Top 20 Hostels/Dorms for Solo Female Travellers in Italy

You may wonder how are hostels for solo female travellers in Italy? Huh! You will find hostels in every nook and corner of Italy. However, the itching problem springs in the name of safety and budget.

Talking about safety, Italy is safe for solo female travellers, and here are more details on solo female travellers safety in Italy. Even after taking a peek at the safety conditions in Italy, you still might be searching hostels for solo female travellers in Italy with top ratings.

After safety, it’s time to direct our eyes on budget. I know the difficulty solo female travellers generally face in stretching their budget. It really is an exhausting job, and accommodation catches up the limelight in our endless struggle towards stretching the budget.

So, all you are looking for is a two in one opportunity, a safe and budget-friendly hostel for solo female travellers in Italy

Hostels for solo female travellers in Italy

Why look for hostels for solo travellers in Italy? Why not hotels and resorts? There are quite a few reasons why the best choice is hostels for solo female travellers in Italy.

To begin with, hostels nowadays are not like older times. They are well decked with interior decorations, coffee makers, wifi, washing machine, private rooms, and many more like this. The comfort you get from staying in a hostel is the same as the luxury of hotels and resorts.

Further, hostels come at an affordable price while hotels and resorts expand your budget. Also, hotels and resorts do not offer free food. Food expense is an additional value for you, but most hostels offer free food. At least one meal is free.

How to choose hostels for solo female travellers in Italy

First, ask your little gadget friend. Look for all hostels available nearby and note them down. Now, glimpse through their website. By the end of this process, you will already have an idea of the best option. You can even try sorting the hostel based on budget and then go through their safety.

Reviews of all sorts like travel websites, friends who have already visited, or family residing there are appreciated. 

Hostels or Resorts or Hotels?

When we are breaking our heads over budget, it is not nice to talk about hotels and resorts only because they are too pricey.

Let me tell you why hostels are the best option for solo female travellers in Italy. 

  • Hostels are cheap compared to hotels and resorts.
  • Nowadays, private hostels are equally furnished, like hotels and resorts.
  • You can have private rooms, a bathroom, and wifi.
  • Some hostels provide free meals as well.

1. The Hostello Hostel, Verona

Ratings 9.2

Facilities: free wifi, non-smoking rooms, 24-hour front desk, heater, garden, air conditioning

I definitely recommend this for its beautiful garden and clean atmosphere. The 24- hr front desk, private bathroom, and shared kitchen are my favourites of the Hostello hostel. The garden view gave me a peaceful mind, and the 24- hr front desk ensured my daily tour target.

The Hostello hostel is 9 km away from Verona Airport and closer to Parma International Airport and Treviso Airport. It is another likeable feature to stay in this hostel.

2. The Romehello Hostel, Rome

Ratings 9.4

Facilities: free wifi, airport shuttle, non-smoking rooms, 24-hour front desk, restaurant, laundry, ironing, hairdryer

Languages spoken: English, Arabic, French, Russian, Filipino, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Okay, the snacks vending machine and the soundproof rooms are the key highlights of the Romehello hostel.

Additionally, the hostel has cooking classes and walking tours, but these come at a separate cost. However, you will enjoy it without any doubt. The only thing I troubled with this hostel was their laundry service. They charge extra for laundry and ironing services.

I also like their security initiatives. That includes their smoke alarms, security alarm, key card access, and 24-hour security. How did I forget this? Oops! Romhello hostel is just a 2-minute walk from Vatican city.

3. Plus Florence Hostel, Florence

Ratings 9.0

Facilities: free wifi, swimming pool, family rooms, non-smoking rooms, fitness centre, laundry, restaurant

Languages spoken: German, Catalan, English, Spanish, French, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian

Located close to Pisa International Airport and tourist destinations such as Ponte Vecchio and Uffizi Gallery is the speciality of Plus Florence hostel.

The swimming pool, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, fitness centre, spa, and sauna are unmissable in the Plus Florence hostel.

The rooms are wide and smooth. The atmosphere is good. They serve English food in the breakfast, and at night it is usually Italian cuisine. Yep! Their food is good with no issues.

4. Ostello Bello Grande, Milan

Ratings 9.3

Hands down to Ostello Bello Grande for its location at the centre of all the tourist spots. Not only that, the hostel is connected to other areas with its subway lines. Transporting to places is easy on your stay in Ostello Bello Grande.

Umm. I love the free weekend brunch with all the inmates at the hostel. They also offer free welcome drinks and beverages. God is witness to the counts of coffee I had there!

Their welcome drink consists of a pint of beer, a glass of wine, coffee, cappuccino, juices, and soft drinks. Admirable welcome, right?

5. Madama Hostel and Bistrot, Milan

Ratings 9.2

Madama Hostel and Bistrot is an assured fun hostel for solo female travellers in Italy. Let me rephrase the word fun for you. Madama Hostel and Bistrot come with fun live performances, karaoke, a bar, and a lending library. Yes! You heard it right. The hostel features a library which makes it a spot of attraction for people like me.

And, an extra attraction comes from its location because the Lodi TIBB subway station is just a minute’s walk from the hostel, making your migration quick and stressless.

6. Combo Milano, Milan 

Ratings 9.2

Facilities: 24-hour reception, housekeeping, express check-in/out, bar, laundry, luggage storage, cafe, restaurant

Combo Milano is a splendid hostel located in a good neighbourhood. The environment is neat and peaceful. What I loved in this hostel was that they had international staff to welcome and guide you. The food in their restaurant and cafe is also good without any complaints.

7. Combo Hostel, Venezia

Ratings 9.5

The Combo hostel is spread across Italy. You can find their service in all major hotspots. My experience with the Combo hostel was in Venezia, Venice.

