What are the Most Crowded Beaches in Goa?

The most crowded beaches in Goa include the popular Calangute beach, Baga Beach, Anjuna beach, Candolim beach, Colva beach, and Palolem beach. With time, these beaches have grown far too crowded. However, the beaches in North Goa are known for drawing large crowds. But, South Goa’s beaches have also started to draw crowds in recent years. 

Crowded beaches of North Goa

Crowded beaches of South Goa

  • Baga beach

  • Calangute beach

  • Candolim beach

  • Anjuna beach

  • Colva beach

  • Palolem beach

Owing to my solo trip to Goa, I explored numerous beaches in the state’s northern and southern regions. And seeing some of these become overcrowded and commercialised crushes my heart.

However, don’t be reluctant to visit them on your solo venture since these beaches are where Goa’s heart is. These beaches are some of Goa’s most happening and all-in-one spots. Whether you want to meditate by the sea, participate in adventurous activities, shop until you drop, or party until the wee hours, Goa’s beaches have you covered. As a result, every traveller’s list of must-see places in Goa includes the beaches.

In this blog, I’ve discussed some of Goa’s most crowded beaches and why they have the highest number of visitors. You will also get to know why, despite being crowded, these beaches roar high as major tourist destinations in this tiny tropical state of India.

1. Baga Beach – definition of a happening place

There is no more apt way to describe Baga beach than by labelling it as the “definition of happening place.” Isn’t that a bold claim? Yes, absolutely, and you’ll understand why when you arrive at this beach. Baga beach is the most-known and commercialised beach in Goa. There are numerous shacks in the daytime to rest and rejuvenate yourself. The adventure-seeker in you also has a wealth of activities to choose from. The water sports – parasailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, etc., attract hundreds of people to Baga beach. 

It is also the best beach to experience the nightlife in Goa. Party animals flock from different parts of Goa to be a part of the liveliest crowd at night. A trip to Goa is never full without experiencing the nightlife at Baga Beach. Whether it’s Club Tito’s or Café Mambo Goa, this beach has fantastic nightlife at any time of year.

2. Calangute – the Queen of Beaches

crowded beaches in goa

If you’re a fan of long–stretched beaches, Calangute beach is the queen! It stretches over 4 miles and is one of Goa’s largest and busiest beaches. It is situated between two popular beaches of North Goa – Baga and Candolim. 

The alluring waves, daring water sports, and restaurants do a befitting job of luring tourists to the beach. Furthermore, the shoreline is densely packed with beach shacks and beachfront accommodations, making many people’s dream of living the beach life a reality. And because of the easy accessibility, the beach remains packed with a crowd. If you’re planning a trip to Goa during Christmas and New Year’s, be prepared to be overwhelmed by the crowds at this beach.

3. Anjuna Beach – paradise in a budget

You’ll meet a different crowd at this beach than at the other beaches. Anjuna beach is home to all budget travellers and backpackers. Therefore, irrespective of the season, Anjuna beach remains flooded with tourists because of its feasibility. And the hippie vibe makes it everyone’s favourite beach.

It has everything you could want to keep you glued to the beach. Anjuna beach nails the brief of paradise on a budget with its popular beach shacks of Goa – Curlies and Shiva Valley, cheap stays, cute cafés serving delectable food, and thrilling water sports. Oh, how could I forget to mention the Anjuna flea market – it is an experience to remember! 

This should be your go-to place if you’re travelling from a foreign country and looking for pocket-friendly accommodation. 

4. Candolim beach – the gateway to all popular beaches of North Goa

crowded beaches in goa

On your way from the GOI airport, the first beach you will come across is Candolim, located towards the north of Calangute beach and south of Sinquerim beach. The beach’s cleanliness draws many European visitors who want to relax and kick-start their vacation.

Candolim beach is less crowded than Baga and Anjuna beaches because it is still unspoiled by commercialisation. However, the beach sees visitors of all kinds. You’ll be spoilt for choices, whether for luxurious or economical stays. In addition, parasailing and dolphin spotting also garner tourists’ attention to this beach. Candolim is also one of the swim-friendly beaches in Goa. So if you’re here, do not miss out on a quick dip at the ocean.

5. Colva beach – the latest “crowded” beach in the South Goa

Even though you know South Goa for its serene and laid-back nature, Colva beach, in particular, is swarmed by people, especially the locals and domestic tourists. Lately, it has become one of Goa’s most crowded beaches. It is all because of the hype that buzzes around this place. 

It is picturesque, with white sand stretching over 2.4 kilometres and palm trees swaying on the southern coastline. You also have access to some good food joints, beach huts, pubs, etc. Besides, the view of the sunset from here is astounding. It does a magical job at pulling the crowd.

6. Palolem – an idyllic beach to explore

crowded beaches in goa

Do you like the setting of the opening scene of “The Bourne Supremacy,” a 2004 film? If so, you should pay a visit to Palolem beach. The 1.5-kilometer-long crescent-shaped beach draws the attention of all influencers and travellers for the picture-perfect backdrop. But wait, there’s more to it. This beach’s silent disco is quite popular among partygoers.

I know this name on the list may surprise you, but with its growing popularity among tourists, the beach appears busier than ever. Watching my favourite beach in Goa gradually transform into a tourist trap is difficult. But we can’t escape reality, can we?

Please take a quick look below to see how long it will take to reach these beaches from the capital city.

Distance from Panaji to these beaches (km)

Time taken to reach

Baga Beach – 18km

40 minutes

Calangute Beach – 15 km

29 minutes

Anjuna Beach – 21km

46 minutes

Candolim Beach – 12km

35 minutes

Colva Beach –  35km

49 minutes

Palolem Beach – 71km

1 hour 50 minutes

So are you going to visit these beaches?

No matter how much these beaches become crowded, you cannot skip them. If you prefer to visit less-crowded beaches in Goa, don’t worry, there are plenty of offbeat beaches to choose from. So, plan your trip to Goa based on your preferences, but don’t forget to visit some of the more popular ones. Even if only for a few hours!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section. Continue to travel safely!


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