My Ultimate Solo Female Travel Guide to Goa

Before we delve into my solo travel guide to Goa, let me ask you a question. What is Goan culture like?

1. What is the vibe of Goa?

Well, Goa is a crossroad of Indian and Portuguese cultures. As a result, the state takes pride in being multi-ethnic. All forms of art enthral the Goans. They like to use dance and music, in particular, to express their culture. Traditional Goan music includes Dulpod and Mando, while traditional Goan dances include Fugdi, Dhalo, Kunbi, Dekhni, etc.

Live in the present to the fullest.

Although Goan residents are of various ethnicities, they favour using the word “Goan” above all others. They all seem to have one thing in common: they prefer to live in the present and to the fullest. Isn’t this the way of life we all desire? Prepare yourself for the most carefree vacation of your life as a result.

Enjoy with nature

Known for its beaches, Goa gives you a laid-back and hippie vibe. It does not matter if you are a party animal or a lone ranger, as Goa has places for both. It is sure to pass your vibe check whether you want to relax by the beaches or have an adventurous time doing water adventures.

Party till you forget the worldly wonders

Joining this adventurous tripping bonanza is the party culture in North Goa. Goa is a haven for nightclubs, themed parties, costumes, and cruise parties. Having said that, if you don’t know where to start experiencing the refreshing vibe of Goa, check out my blog post on “What is the most happening place in North Goa?“.

2. Must visit places in Goa


I don’t need to tell. You know beaches are a must-visit destination in Goa. Water bodies cover one side of the city. Since there are numerous beaches, you must think, which are the best beaches in Goa? The best beaches of Goa are the ones that entertain the crowd. Find below the top ten beaches of Goa.

Top Beaches of Goa

1. Calangute Beach

3. Baga Beach

5. Keri Beach

7. Benaulim Beach

9. Colva Beach

But, as your guide, I feel that you should not stop with the best beaches of Goa on your solo travel. Rumour has it that there are hidden beaches in Goa that double the fun. Whatever the case, land yourself on the Cleanest beaches of Goa.


Churches are places of Portuguese influence in Goa. During their time of colonial power, the Portuguese constructed these churches, which are still in operation today. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, which contains St. Francis Xavier’s bones, and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi are two of the most well-liked churches to visit in Goa.

Reis Magos Fort

Every solo female traveller travelling alone should visit the Reis Magos Fort. One of India’s best-maintained fortresses, this fort was constructed by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Enchanting views can be seen from the fort’s summit, and it’s an excellent spot to learn about Old Goa’s history. Additionally, there are many eateries nearby. You can always stop exploring and unwind with a meal or a cup of coffee.

Fontainhas: The Latin quarters of Goa

If you are interested in exploring Old Goa’s Latin Quarter, Fontainhas is a must-see. This vibrant neighbourhood is full of colourful houses, colonial-era architecture, cobbled streets, lively cafes, and bars with friendly locals. It’s the perfect place to wander around and explore at your own pace. So, how to explore the Latin quarters of Goa? To know that, read my blog post, “15 Things to Do in Goa’s Latin Quarter, Fontainhas“.

Spice plantation (Savoi plantation)

One of the most well-known spice plantations in the region is Savaoi, and it provides a truly exceptional experience to travellers in Goa. The air is rich with the aroma of the many spices, which are abundant on the plantation ranging from cardamom to cloves. It’s a serene and relaxing location that makes for the ideal getaway from the stress of city life. Additionally, you will discover how the various spices grown there are used in traditional Goan cuisine and the various production phases, from harvesting to drying.

Salim Bird Sanctuary

Salim Bird Sanctuary ought to be at the top of your list of sites to see in Old Goa for various reasons. To begin with, it is one of the most well-known bird sanctuaries in the nation and is a haven for many different bird species. 

The Salim Bird Sanctuary is conveniently close to Old Goa’s main centre and is reachable via public transportation. There is no entrance fee, and the sanctuary is open every day from sunrise to sunset. 

Dona Paula village

The presence of the National Institute of Oceanography and the area’s unspoiled natural beauty are just a few factors that have attracted visitors to Dona Paula village. Without a doubt, this place will surely win your heart if you enjoy the outdoors. So be sure to stop here when you travel alone to Old Goa.


For those looking to enjoy the old-world beauty of Old Goa, Panjim is the ideal place. You can take in the sights and sounds of this dynamic old city as a solo female traveller by exploring the city at your speed. There are many things to see and do in Panjim, such as visiting the churches and temples and taking a stroll through the busy streets.

