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I travelled solo when I was about 25 years old. And until then, I used to think twice to even go out to a nearby drugstore alone! Not kidding. I wouldn’t say solo travel has made me the strongest like the Captain Marvel yet. But it has certainly made me realise a lot of essential things in life. I’ve handpicked and given ten reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your lifetime below. Read on:

1. Gives you a feeling of independence

Feeling of independence is probably the best feeling for every living thing out there. I mean, nobody likes to be held captive, right? I know it is just a trip and that it wouldn’t last forever! However, travelling solo to a new place all on your own gives you a feeling of independence in solitude. Catching a flight, checking into the hotel, participating in local activities via Airbnb experience is an adventure by itself! The best part is that you can do everything without people influencing your choice.

I was regretting my decision to travel solo even after boarding the flight to Bali. Trust me or not, I later thanked myself for sticking to the plan amidst thousands of confusions! I did not travel alone to prove myself or anyone that I am an independent woman. It is like a ‘feel-good’ thing that creeps into your mind, naturally. And tell you what, it is the most liberating feeling ever!

2. Lets you engage more with the destination

Travelling alone can help you learn more about the destination. The culture, the people, the livelihood, the traditions – you name it! The impromptu conversations with local people like your taxi driver, tour guide would give you fascinating insights into the places from your travel itinerary.

I had an ultimate experience in Bali – thanks to my taxi driver! He became my best friend during the end of the trip. He took me around the non-touristy waterfalls, explained the history behind temples and gave me tips to bargain in local market areas, etc. Solo travel will let you explore the places in depth. You get two in one – an unforgettable experience during a vacation. And that’s a rare combination!

3. Encourages you to make decisions

There are no perfect decision-makers in the world! Some people don’t make decisions due to the fear of not making it right. They require someone’s intervention/guidance in almost everything. But unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way all the time! Solo travel transforms you into a decision-maker whether or not you like it. Your decision to travel solo is itself a massive move. And it all starts from there!

Honestly, I have always been afraid to make decisions in life. And I think I’ve gotten better at it now, thanks to my solo travel experiences! It made me believe that I can take my own decision and stand by it no matter what.

4. Helps you to overcome fears

This could be a general statement. Everyone is afraid of something or the other in the world. Travelling solo is not just about taking a trip alone, fearlessly. It has several obstacles too. A fear could be based of anything, from dining alone at a restaurant to starting a conversation with a local.

Overcoming your fears will not be a huge task on your solo trip. In fact, it will become a necessity! Solo travel has helped me to get rid of my fear of taking flights alone. It might not be a huge deal to people who know me! But trust me, the ‘after feel’ is the best feeling ever.

5. Provides you an opportunity to make friends

You may be an introvert or not really great at socialising with people back home. Worry not! Solo travel helps you to break your shyness over conversing with new people. Asking directions from strangers and ending up becoming friends with them is not uncommon on solo trips! However, it is also important to be aware of your surroundings and have the presence of mind to sense the genuine motive of people you meet during your trip.

My local tour guide in Egypt became my best friend. We exchanged information on the culture, traditions, people and a lot of other things with each other. Interestingly, she found me to be an extrovert when I’m the complete opposite (introvert) back home!

6. Builds confidence

Confidence is required in all aspects of life. Sometimes, lack of confidence could lead to self-destructible decisions. Today, social media plays an important role in uplifting someone’s confidence. The number of likes and followers on Instagram acts as a measuring scale for confidence level to many people. And that’s the dangerous revolution of social media! It can’t get any worse!

When you decide to travel alone, you automatically become a leader to yourself. Leading yourself is the best way to gain confidence. It helps you to keep your emotions in control, and motivates you to make use of the trip to the fullest.

7. Empowers you

This is probably the most underrated and also, overly used point on internet! When you travels solo, you can feel the ultimate power from within. It is as if you can take over the whole earth on your own. It almost feels like you are unstoppable and nobody can kill your vibe! “Who run the world? Girls!” Yes, I’m talking about the ‘Beyonce moment’! It empowers you with positive thoughts.

When I travelled solo for the first time, I supervised everything on my own. And it made a huge difference on my self-esteem. Travelling solo empowers you on a whole new level.

8. Lets you realise the value of self-love

Self-love did not make more sense to me until my first solo trip. Dressing up in your favourite attire and going on a day-tour, not minding about others is the first step to loving yourself a little more! This is exactly what you need in all the chaos that we call life. And that’s probably the best form of love!

Solo travel plays a vital role in preaching self-love to everyone, especially to women. I was not very confident about how I looked, spoke, walked, basically everything before my first solo trip. I wouldn’t say I’m perfect, but I sure do love myself even better now. It’s just the perspective that has changed!

9. Makes you to appreciate to have people back home

Now, this is something very close to my heart! I swear nobody would have told you about this before! Sometimes, you tend to forget to count your blessings in your busy life. Catching up for a quick coffee date with your friends, wishing a good day to your parents is not very common today. Appreciating people is more evident on only award shows like Oscars. Not being sarcastic! Travelling solo for the first time makes you realise the value of your family, friends, partner, pet – you name it, back home!

I cried my eyes out for being all alone on my own during my first solo trip to Bali. Trust me, it was the worst feeling ever! In a way, travelling solo occasionally helps people to realise the harsh reality of surviving life without loved ones.

10. Allows you to learn from mistakes

Mistakes are the best thing about solo trips. You tend to make a tonne of mistakes and learn A LOT from them. That is the beauty of it! Your every mistake on your solo trip matters, from wearing a seat belt wrong on your first flight to being scammed in the local markets! It helps you to become better at something you are not good at it.

I wandered through the entire market in Egypt (to buy unique souvenirs) asking locals for the direction to the market itself. I’m still not over the embarrassment yet! However, I learned to use my phone’s internet to find directions via Google Maps apart from flaunting my solo trip on Instagram!

I can’t wait to travel solo again after the pandemic! I wish to learn, unlearn, realise many things from my upcoming solo trips. And if you think you got better reasons, feel free to comment them below. Let us all be kind and share the blog post with people longing to travel solo for a long time now. Sharing is caring! 🙂


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