The hostel, a historic building, fascinates you every time you walk in it. It is such a lovely place to chit-chat and be sociable.

The 24 hrs music, chatting, making friends, and peaceful mind defines the combo hostel. I hope this experience is the same with their hostels in all locations.

8. Anda Venice Hostel

Ratings 9.6

hostels in italy

As much I love combo hostels, I regret not having the cheerful experience from Anda Venice Hostel. Trust me, guys. One of the best hostels in Italy to triple your adventure is Anda Venice Hostel.

The hostel is entertaining for couch potatoes to busy bees. You have live sports events, karaoke, pub crawl, and parties essentially all day.

9. Generator Hostel

Ratings 9.0

Facilities: paid public parking, free high-speed internet, bicycle rental, 24-hour security, game room, bar/lounge, luggage storage

The Generator hostel will be a familiar name for people travelling in Europe. They are a pretty famous brand having branches around Europe.

You will get a cosy experience at a handy price here. The reason I chose this place was that it was so close to beaches. You can walk to beaches at any time you want.

10. We Bologna

Ratings 9.5

‘We Bologna’ hostel in Bologna is spacious and super comfortable with an amazing open atmosphere. I give them five stars for their staffs’ generosity. The staff put in their best effort to enhance our stay with them. Overall, the hostel springs a youthful look with vibrant paints, chairs, and interior design. I also noticed the company of locals there. So, it is a nice place to meet travellers, students, and locals.

11. Dopa Hostel, Bologna

Ratings 9.2

hostels in italy

Nearby destination


Bologna Cathedral

10-minute walk

Palazzo Poggi Museum

350 m

Bologna Centrale Station

15 minutes

Bologna Towers

801 m

Marconi Airport

20-minute drive

Everything is genuine and clean in Dopa Hostel other than the fact that they don’t have 24-hour front desk.

12. Hostels of the son, Naples

Ratings 9.3

Nearby destination


Molo Beverello port

4 min walk

Castel Nuovo

6 min walk

Piazza del Plebiscito

11 min walk


7 min drive

Hostels of the son of Naples features 24 hrs desk time and tour ticket assistance which is rarely done in accommodation facilities.

13. Tric Trac, Naples

Ratings 9.2

Nearby destination


Museo Diocesano Napoli

1.2 km

Piazza dei Martiri

1.4 km


1 km

O Sfizio Pizzetteria Seccia

5 min walk

Trattoria da Nennella

5 min walk

The enriching feature of Tric Trac hostel, Naples, is that we can cook our own meals in the kitchen.

14. The Bricks, Rome

Ratings 9.0

The Bricks Rome is perfectly located with a nearby shopping mall metro station, 30 minutes away from St. Peter’s Basilica, St Peter’s Square, and The Vatican. 

15. The Eco Hostel, Catania

Ratings 9.3

The Eco Hostel in Catania is compulsive of live entertainment, karaoke and leisure/ TV room, hiking, billiard tables, and table tennis.

16. The Yard Hostel

Ratings 9.6

The Yard Hostel located in the heart of Catania is close to the historical and cultural centres. You can reach them on foot, itself. However, they don’t offer private rooms. You find dorms with a minimum of four to eight sharing rooms in the yard hostel. Again, dorms are the best deal for solo female travellers in Italy.

17. B & B Demetra

Ratings 9.6

People end up in B & B Demetra because it is near Ostuni, one of the popular destinations in Italy. Carovigno is your friendly space if Ostuni doesn’t offer you one. B & B Demetra is featured with airport pickup assistance, free wifi, television, and food.

18. Archi Rossi, Florence

Ratings 9.4

The Archi Rossi hostel in Florence is nice and neat. The smell of their delicious, hot, and free breakfast is still playing in my sensory. However, they don’t have a common lounge to relax. The hostel is built with the reception area, dining, and staying rooms only. So, less chance to party and do fun activities. 

But, I tell you, their hot bathtubs and the ambience decorated with paintings will compromise for any discomforts on your stay there. Free breakfast and hot bathtubs! It is more than enough to please the exhausted soul returning from travel.

19. Bassetto Guesthouse, Certaldo

Ratings 9.1

Nearby destination


Cafe/Bar Miele

0.8 km

River Elsa

0.2 km

Florence Airport

31.9 km

Pisa International Airport

55.5 km

Bassetto Guesthouse will not be on your checklist unless you plan to tour the medieval town of Certaldo. The reason for my visit to Certaldo is Boccaccio. Yeah right! Giovanni Boccaccio-the man who wrote ” The Decameron.” Certaldo is where he was born. 

Bassetto Guesthouse is definitely a home away from home. Even in its appearance and garden, it gives a homely vibe. Only after staying there, I come to know the building was a 14th-century villa-turned monastery which is now modified into a hostel. Its notable history makes it an attractive place to visit.

20. Mio Hostel, Milan

Ratings 9.6

Mia Hostel in Milan is an amazing hostel with decent resources fitting your budget. It is a 10-minute walk from Lambrate Metro Station and 3- minute walk from the Milan Cathedral.

Most of the rooms are dormitories with shared bathrooms and bunker beds. Make sure to inform them of your preference if you are looking for a private room.

Take your pick…

We are in the end, and by now, you have a scanned mapwork of hostels for solo travellers in Italy. My intention from the beginning is to give information on cheaper and budget-friendly accommodation in Italy. If you are still networking for more details on their charges, I recommend you compare the prices between the websites like, Tripadvisor, and Tripsinsider.

To be honest, searching for hostels in Italy is like stepping into a beehive. I told you, in the beginning, you will encounter hostels in every nook and corner of Italy. So, the best thing you can do is search for more updates on the hostel you want on the websites given above. That will make your work breezy.


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