Bhagwan Mandir Sanctuary and Mollem National Park

The Mollem National Park, also known as the 240 km2 Bhagwan Mandir Sanctuary, is a sizable region abundant in plants and wildlife. It is a must-visit place in South Goa. Every beautiful waterfall in Goa is located here. As you might have guessed, Mollem National Park is located in the Mollem neighbourhood. Mollem is conveniently reachable by local train. And there is an entrance fee for the Mollem National Park. However, the price is far lower—just INR 20. (0.25 USD).

3. How to reach Goa

Direct flights are available for international travellers.

You can reach Goa by train, car, flight, or boat. Don’t worry. Follow my guide, and I’ll make your solo travel easier! To begin with, international travellers have no way but to take a flight. The good news for international travellers is that a few Russian, British and German charter companies offer direct flights to the Dabolim Airport in Goa. Unfortunately, if you cannot avail of those flights, for the second option, look for flights that take you to Goa’s neighbouring airport, Mumbai or Delhi, because moving from there becomes much simpler. You can catch a local flight to Goa or take other modes of transportation. Dabolim International Airport is an international airport that has all the facilities like food parks, shopping centres, currency exchange, prepaid taxi counters, and ATMs.

The train is best for budget-friendly travellers

Now let’s continue with how to reach Goa when you are located in India. In that regard, I could first think of trains only. Trains are the cheapest mode of travelling to Goa. Madgaon and Vasco da Gama are the main train stations in Goa. They connect you to other local train stations in Goa, like Kulem, Karmali, Thivim, etc. Basically, the train network is vast. If you have patience and time and are bent on saving money, you should take the train. Two major lines go in Goa—Northern and Southern. In the event of boarding a train, you must know where you are to start your solo travel. That way, you can choose the right train and get off at the nearest stop.

The road trip is best for local travellers.

You can take a road trip when you are located near the city of Goa. For instance, it takes nearly fourteen hours to reach Goa from its neighbouring city, Mumbai. So, located nearby, you can rent a car or take a bus and travel to the beach paradise while sinking in the senses of Goa’s beautiful scenery. Now, the question is whether or not it is budget-friendly. Hell, no! Travelling on a two/four-wheeler may be soul-enriching, but it drains out the pocket. It will drain your energy, stopping you from enjoying the time in Goa.

Angriya Cruise for travellers from Mumbai

Not only flights, trains, and buses, even cruise ships depart from the UAE and between Mumbai and the Maldives for all our water babies. Mumbai to Goa cruise is a popular cruise buzzing with travellers. Angriya Cruises provides a one-day trip with overnight pleasure on the sea. It has an infinity pool, a spa, and two restaurants. Three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the ship departs Mumbai’s Victoria Harbour dock at 4 PM and arrives at Goa’s Mormugao cruise terminal at 9 AM the following day. Travelling alone and staying on a cruise were great experiences for me. You, too, should try this one if you are travelling from Mumbai.

4. How to get around Goa

Now let me guide you on choosing public or private transportation in Goa. Public transportation is exhausting and time-consuming. So, a big NO to public transport. Therefore, you can avail of other transportation services such as bike rentals, taxis, and auto-rickshaws. I believe renting a bike is fit for exploring North Goa. In other cases, it is best to go with rental cars. Suppose you find rental services bothersome, no worries. Taxis are available with one click. Yes, Uber is available in Goa. Hence, the gist is for shorter areas like North Goa. The scooter is safe and the best. And, for long distances, a taxi is the best.

5. Where to stay in Goa

No worries, ladies. Depending on your budget, you can compensate for your lodging in Goa. If you don’t find accommodation that suits you, just go to the beaches—not kidding! You can stay all night on the beaches of Goa for free. The beaches of Goa will welcome you with no restrictions. Adding to it, you can do several things while staying on the beaches. 

Homestays, a home away from home

Now let me guide you on the lodging facilities available in Goa on your solo travel. Usually, you choose an accommodation depending on the luxury of their service or sophisticated appearance. Goa stands high in this matter. It has accommodation facilities that are not only luxury and money-oriented but also experience-oriented. It has beach huts, shacks, resorts, hostels, and Airbnb.

Simply put, economic travellers can choose a hostel or Airbnb in Goa. Others can stay at an expensive hostel or beach resort. There is a budget-friendly beach resort too. Nevertheless, don’t decide yet. Because better than beach resorts are beach huts and beach shacks in Goa.

For a great experience, stay in a beach shack or beach hut.

Beach huts and beach shacks are a unique part of Goan tourism. I am not exaggerating, and as your guide, I feel that irrespective of your budget, you should have the experience of staying in a beach hut or beach shack on your solo travel. What is so special about them is they bring the beach to your doorstep—basically living on the coastline against the dashing waves, roaring breeze, and beautiful scenery. Wow! Stunning, isn’t it? I have compiled a list of Goa’s top 15 beach huts for solo travellers. You can check them out in my blog post “15 Beach Huts for Solo Travellers in Goa“.

