What is it Like in Goa for New Year’s Eve?

Given how crazy India’s ‘beach paradise‘ is, can you imagine how Goa will be on New Year’s eve? Even the people who have never been to Goa can have a good guess. Yes, you got it right! The gorgeous Goa is undoubtedly filled with parties, music, and dance everywhere as New Year approaches. It looks beautiful as ever as beaches are dreamiest, churches with vibrant lights and the scenic beauty add on top to everything. Ever wished to experience New Year’s eve in Goa? As said, “better late than never.” Get ready for the party!

If you have no idea how to celebrate the New Year in Goa but at the same time want to experience Goa like never before, then I will help you how to enjoy your New Year in Goa. The best things you can do in New Year are joining a dinner cruise and party, playing casino, enjoying adventurous sports, and participating in the Sunburn festival.

How to celebrate New Year in Goa

1. Join a dinner cruise and welcome the new year

Without thinking for a second, I can say, going on a dinner cruise party on New Year is the most interesting thing you can do as a solo traveller in Goa. There is no doubt that Goa is a party state. That said, cruise parties happen regularly in Goa for one hour. But on 31st December, the cruise parties happen for three hours. 

It starts at 09:30 PM and ends at 12:30 AM. That means you will be entering the new year on the ship. There will be a countdown and fireworks, which you can enjoy from the ship. Other than music, dance, and drinks, there will be a lot of fun activities. Dinner parties on the cruise ships are certainly the best place to cherish and capture the new year. 

2. Go to a casino and make money in the new year. 

Let’s not get into the argument of whether gambling is good or not now if you are a pro gambler and have the skills to make money out of it. Goa welcomes you with many casino cruises during New Year. Not ordinary but top-grade casinos like the ones you see in Hollywood movies. Isn’t it just fascinating? Think about it. You can make extra cash on the new year sitting in a boat, sailing in the middle of the sea. Wow! There will be free beverages and meals too. Casino cruise in Mandovi river, Panjim is where popular cruise happens. The best ones are Deltin Royale, Deltin Jaqk, and Maharaja Casino.

Deltin Royale

If you want a gambling arena similar to Las Vegas, then the Deltin Royale cruise is the one you are looking for. The entry fee starts from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 8000. As said already, this place is known for its las vegas experience and Casino Royale. This offshore cruise has wonderful cuisine, live dance shows, cocktails, best lodging, and games such as American Roulette, Poker room Indian Flush, Blackjack, and Baccarat.

Deltin Jaqk

Deltin Jaqk is another popular casino cruise in the Mandovi River. They also offer amazing food and drinks that is unlimited. There are more than 300 games and gaming rooms on Deltin Jaqk. The best deal here is that it is a good option for solo travellers with no gambling experience but yearning for one. The reason is they have tables reserved for learners only. The entry fee is Rs. 2500 on weekdays and Rs. 3500 on weekends.

Maharajah Casino

Another interesting cruise casino that emerged in recent times is Maharajah Casino. It is also called Big Daddy and is nice enough to compete with Deltin Royale. It has 110 tables, 900 gaming rooms, and a luxurious VIP lounge. The entry fee starts from Rs. 2500.

Casino Carnival

Unlike the casinos discussed so far, Casino Carnival is one located on-shore. Just in case you happen to miss a cruise. You can turn to this place. Located in the hotel Marriott resort, Panjim, this place has arcades, slot machines, and electronic gaming tables. The entry fee is Rs. 2500.

3. Have an extraordinary time doing water and air adventures

Next on the list of things you can do in New Year in Goa is its dreamiest beaches. We are all suckers for beaches. And there are a lot of beaches in North Goa. If you want to have a pleasant happy time swimming on the beach, go to the swim-friendly beaches in Goa. If you are seeking adventure, visit the beaches best for watersports in Goa. All kinds of watersports are available in Goa. Parasailing, jet skiing, flyboarding, surfing, scuba diving, and banana boat ride, to name a few.

Similarly, for air adventures, head to South Goa. South Goa is a haven of natural beauty with lush green, majestic mountains, and shimmering water bodies. Air adventures such as bungee jumping and hot air balloons are available here. There is nothing like celebrating the new year by breaking your fear levels and boosting them with adrenaline.

4. Get into trance by participating in the Sunburn music festival.

how is new year in goa

Finally, you can attend the Sunburn festival. Sunburn is an international electronic music festival happening every year in Goa. It hosts artists like DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, Andrew Rayel, Afrojack, Chuckie, Goldfish, and Dimitri Vegas. However, the Sunburn festival does not happen during New Year. It happens for three days in the last week of December. So, the good news is you can welcome the new year with a fabulous festival.

Unique, thrilling, and fun New Year in Goa

Those are the four unique experiences solo travellers can have on New Year in Goa. Simply outlandish is the word you are looking for! Apart from these, you can sign up for parties in Goa. Parties happen in abundance on New Year at every nook and corner. If you want to welcome the new year simple and exciting, go to a party in North Goa. 

To sum up, Goa is unique, extraordinary, cheerful, and thrilling on New Year’s Eve. Solo travellers can certainly have a great time visiting Goa during New Year

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Wishing you in advance a Happy New Year in Goa!


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