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The 15 Best Airbnb for Your Solo Trip in Goa

In my opinion, one just cannot have enough of Goa. I have visited Goa a bunch of times now. And whenever it’s time to leave, I wish I had a couple more days. People fail to realise that Goa has a lot more to offer than it seems.

From my experience, I have noticed that I end up spending more time on finding my stay. Throughout multiple visits to Goa, I have stayed in all types of places with varying prices.

I feel it is always best to choose mid-level accommodations. The cheapest options usually compromise on safety and cleanliness. In contrast, the options on the higher end are just huge luxurious options which I don’t find fit for solo female travellers. 

In this blog, I have listed some of the best Airbnb rentals which will ease your burden of finding a nice place to stay during your visit to Goa and save some of your hard-earned money.

1. Studio Apartment-Flat – hosted by Sanaa

Location – Candolim

Rating – 4.76 (42)

Price – ₹1103/night

This is where I stayed during my last Goa trip, and it is perfect for solo female travellers. It is a studio apartment, which means it contains everything in a single room with a separate bathroom. The host Sanaa is a verified super host and responds to any and every query immediately. I had no issues during my stay here. It is well connected to all the happening places in Candolim. So, travelling to any place from here is hassle-free.

Even though this place is just 2 minutes from the main road, there is no disturbance whatsoever due to the traffic. The place was clean, comfortable, and is worth the price. Basic amenities like a lift, Wi-Fi, iron, air conditioner, hairdryer, television, and a workspace are all accounted for.

You can check out this place here.

2. Studio Apartment-Flat – hosted by Harshal

Location – Taleigo

Rating – 4.78 (36)

Price – ₹1199/night

This studio apartment is located only 2.5 kilometres distance from the capital. It is well connected to every major beach, mall, and club in Panaji. It comes with a relatively larger kitchen, including cutlery and crockery. So, if you like to cook your food during travelling, this place will not disappoint you.

Unlike other rooms which provide a single bed, this place has a very comfortable king-sized bed. Basic amenities like mini-fridge, air conditioner, television, Wi-Fi, washing machine, parking, coffee table, and others are present here. It provides you with a lot more amenities than any other place at this price. There are also various discounts that the host gives for extended stays. All in all, this is a good place in the heart of the city which provides the best value for money.

You can check out this place here.

3. To beach or not to beach – hosted by Mark

Location – Calangute

Rating – 4.78 (27)

Price – ₹1450/night

It is located just a quarter of a kilometre distance from Calangute Beach. So, you can spend as much time as you want at the beach and not worry about getting back to your hotel in time. It hardly takes 2-3 minutes to reach this place from the beach. Travelling around the city is not a problem as it is well connected, and all the happening places are close to this place.

I must say that this place is a fancy one, and that is the reason for its relatively higher price. It is not just another room with a bed and basic amenities. Here, you get a room in a hut/cottage-style apartment with amazing views. I feel that it is perfect for solo female travellers. And needless to say, all the basic amenities are available here. Mark is a great host and knows the place in and out. If required, he can provide you with any information you need to know about the place.

You can check out this place here.

4. Brickwood – hosted by Poseidon

Location – Colva

Rating – 4.97 (36)

Price – ₹850/night

This studio apartment is just 3 minutes drive from Colva Beach. It houses only a room which has a bed, a mirror, and a bathroom. While all of this might not seem like a lot, it is more than worth the price. And I must say, the bathroom is a fancy one. The place is nice, and I feel that it is affordable and good for solo female travellers.

Keep in mind that this place does not offer Wi-Fi, along with a kitchen, air conditioner, and a washing machine. So, you may have to arrange for all of these on your own. Other than that, Poseidon is a great host and responds to calls and messages immediately. In my opinion, the place is worth it, and it is definitely the one you can consider if you wish to spend some days around Colva.

You can check out this place here.

5. Carnation – hosted by Zarir

Location – Candolim

Rating – 4.49 (88)

Price – ₹820/night

It is a spacious studio apartment that can comfortably accommodate a minimum of four people. And the best part about solo travel is that you need not share this place with anyone else. Even though the place is quite big, the price is on the cheaper side.

It is in the perfect location, and all the popular places are nearby. Candolim, Baga, and Calangute beaches are all close to this place and easy to go to. You get two beds here, so you can sleep on either of them. All the basic amenities like Wi-Fi, parking, kitchen, dishes, television, washing machine, air conditioner, and others are accounted for. Zarir is friendly and responds to all queries immediately.

You can check out this place here.

6. Calor Feliz – hosted by Sanaa

Location – Candolim

Rating – 4.73 (62)

Price – ₹1101/night

This is another place by host Sanaa, and it is nothing less than amazing. It is a simple and clean studio apartment that is well-connected and only 2 minutes away from the main road. And that is far enough from the noise of the traffic! Sanaa is a great host and is quick to resolve any issue you face during your stay here.

This place has all the basic amenities like Wi-Fi, kitchen, workspace, air conditioner, television and cutlery, and crockery if you wish to cook your food. I didn’t find any issues here, and the experience was great! I would highly recommend you check this place out if you wish to stay near Candolim.

You can check out this place here.

7. Xavier’s Guest House – hosted by John

Location – Anjuna

Rating – 4.88 (32)

Price – ₹1449/night

This place is just 2 minutes away from Anjuna Beach and the Anjuna Flea Market. So, shopping a lot and worrying about the weight of the bags would be the least of your worries here. Due to the location of this place, the price might be slightly higher. But the beauty of this place and the room makes up for it!

The host, John, has his own set of rules, but he is not strict by any means. All the basic amenities like Wi-Fi, cable television, parking, air conditioner, refrigerator, and balcony are present here. Note that there is no kitchen at this place. You will have to eat out during your stay here. All of this said, this place is one that you must consider if you wish to stay near Anjuna.