Hostels in the city are cheaper than the ones near the beaches. 

Besides assuring you a new experience, staying near the beach makes your travel work much easier. However, hostels are the true fit for a solo female traveller. That said, hostels are also spread along the coastal areas. Of course, the ones inside the city will be much cheaper, but they come at the expense of transport charges. So, stick with the accommodation that connects with the travel destination. Piggy hostel and Wonderland Hostel are good hostels in Goa along the shoreline.

6. Islands in Goa

I am pretty sure you didn’t expect Goa to have beautiful islands. Surprisingly, the tropical state is not short of anything. It has successfully tried its level best to attract tourists. So, speaking of islands, I think several private islands in Goa are a cheaper alternative to Maldives or Bali. Yes, ladies. If you are a passionate solo traveller but a little low on budget, my guide for you is solo travel to Goa. Goa gives a tinch to every experience possible for a traveller out there. I have given below the names of a few amazing islands in Goa.

My favourites! 

I found Divar Island, Chorao Island, and Pequeno Island very beautiful. I will tell you why. Chorao Island parents the Salim Bird Sanctuary. Divar Island hosts distinct places such as Our Lady of Piety Church, Koti Tirth Tali-the holiest shrine of the Kadamba Dynasty, and Matthias Church. It is also located close to Vanxim Island.

So, visiting Divar Island guarantees a spiritual trip with wonderful architectural sights. The greatest time to visit Divar Island is the monsoon, which is the place at the lushest at this time of year. Additionally, if you wish to participate in a variety of cultural festivals, then travel during February and August. The two biggest events, Bonderam and Potekar, light up Divar Island during August and February, respectively. You can find information on how to reach Divar Island in my blog post, “All About the Beautiful Divar Island in Goa.” 

To be honest, Pequeno Island is not all that flashy. But, it is the best place to do snorkelling in Goa. It’s all the better if you do not know snorkelling already. They give the best training with good equipment. That said, I hope you have included islands on your checklist in Goa because islands in Goa are not only cheap and luxe but are also an off-beat destination in Goa.

7. Adventure activities to do in Goa


The southern region of Goa, where the land touches Karnataka, is left untouched by man’s devastating acts. This area is lush with nature and houses dense wildlife. Wildlife sanctuaries of Goa, such as Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, and Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, are all located within this area. 

So, we can say that the South Goa package is great for nature fanatics that entertain adventurous activities such as trekking, jungle safari, etc. While it is understandable that there are a lot of trekking places in Goa, I love the Dudhsagar Falls trek. And it is the most promising trek with the beautiful visuals of the waterfalls in Goa. 


Much of Goa’s adventure world points to watersports. All types of unique watersports take place on the beaches of Goa. And, for beginners, training is also provided. Upon request, an individual coach will be allocated to check on you. So, on the whole, indulging in watersports in Goa is super safe and fun. If you ask me which beach is best for water sports, I would say it depends on the sport you plan to do. So, find the watersports that kick your happy adrenaline from the below table.

Watersports in Goa

Water Zorbing

Ringo Ride


Scuba Diving


White Water Rafting


The jack of all watersports is Palolem Beach and Colva Beach.

For example, surfers must go to surf-friendly beaches of Goa if they don’t wish to get hit by rocks. Likewise, each beach is known for its signature watersport. Like, Dona Paula beach is the best for Kayaking. Mandovi river white water rafting is, without any doubt, the amazing one. But, on the larger view, Palolem beach and Colva beach are best for all watersports.


I consider swimming equally adventurous. Why not? I get chills when I get hit by waves. In light of that, there are swim-friendly beaches in Goa that unburden the worry of drowning. However, if you itch for a nerve-chilling time swimming on the beach, you should step away from these safe beaches. But hear me out. Besides safety, one more reason you should head to swim-friendly beaches in Goa. Incidentally, swim-friendly beaches in Goa are the least crowded beaches in Goa. So, my pick is swim-friendly beaches because they are safe and less crowded.


I told you, I choose to call Goa “the Las Vegas of India.” Here is one instance of why Goa is the twin sister of Las Vegas. Casino! Yes, you heard it right. Gambling is legal in Goa. So, if you are interested in gambling, Goa-my little Las Vegas is the only heaven of a spot to escape in India.

Onshore or offshore, which is best?

Casinos in Goa are located both onshore and offshore. Onshore casinos seemed new to me as well. But they are spectacular because onshore or cruise casinos are bonanzas where you experience a 30 minutes cruise ride with a DJ and parties. So, if gambling doesn’t work, you can still have fun on the cruise. So, my guide is, if you plan to enter a casino on your solo trip to Goa, let it be a cruise casino, not an offshore one. Not only that, the top casinos in Goa happen to be cruise casinos. 

