  • Attend a free concert in the city’s largest piazza, Piazza del Plebiscito.
  • Look for and frame Naples’ street art. It will undoubtedly liven up your Instagram feed!
  • Undoubtedly, the best on-budget thing to do in Naples is to take day trips from Naples. They are by far my favourite. My day trip to the islands – Capri, Procida, Ischia, and Nisida, remains the highlight of my time in Naples. Take the slow boats to the islands and explore them on foot.

Pro-Tip: If you’re a student or under 25, bring your ID and student card when exploring Naples. Everything automatically becomes less expensive, and you will receive discounts and free access to many activities.

So are you ready to visit Naples on a budget?

naples on budget

Now with all the above information, I hope you know how to budget your trip to Naples. 

In short, considering everything from budget-friendly stays to food and getting around the city, the average daily cost for travellers in Naples is €35 to €60.  

Here is a breakdown of daily costs in Naples to help you budget your trip better:

With that, we have come to the end of this blog. If you have any other budget-friendly tips for Naples, share them in the comments section. Until next time, happy travels!


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