You can check out this place here.

8. Apartment flat – hosted by Pradeep

Location – Candolim

Rating – 4.62 (34)

Price – ₹1089/night

If you wish to stay in a home away from home, this is the place for you. It is located in a prime location. So, travelling to beaches, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and supermarkets should not be a problem. The views from the balcony are amazing! The host, Pradeep, responds without you having to wait, and the experience is flawless.

Along with basic amenities like kitchen, parking, workspace, balcony, television, air conditioner, refrigerator, and a garden, you also get a swimming pool here. If you wish to stay here for long enough, you can also have access to the gym. Do note that there is no Wi-Fi or washing machine available. So, arrange for the same on your own.

9. Apartment flat – hosted by Pratik

Location – Colva

Rating – 4.78 (88)

Price – ₹940/night

This is another place that has homely vibes. It is like your own house in Goa, the only difference being that you have to pay for your stay. It is ideally located and well connected to all the important places, so travelling is hassle-free. The host Pratik and his parents are probably the best hosts ever, and I faced no issues whatsoever here.

All the basic amenities like Wi-Fi, parking, washing machine, television, air conditioner, and parking are available. The best part about this place is the kitchen. It is fully furnished with all the cutlery and crockery you will need. You can cook your food here without any problem.

You can check out this place here.

10. Palm Shades Springs – hosted by Domnic

Location – Navelim

Rating – 4.84 (37)

Price – ₹1400/night

This place is 5 minutes from Benaulim beach. The views from this apartment are just amazing! There is also a garden which adds up to the existing beauty of the surroundings. The host, Domnic, stays right next to the apartment and helps out with any problem that you might face during your stay here.

The basics amenities like Wi-Fi, workspace, cable television, air conditioner, workspace are available here. You also get a fully equipped kitchen which always helps. The icing on the cake is the beautiful swimming pool. Not only is it clean, but the views from the pool are stunning! Keep in mind that there is no washing machine here, so you have to take care of that on your own.

You can check out this place here.

11. Evarista Studio 1 – hosted by Evarista

Location – Mandrem

Rating – 4.93 (15)

Price – ₹1000/night

This is a simple and neat place. It is just 5 minutes from Mandrem beach. Talking about the host Evarista, she is probably one of the best persons you will meet during your solo trip here. She was kind enough to give me a delicious cake that she baked herself. All of this adds up to a positive experience at this place.

Every basic amenity like Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, garden, and parking except television and washing machine is available here. I enjoyed my stay here, and I would totally recommend you check out this place too.

You can check out this place here.

12. Villa Emmanuel – hosted by Patricia

Location – Candolim

Rating – 4.82 (51)

Price – ₹1223/night

It is just 2 kilometres distance from Calangute and is easy to travel to all necessary places. The best part about this place is the hosts. Patricia and her husband are very kind and amazing people who treat their guests as their own family members. This hospitality enhances your experience with multiple folds!

All the basic amenities like Wi-Fi, iron, television, workspace, refrigerator, balcony, and parking are accounted for. Coming to the cooking part, you get a fully equipped kitchen including a dining table, coffee maker, microwave, kettle, toaster, and the usual cutlery and crockery. All of these things at such a low price, combined with Patricia’s hospitality, are more than worth it! I would highly recommend this to everybody as it is ideally located as well.

You can check out this place here.

13. Casa Branca – hosted by Malcolm

Location – South Anjuna

Rating – 4.96 (49)

Price – ₹1779/night

This cottage is just 2 minutes drive from Anjuna Beach. It is surrounded by greenery, and I must say, this place is a huge one! And you get the usual perks of travelling solo – the whole place for yourself! Malcolm is a great host, just like the place. The rating of this place says it all. All but two people have rated this place with a five star.

Even though it is a Portuguese-styled historical cottage, all the amenities are modern. Wi-Fi, kitchen, air conditioner, a workspace, refrigerator, cooking basics, and barbeque are accounted for. Do note that a washing machine and television are not available here, just like in the Portuguese era. So, make the necessary arrangements on your own.

You can check out this place here.

14. Secret Garden Resort – hosted by Nazir

Location – Canacona

Rating – 4.62 (13)

Price – ₹800/night

Located in the southern part of Goa, this place is perfect for nature lovers. The famous Palolem Beach is a fifteen-minute drive from here. While you will not have the experience of a 5-star hotel, the beauty of this place makes up for it. The hosts are also amazing and provide the necessary information about attractions if required.

You will find most of the basic amenities here except a washing machine, air conditioner, and television. Not everyone would like to stay here. But this is a great place if you would like to live near plants and trees and experience a different vibe, all of it without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can check out this place here.

15. Garden Room Bungalow – hosted by Manveer

Location – Angoda

Rating – 4.84 (57)

Price – ₹2200/night

This place is right in front of Angoda Beach. It will take you a couple of minutes to get back to this place from the beach. Manveer also runs a restaurant that is right next to the hut, named Manveer’s Kitchen. I must say, the restaurant offers some delicious meals. He, his wife, his son, and his dogs are all great hosts! Little things like these bring a smile to your face and make your trip so much better.

Even though this is a hut, you get some amenities like a beachfront, Wi-Fi, balcony, and parking. Do note that a kitchen, washing machine, air conditioner, and television are not available here. It might be a dealbreaker for some people, but it shouldn’t be a very big problem for most people.

You can check out this place here.

Where are you going to stay in Goa?

So those were my top recommendations for Airbnb stays in Goa. I have covered a lot of places, and I hope you find the one that best suits your needs. You can contact the hosts via the link I have provided at the end of each Airbnb. If you have any questions to ask, feel free to reach out to me. Happy travelling! 🙂


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