Ferry ride

Fairly, ferry rides in Goa are not as famous as the Gondola rides. They are so underrated. All you need to know about ferry rides in Goa is the ride itself. It takes you on an exquisite picturesque trip. As a matter of fact, you will have to take ferry rides if you plan to visit the islands in Goa.

8. Which is the best time to travel to Goa?

The best time to visit Goa is post-monsoon. I believe dividing the months in terms of monsoon, pre-monsoon and post-monsoon will lighten up my job and guide you better in planning your solo travel to Goa at the best time. So, let me repeat, post-monsoon is the best time to travel to Goa.

Well, when is that? November to February is the post-monsoon period in Goa. During this time, there will be no rain and no heat, just coldness with a mild presence of the sun. Further, it is also a time for activities and water sports. If you don’t mind the cold, it is the perfect time to spend at the beach. Also, major festivals of Goa like Sunburn Goa, Goa International Jazz Festival, and International Film Festival take place this month.

Pre-monsoon is not that bad, except for the scorching sun.

March to June is the pre-monsoon period. That is the hottest month in Goa. If you want to travel solo to Goa during the summers, plan it between March and June. But why does anyone want to during the summers? Because the beaches are more enjoyable and lovable during summer than monsoon and post-monsoon when the weather is rainy and cold. Agree? That said, you should avoid planning your trip in May because May is the hottest month in Goa. Excessive heat and low energy will also spoil the beach fun. 

So, in conclusion, if you want to travel to Goa during the summer to enjoy the beach, you should stay away from May. Besides wearing sunscreens, extra hydration will protect you from the sun and beat the heat in Goa. However, travelling during the summer season in Goa comes with a disadvantage. That is, you cannot explore South Goa in its purest beauty. Since South Goa’s attractions are dominated by high nature, landscapes, and waterfalls, they will not be in their best appearance during summer. That is one thing you must consider before planning your travel during summer.

Monsoon brings out Goa’s true color, but it is time to run away from the rain.

South Goa looks astonishingly beautiful during the monsoon. That is between July and October. But the only problem is it rains in Goa during this period. Specifically, rain flows heavily during June and July. Thus, it, in every ounce, stands against your long-planned solo travel. In the worst cases, the roads and tourist sites will not be accessible in caution to the rain. Considering that, don’t travel during monsoon in Goa because things can mess up and ruin your whole plan. 

October is the travel-friendly month of monsoon.

Nevertheless, if you insist on discovering the mind-blowing natural abundance of Goa during monsoon, I have a suggestion. October sounds like the best time to travel during monsoon, as it is the shifting period from monsoon to post-monsoon. The odds are that you will face a horrendous situation.

9. How to deal with budgeting

Budget! The only evil-eyed villain to travellers is budget. My guide to maximising your experience on your solo travel to Goa on a standard budget is having a thorough idea of what is expensive, what is cheaper, and what is overhyped.

Master the simple equation

It is a simple equation. After you lay out the plan, do a quality check as to which items of your itinerary are a must-have experience for you in Goa. Believe it or not, it’s not the same for every solo traveller. One likes to spend eternity on the beaches, another likes to explore historical and cultural sites, and some travellers live and breathe parties, fun, and adventure.

Categorise your needs and plan

So, yeah. It’s not the same for everyone. Find what you are looking for in Goa. Then categorise the expensive and inexpensive ones. Now you know which expensive things you can skip.

Don’t shell out money in one place.

Don’t burn the money in one place. I presume it is enough if you have visited one or two important forts and cathedrals. You don’t have to cover every cathedral in Goa. Instead, you can take in a new place. This is a rule of thumb in budgeting. Apart from that, you have to plan cheap on

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Food


If you have taken a look at my blog post “How to Travel Solo to Goa on a Budget,” you know that I have suggested mid-level accommodations as the best. The reason is that if you look for cheaper places, you must compromise on many things. Most tormentedly safety! So, don’t go cheap. Look for reasonable accommodation. I will talk about reasonable accommodations shortly.


As far as transport is concerned, the cheaper ones are trains and local buses. But, as a solo traveller, you can not make the most of your solo travel if you are juggling between places on public transportation. So, the next level of transportation on a budget is by renting a car or bike. An auto rickshaw will do as well.


Moving to food, that is something where travellers spend a lot of money in the name of snacking. That said, local eateries in Goa are the cheapest places with uncompromisable local cuisine. Hence, without regret, you can dine in the local food stalls or beachside stalls in Goa. I am totally against expensive hotels and food at resorts because they are, of course, EXPENSIVE. Many people ask me if it is a better idea to dine in the beach shacks and stalls lined up on the coastline. Are they expensive?

