My Ultimate Guide to the Best Cruises in Goa

Goa has a variety of experiences to offer. You can chill on the beaches and indulge in adventure. You can also have a silent romantic dinner or end up partying all night and dancing to the tunes of a DJ. Or even better, you can choose to visit some serene offbeat locations to connect with nature. This beautiful destination also has got some of the best yoga and wellness centers for you to rejuvenate yourself. To sum up, Goa is an all-in-one package!

How about having such experiences on a cruise? You can choose to cruise for a serene experience or an adventurous one. Depending on your expectations, Goa offers different cruises to choose from. Here I’m listing the best cruising experience you can get in Goa.

What kind of cruises are available in Goa?

You can choose between many cruises depending upon the experience you wish to have. Let me break down the kind of cruises available.

1. Dinner on a cruise

How about a candlelight dinner on a cruise? That would be the most romantic experience on your Goa trip. You can book a cruise that houses restaurants to enjoy delicious food. These restaurants also offer good music and great ambience.

The dinner cruise on the Mandovi river is one of the best choices. The cruise starts at 7 in the evening. You can enjoy the local Goa trance and food while cruising on the river. Don’t forget to show off your crazy dancing skills when the DJ takes over the floor! 

2. River cruise during sunset

The 2-hour sunset cruise on the Mandovi river is the most stunning among the many cruise rides. The evening cruise commencing at 5:30 will soak you in the mesmerising sunset. Moreover, the cruise also takes you through the historic forts under the dazzling moonlight. What more can you ask for? 

3. Party on a cruise

What is Goa without partying? Party cruises offer the best electrifying parties in Goa. Even better, you can also book a party cruise for events and celebrations. There are many packages available for individuals and corporates at moderate-high price ranges to book these cruises. 

4. Wildlife cruise

Goa is host to exhaustive flora and fauna. You can navigate the biodiverse marshlands of Goa on a cruise. For this, you can book a cruise and visit the extensive wildlife and vegetation. For instance, The Crocodile and Bird Watch Cruise in Cumbarjua will take you amidst the mangroves of Goa. You will encounter many species of birds and crocodiles. Cumbarjua canal is the main crocodile station in Goa, so you can expect to spot the natural habitat of crocodiles. The two- and half-hour cruise ride will not fall short in amusing you.

5. Casino on a cruise

Have you been to a casino to try your luck? You can try the floating casino on a cruise in Goa. To be specific, the Deltin Royale Casino is one of Asia’s largest floating casinos. You can take a boat from the Noah’s Ark jetty to arrive at the Deltin Royale Casino. You are in for a luxurious treat at the floating casino. It offers world-famous casino games, food, and beverages for a fun experience. 

6. Adventure on a cruise

Intrigued by adventure sports and want to experience the adrenaline in your veins? The Catamaran Cruise by Champions Yacht Club offers various deep-water sports experiences. It offers a four-hour boat ride where you can have your best adventure. It also offers yachting, snorkelling, and parasailing. 

7. Breakfast on a cruise

If you want to live life king size, you should book a breakfast cruise in Goa. You can have champagne and breakfast with a view of the Arabian Sea. This is also a perfect romantic gift you can give your loved one. In addition, these breakfast cruises are perfect for corporate events too. Many cruise services offer different breakfast cruises along with rooms and refreshments. 

8. Houseboat cruise

A houseboat cruise is the best option for couples on honeymoon or families on vacation. It offers privacy and a grand tour of the Goan backwaters, historic churches, and villages. You may also get to watch the playful dolphins in the backwaters. To sum up, houseboat cruises offer luxury and privacy for you and your loved ones on your vacation.

9. Luxury island cruise

Do you want a change from the usual crowded Goan beaches? If yes, choose a luxury island cruise. You can explore the undisturbed private islands on these cruises. Some of these cruises also offer snorkelling under guided supervision. To have the best experience, you have to choose the right package that offers your kind of adventure.

10. Birdwatching cruise

Private cruises are available from Ribandar to take you on the Mandovi River. You will sail through the mangroves and explore the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Here, you can watch exhaustive bird species and the swamp lands of Goa. For nature and wildlife enthusiasts, this will be heaven on earth!

What are your favourite cruises in Goa?

cruises in goa

You now know how vast the cruising services are in Goa. This blog post is just my comprehensive list. Ultimately, you must choose based on what you expect from the cruising experience. So, are you ready to explore Goa from a different perspective? 

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