10 unusual and lesser-known travel destinations

There are about 195 different countries in the world and everyone only talks about the most overhyped countries for vacation. Following are some exquisite countries that are probably least known to the human race!


Picturesque views, ancient cities, beautiful oceans are all bound together into an island country known as Malta. It is located in the Mediterranean sea between Sicily and Libya. As a result of many prehistoric sites, “Game of Thrones” scenes were shot in the European destination mostly ignored by travellers. It is a one-stop destination to visit museums, temples and also take part in water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling. Here is the list of Malta’s famous places.

  • Valletta
  • Mdina
  • Marsaxlokk 
  • Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum
  • Upper Barrakka Gardens

April – June is the perfect time to visit the island nation with only fewer tourists.

Ivory Coast

The West African country is a true tropical paradise with stunning beaches and many curious locals with a warm smile. Ivory Coast’s economic capital Abidjan “Manhattan of Africa” is known for its modernised skyscrapers and strong French influence. In short, it provides a great opportunity to witness urban lifestyle and rainforest with nut cracking chimpanzees under one roof! How cool is that? Here are some of it’s must-visit places.

  • Parc National de Taï
  • Silacoro
  • La Cascade
  • Basilica

The best time to visit Ivory Coast is during the dry season, from December to April.

Falkland Islands

This popular cruise destination is definitely an adventurous holiday like no other. With bird life and many beautiful islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, Falklands is one of the last wilderness places on earth. In this case, small planes that take trips to islands for penguins and sea lions watching are worth every penny spent on the trip. Following are the places to not miss out.

  • Bleaker island
  • Saunders island
  • Pebble island
  • West Point island
  • Carcass island

The best time to plan a trip to Falklands is between October and April. It is important to be aware of excursion services and modes of transport beforehand.

Wallis and Futuna

These volcanic paradise islands await between New Caledonia and French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands are not on many travellers’ itinerary, so they can be perfect for people who love to have solitude in nature. Above all, it is very interesting to catch a glimpse of the Samoan culture and rich heritage of the land. Here are some cool places to visit in the islands of Wallis and Futuna.

  • The Talietumu and Tonga Toto sites
  • Mount Lulu Fakahega
  • Loka cave
  • Lalolalo crate lake
  • Alofi island

The best time to visit the least visited islands is from April until October.


Andorra has got some spectacular views with sparkling beauty of lakes, fresh air and pretty mountain villages spread across the lush green landscapes. It offers the best experience for skiers in the Pyrenees mountains. A place where travellers can get close to nature at its best with the help of luxury hotels for a stay! Likewise, it is a mini paradise with snow covering the unique stone Romanesque churches during winter. Following are the places to visit in European independent co-principality.

  • Soldeu ski resort
  • Casa de la Vall
  • Caldea spa
  • Church of Sant Joan de Caselles

Andorra is warm during April – October and cold between November – March. Winter is the time when most adrenaline junkies visit the small nation for snow activities.


It is a land of volcanoes, beautiful islands, ancient culture and people with traditional lifestyle – the best of everything! After the Cyclone Pam in March 2015, the island nation has become even more keen in tourism in order to rebuild their economy. Vanuatu is loaded with some interesting attractions like the accessible active volcano – Mt Yasur, traditionally unchanged villages in Tanna island, and the wreck of WW2 troop ship in Espiritu island. Here are it’s must-visit places.

  • Malekula island
  • Port Olry
  • Penticost island
  • Espiritu island
  • Ambrym island

The weather is generally good all year round, but the best time for travellers is from April to October.


Brunei is an ideal destination in Southeast Asia for people who are not big fans of tourist crowds. It is a lot safer and cleaner compared to its neighbours. With some beautiful mosques and traditional lifestyle, the country lives upto its visitors’ expectations on culture and heritage. Also, it has got some amazing fusion food comprising of Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian cuisines together! Here are some of its famous photogenic spots. For budget friendly travel destinations, click here.

  • Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah
  • Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosques
  • Kampong Ayer
  • Bornean rainforest

The best time to visit the country is when the temperature is not too hot between January and May.


The remote destination with only about 100,000 inhabitants in Central Pacific Ocean is the perfect getaway for the nature lovers. In addition to that, Kiribati has got a tonne of beaches with just a few people around. One must not miss out on bird watching, fishing, surfing and diving while on vacation! Following are some must-visit places.

  • Tarawa
  • Christmas island
  • Line islands
  • Outer islands
  • Phoenix island
  • Ambo lagoon club

Kiribati is at its best between May and November. It is always important to check the weather reports and latest updates before planning a trip to any destination.


The smallest island nation in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean with just about 30 kms of roads is most suitable for adventurous travellers. Nauru is so rare that it is only accessible via Nauru Airlines from Brisbane, Fiji and Kiribati once a week. Most of the locals speak English because of its close ties with New Zealand, Australia and UK. Some of its very few tourist attractions are

  • Anibare bay
  • Yaren
  • Phosphate mines tour

It is perfect to visit during the dry season, which begins in March and ends in October.


One of the most underrated tourist nations in Europe is known for its crystal clear lakes, “Heidi” look-alike landscapes, and beautiful mountains. It is as dreamy as the picture given above. In fact, better than that! Furthermore, it is a dream destination for all the skiing and hiking lovers out there. Following are some must-visit places in the nation.

  • Red House in Vaduz
  • Princes’ Way and Eschnerberg Trail for hiking
  • Malbun ski resort
  • Gutenberg Castle
  • Liechtenstein state art gallery and museum

If you plan a trip to Europe, do not forget to include this hidden gem along the borders of Switzerland and Austria. The best time to visit Liechtenstein is the intervals between April/June and September/October.

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