My answer is I can’t say they are expensive. Since they are located on the coastline in the comfort of the travellers, you will surely see price variations. It can be a little overpriced. That does not conclude eateries near the beaches are expensive. All types of stalls, from ordinary to luxe, are available. You have to choose the right one. Artjuna, Eva Café in Anjuna Beach, Britto’s in Baga Beach, and Souza Lobo in Calangute Beach offer super tasty dishes at affordable prices. So, foods in various price ranges are available out there. It’s all about your pick.

10. Heaven is the boundary! A chilling time in infinity pools

As I just told you, every experience a traveller could want is available in Goa. On that note, the next fascinating thing about Goa I want to tell you about is its infinity pools. Infinity pools are the ideal place to feel the real aura of a solo traveller. Don’t you agree? What place is better than infinity pools that symbolise joy and the feeling of being boundaryless? Infinity pools in Goa bring out the joy and give the space to unwind your inner energy.

Other specialities of infinity pools that transverses the whole experience are its

My infinity pool experience! How expensive was it?

If you ask about my experience, I liked swimming in the infinity pool at sunrise. Continuing it with a floating breakfast was simply wonderful. I don’t spend a fortune on spas. So, can’t help you with that, but spas in infinity pools are expensive. 

11. Where to take iconic photos in Goa?

Well, without much effort, we can say beaches are iconic places to take photos in Goa. Of course, solo travel to Goa demands a photo on the beaches imprisoned of coconut trees, rocks, and footprints. Hence, the first iconic place to take an iconic photo in Goa is on beaches. I don’t want to mention a single beach because all beaches in Goa are beautiful.

Fontainhas – the Latin quarters

Next, a noteworthy place to take an iconic picture is the Fontainhas – the Latin quarters. You must have stumbled on this place while researching Goa because travellers flood social media with these hashtags because this gorgeous location’s Portuguese aesthetic is evident. It was previously the home of the Portuguese emperors. Travellers are treated to a treat by the vistas of Portuguese architecture!

The neighbourhood’s winding streets can take hours to navigate. Keep up your patience because you will only come across vibrant homes and wall artwork that make the ideal backgrounds for your photographs. Prepare yourself to pose and take in Portuguese culture.

Parra Road

What I will say now is no new information for Bollywood fanatics who have watched the movie “Dear Zindagi” because the place I am going to tell you about is featured in that movie. Any guesses? Okay, let me give you hints. It is a place of natural beauty. Tall palms, red soil… Did you find it? Yes, it is the place where the movie leads are seen cycling. Hence, the notorious Parra Road is an ordinary pathway in Goa that doesn’t require special permissions or an entry ticket to spend time. You can quickly do a google search and find the location on maps. The only thing is don’t block the vehicles or cause hurdles just for this iconic photo.


Forts are creative places to take photos in Goa. You can take two beautiful photos in forts—one from outside the front, taking the ravishing archaic fort into the frame. The second one is from the inside of the fort, which opens the frame into the beaches. Yes, the forts of Goa are situated near the coastline. Do you want me to name the forts of Goa? Why don’t you find them in detail in my blog post “What are the Forts to Visit in Goa?“? 


Finally, churches in Goa are the best places to take photos in Goa. Not because of their architectural and historic reflection but because they are Goa’s cultural symbol. The city of Indian and Western heritage. If god allows and luck is on your side, you shall visit Goa during the festival to see the churches glowing more with decoration. Reserve the top spot for the Se Cathedral and Chapel of our Lady of Mount. They sure will drag you in their style.

12. Parties in Goa

I guess I have finally arrived at the most important topic you have been anticipating for so long—Parties. Parties are the tempting element of Goa. Goa has surely entrapped millions of people through the years by branding its nightlife. Parties are not short in Goa. Wherever you go, you can slip into one. Think of the best. You can even stay back at the beaches of Goa until the morning and party.

Are women allowed into parties?

Shy people can go to open-air parties where everything is seemingly balanced. You can see others enjoying it even if you don’t participate without grabbing attention. Most popular party places in Goa open their doors for themed, costume, and headphone parties. I can’t help but realise that party places are the hippest places to visit in Goa. So, as your solo travel guide, I want to warn you about two party things in Goa. In most party places, entry fees are free for solo women. However, at some parties, there is no entry for single women. 

13. Shopping places in Goa

Let’s move on to the favourite part of travelling. I particularly wait for the shopping time during my travel as I feel more welcomed in the shopping arena. I just love the noise of the sellers calling out to me. An oddly satisfying feeling, I understand. Of course, I get to see interesting items while shopping. Given that Goa has three places reserved to do shopping. They are

Local markets in Goa are the best places to purchase Goan spices, masalas, nuts, and pickles. In the same way, flea markets bring you everything—food, clothing, accessories, and whatnot. Flea markets are an outstanding initiative where you get the real vibe of shopping in Goa and its hippie services, like,

  • Tattooing
  • Hair colouring 
  • Piercing
  • Hair cutting 
  • Costume parties
  • Tarot reading

Anjuna Flea Market never disappoints travellers in Goa. Thrift shopping places in Goa also have explicit varieties of good quality. So, have you decided what to buy? I hope my blog post “What are the Unique Souvenirs You Can Buy in Goa?” will help you decide.

14. Get the best holiday postcard with the best sunset views in Goa.

This one is especially for those classic travellers who make holiday postcards after their travels. At the same time, there is no trouble in finding a location to take this shot. I thought I would guide you in creating a unique postcard of your solo travel to Goa. I think sunset views will be an ideal shot as they replicate all dimensions of Goa.

So, the places with the best sunset views in Goa are, as you have rightly guessed, beaches and forts. Although they sound plain and guessable, you can make your photo as fancy as possible, depending on your skill set. Apart from beaches and forts, I have two new places with the best sunsets views in Goa. They are 

  • Thalassa restaurant
  • Pousada by the beach restaurant
  • Suicide point at Dona Paula

Thalassa restaurant is just perfect for photos.

Thalassa is a well-known restaurant located in Calangute Beach. Everything about this place is perfect, including the mood and décor. In the evening, travellers can swarm over this place exclusively to see the sunset. A sunset and an unobstructed view of the Arabian Sea are a match made in heaven. This restaurant offers this ideal view with genuine Goan cuisine. Enjoy some seafood while admiring the mesmerising sunset. Pousada by the beach restaurant is located in Calangute Beach but is not as crowded as Thalassa. However, the sunset view is breathtaking.

Sunset point, a treat for eyes

That said, I don’t know how successful you will be in clicking a pic at suicide point at Dona Paula with all the fencing. Maybe this place is not the best for photos but a treat for your eyes.

15. What kind of festivals are celebrated in Goa?

Goa’s culture and legacy have only been richer with time, whether from the Portuguese influence or the Mughal and Hindu influences. Goa actually maintains the authenticity of its rich culture despite its rapid modernisation. Every festival is celebrated with pride and joy. I suggest attending one of the state’s cultural events to learn more about Goa’s culture.

Festivals of Goa

So, the festivals celebrated in Goa are Jatra Utsav of Shantadurga, Flower Chariot, the procession of the deity on Ambari, Feast of Three Kings, Tattoo Festival, the Kite Festival, Sunburn Goa, Mando Festival, Feast of St. Francis Xavier, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Parties are the minimalist type of festivals in North Goa. Sunburn Goa is the most excited of all the festivals, witnessing jam-packed foreign crowds. Hence, it is hard to get tickets to Sunburn Goa.

Every man’s festival is parties on the beaches.

Every night, parties will be in full swing near the beaches. If you plan your solo travel to Goa, considering the best time to visit, you will have the joy of participating in at least one of the festivals of Goa. To find the best beaches for nightlife in Goa, check out my blog post “Which Beach is the Best for Nightlife in Goa?“.

Festive spot

Since many famous beaches are located in the North, North Goa is the ideal place for festivals. Besides that, the main city of Goa is close to North Goa. That way, all festivals are within your reach.

16. Where to eat in Goa

You can eat in the local eateries in Goa to enjoy the authentic taste and save money. Understanding your solo travel in Goa, my guide is to eat at the coastline while you are in North Goa. But you should be picky in choosing the affordable one. 

Likewise, finding a cheap and best place in Old Goa is an easy-peasy job because Old Goa is a central city. Hence, there will be myriad eateries lined up on the streets. 

On the contrary, it is quite hard to find eateries near the wildlife and waterfall regions in South Goa. The more you travel near the uninhabited areas towards the border of Goa and Karnataka, the chances are less you will have options in choosing the dining place. In that case, you must dine at whichever place you come across while travelling to South Goa. Maybe you can collect packable food from Old Goa.

17. Where to go from Goa

I doubt any of you will be thinking about travelling to other places while you are in Goa. Goa’s beauty is hard to surpass and replace. Given that I don’t need to tell you this. But I cannot ignore that some travellers will be planning a long vacation in India. Here is my guide to those solo travellers looking for day trips in Goa or maybe finding the nearest places to travel easily from Goa to continue their travel.

Day trip to neighbouring cities

Considering the geographical setup of Goa, you can travel easily from Goa to Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala, such as 

  • Chorla Ghat
  • Nersa
  • Yana
  • Karwar
  • Dandeli
  • Vengurla
  • Amboli
  • Gokarna

Day Trip to unexplored villages of Goa

Not only that, a few unexplored villages in Goa prove to be worthwhile day trip destinations. I had a great time visiting some of these villages. The one that most impressed me was Aldona. Aldona can be best described as the village of bridges. It consists of Corjuem Bridge, Calvim Bridge, and Stone Bridge. Each bridge is an embodiment of a fascinating historical story. Then there is Assagao which is purely a nature retreat with a myriad collection of distinct and colourful birds. If you like festivals, then you should visit Mandur village. It is the only destination where the Intruz festival goes on air for five delightful days. That said, if you like this village, you should travel in February when the festivals happen.

18. Is it safe to travel to Goa?

Yes, Goa is a safe place to travel solo. To reaffirm, it is even safer at night. I feel that Goa gives a solo traveller 100% safety and comfort. There is a cause behind this. Goa is like the Las Vegas of India—an entertaining state that is live 24×7 with crowds. I am not saying Goa is safe because it is the most happening place. Definitely, no. I have many other things to prove why Goa is safe for solo travellers.

Supportive natives and officials

One of which is its lively environment and nightlife. The carefree nature of its residents gives the travellers the independence to explore and the opportunity to connect with locals when in help. Not only that, the state’s policies are quite accommodating, and you can always contact the relevant officials because they always answer promptly.

Watch out for unsafe tourist places.

Nevertheless, there are few unsafe places for tourists in Goa. Well, not unsafe places exactly, but some things that need your extra attention, like dangerous pools, damaged roads, furious waves, and huge crowds. Just be mindful of them.

19. How to stay safe in Goa

Keep a backup copy of all your documents.

Keep one set of copies of your documents in your bag and one set in your suitcase—maintaining all of the original documents in a folder or placing them orderly in your waist pouch. When travelling within the state, you shouldn’t carry all your original documents because you risk losing them.

Use a credit or debit card

My rule is always to carry the necessary amount in my wallet while concealing some cash in my clothes and leaving some in the luggage. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted throughout India. You won’t need to panic or exchange currencies frequently if you carry them. But, make sure you maintain balance while using a credit card.

Purchase a local SIM card.

There’s a chance that you might lose connectivity or internet access in some rural areas. You should purchase a local SIM card for that, which is simple to find at airports or any cell phone store. Another best thing is most cafes in Goa offer free WiFi.

Search for a hidden camera

Although I have never seen one for myself, I have heard from other travellers that they have occasionally discovered a concealed camera in the bathroom or hotel room. Being a girl is difficult, and travelling alone makes it even harder. Just a heads up!

Avoid displaying flashy jewellery.

Regardless of how attentive and aware you are of your surroundings, wise decisions are always necessary. Flashy jewellery might draw unwanted attention from anyone, including the taxi driver or the front desk of your hostel. Wear it once you get to the location to be safe, and then take it off immediately before leaving. We all need to put in a little extra effort to safeguard our safety, which can sound insane!

Drink sensibly

Carry comfortable and durable gear for travelling. Goa, as we all know, is the place to be if you want to party or attend a great festival, drink sensibly, and only make friends with strangers after carefully considering it.

Get travel insurance

Additionally, I advise getting travel insurance in advance of your vacation. If your luggage disappears or you experience any problems while travelling, you can buy some time and wait for the completely protected insurance to take effect.

20. How to be a conscious traveller in Goa

Observe the culture and religion of others.

Wherever you are on the planet, you must respect the local people’s culture and religion. When visiting religious places, dress appropriately. Particularly, Goa is known for cathedrals. You may enter these locations as long as you act appropriately.

Stay alert 24×7

Goa is renowned for its celebrations, nightlife, entertainment, and excursions. When you are travelling alone to Goa, be mindful of your surroundings. If you find anything suspicious, trust your gut and connect with your family or friends. If you confirm danger, call the helpline.

Helpline Numbers



Women Helpline Number


Goa Tourism Development Corporation


Dabolim Airport Counter


Say ‘No’ to drugs

You can accomplish a lot when you are in Goa. Avoid using drugs of any kind. The use of drugs could get you in legal jeopardy. Say out NO loud, and I advise you to leave the scene if any stranger seems suspicious.

Plan and pack wisely.

Planning, in my opinion, will make your trip more enjoyable. My advice to anyone who wishes to travel safely is to do this. Make sure you have everything you need before leaving Goa to have a safe stay. I like to travel light because it makes it simpler to use public transportation at my destination—pack light clothing for Goa’s hot and muggy climate. Lovelies, don’t forget your sunscreen! Utilise a lot of them to shield your skin from UV radiation. After all, your skin requires protection as well. Don’t forget to carry pepper spray and other essential safety items for your protection. And how could I forget to mention flip-flops? I promise that flip-flops will be your best travel buddy during your time on the beach land.

Tourist scams are everywhere.

On virtually every congested road, tour operators will vie for your attention. Some might even entice you with inexpensive budget packages that promise to give you access to all the city’s most popular tourist attractions for a remarkably low price. But trust me when I tell you that even these low fees are significantly more expensive than hiring a car and exploring these sites alone. Be on the lookout for those who pose as local guides and commit tourist scams in Goa.

Exchange money with reputable sources only.

In Goa, never exchange money from an unauthorised source. Ensure that you are conducting it from a legitimate location. You should keep all transaction receipts. Keep them near you. It might be helpful if there is an issue. Become knowledgeable about Goa’s currency transactions. Bring a couple of Visa and Mastercards to Goa. In this manner, you’ll be equipped to overcome any obstacles.

21. Itinerary

Let me guide you in sketching the perfect itinerary to complete your solo trip to Goa. Travelling is not restrictive. You can stay in Goa till you get bored of it. But, if you are travelling with limited money and time, you might ask, ‘How many days are required to explore Goa.’ Two days are enough to explore the main attractions of Goa. Because visiting a beach, 90% wraps up most of the expectations and experience. Cathedrals, forts, parties, water adventures, cruises, almost everything is within the beach surrounding. For the second day, you can explore South Goa—the nature den of Goa. You can have the experience of visiting a wildlife sanctuary, waterfall, trekking, and bird watching. On the whole, within two days, you can get the maximum of Goa. Find here my two-day itinerary in Goa.

The standard itinerary

As it has already been stated, two days are plenty to see most of Goa. However, three days should be the ideal amount of time to spend in Goa. North GoaSouth Goa, and Old Goa are the 3 phases of the small city of Goa. These locations merit a day of exploration. So, a three-day itinerary in Goa is the standard time to plan your solo travel. Find below an outline of my three-day itinerary in Goa. For more detailed instructions on following this itinerary, read my blog post “How to Spend Three Days Alone in Goa.”

Three-Day Itinerary in Goa

Day 1


  • Chapora Fort

  • Vagator Beach


  • Calangute Beach

  • Candolim Beach

  • Aguada Fort


  • Mandovi River Cruise

  • Party at Baga Beach

  • Shopping at Anjuna Beach

Day 2


  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls


  • Mollem National Park


  • Shopping at Panjim Local Market

Day 3


  • Basilica of Bom Jesus

  • Se Cathedral


  • Chorao Island

  • Salim Bird Sanctuary


  • Beaches in South Goa (Palolem, Colva, Benaulim)

To conclude, my guide in creating an itinerary for your solo travel to Goa is to stick with a three days plan. Remember, the three-day itinerary will be a little packed. Nevertheless, you can modify them and stay for four to five days in Goa.

22. Get ready to travel to this wonderful city for the world’s best experience.

Goa is a lively, budget-friendly city that combines the best experiences in the world. Not only a wonderful city but a marvellous place to meet foreigners. Whether you’re seeking fascinating nature, dreamy architecture, or wild, enjoyable nightlife, Goa has it all. The good news is Goa is open for tourism now. So, skim through the article again—plan, pack, and book the ticket.

23. FAQS 

1. Can we do yoga in Goa?

Yes, you can do yoga in Goa. That said, you can find the places to do yoga in Goa in my blog post “Where can You do Yoga in Goa?“.

2. What is the currency used in Goa?

The currency used in Goa is Rupees, like in any other part of India. You can easily find currency exchange places in Goa.

3. Which part of Goa is expensive?

Compared with Old Goa and North Goa, South Goa is expensive to travel to. Read my article “Is South Goa More Expensive than North Goa?” for better insight.

4. Do the locals know English?

Yes, most locals can speak and understand English well.

5. Are there any Instagram-worthy cafes in Goa?

Yes, there are many Instagram-worthy cafes in Goa. Check them out here.

6. Is there a female tattoo artist in Goa?

Of course, there are many female tattoo artists in Goa. Manasi’s Mandalism Tattoo Studio on Vagator beach is the best of all.

7. What should girls wear in Goa?

Girls can wear anything they feel comfortable, from fully-covered tees to bralettes. Still worried about what to pick from your wardrobe? Check out my blog post, “What to Wear in Goa.”

8. Is tipping expected in Goa?

No, tipping in Goa is not compulsory. But Indians tend to tip in restaurants and cab drivers kindly.

9. Have there been shark attacks on tourists in Goa?

No, there have not been any shark attacks on tourists in Goa yet. But sharks were spotted now and then. So, it is best to take preventive measures to stay safe from sharks in Goa.

10. The best place to get a tattoo in Goa?

Getting a tattoo is one of the interesting things to do in Goa. All of Goa’s top-notch and genuine tattoo artists have studios on the beaches. So, beaches are the best places to get a tattoo.


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