What are the Forts to Visit in Goa?

Forts have always been a place of wonder in Goa. Yet, many travellers tend to overlook these marvellous creations of the past. If you’re an explorer in its true sense, you will feel an instant attraction toward the forts of Goa on your solo venture to the state. 

Goa houses quite a several forts. These forts showcase the culmination of Indian and Portuguese culture effortlessly. If you love the cultures of different places, then be ready to have a great time. In this blog, let me take you through some of the known and lesser-known forts you can visit in Goa.

Forts in North Goa

North Goa takes you through some of the famous forts present in Goa. They attract travellers of all kinds and are comparatively more crowded. If your holiday in Goa revolves around the state’s northern region, you should try and check out some of these forts below.

Aguada Fort

In the list of forts in Goa, the Aguada Fort sits right at the top. It is famous among travellers for all the right reasons. This 17th-century structure was one of the most prized possessions of the Portuguese rulers. And it is well-maintained till date. More than the architecture, the four-story lighthouse attracts tourists to this fort. The lighthouse is the oldest one in Asia and has stopped functioning recently. 

Hold on, that’s not the end to Aguada fort. It has a secret passageway and a prison cell as well. All these, mixed with historical stories, make the fort a perfect spot for you to explore. Make sure to have your lenses ready, as the magnificent view of the Arabian Sea is an exclusive sight here. 

Location: Aguada Fort Road, Candolim

Timings: 9:30am to 6:00pm

Reis Magos Fort

A fort perched on a hilltop overlooking a river sounds intriguing, right? If yes, head to Reis Magos Fort in Goa to witness this upfront. This fort, after restoration, has become a hot spot for all travellers. It once was a bastion, but now it has become a cultural centre. What has always triggered my interest in this fort is its stories. Once you start hearing them, there’s no turning back from here. Another thing that captures my heart, and that too, rightfully, is the view from this fort. If you have time, watch the sunset from here.

Location: Reis Magos Road, Verem

Timings: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm except on Mondays

Tiracol Fort

If reading about all these forts makes you want to stay a night and experience the bygone era at a fort, then head towards the northern tip of Goa and visit the Tiracol Fort. This 16th-century structure once served a role in marine defence and is now turned into a heritage hotel for tourists. The structure is well-preserved, and marks of the Portuguese era can be found everywhere. 

To reach this fort, all you have to do is take a ferry ride from Querim beach. The fort’s secluded vibes intrigue travellers to visit here. If luck is in your favour, you can even explore the church situated inside the fort. If you opt to stay at the fort, their amenities and personalised service will impress you!

Location: Pernem, Taluka, Tiracol

Timings: 6:30 am to 9:30 pm

Chapora Fort

Chapora fort rose to fame among tourists after appearing in a Bollywood movie. It is among the most popular and hyped ones in North Goa. You will see tourists flock to this destination often even though the only thing that remains are the ruins of the fort. But the view of the Vagator Beach from here makes it worthy enough to pay a visit to the fort.   

Location: Chapora Fort, Vagator

Timings: 8:30 am to 5 pm

Forts in South Goa

The beauty of South Goa lies in the calm and easy-going nature of the place. And that’s what you will come across in the forts of this region. There are many lesser-known forts in the southern part of Goa. All you have to do is keep an eye for it.

Cabo de Rama Fort

One of the oldest and grandest forts in Goa, Cabo de Rama Fort, is filled with stories from the past. The fort was under the domination of Hindu, Mughal, and Portuguese rulers. Thus, the fort has a rich history and several tales to tell. If you enjoy such tales, you will surely fall for this place in no time. Although maximum of the fort is lost, the view of the Arabian Sea makes up for it. 

Away from the crowd, this fort attracts travellers searching for tranquillity. But you will also come across people who visit the fort solely to offer prayer in the Santo Antonio Church. You can easily spend in and around the fort for an hour or two. So next time you’re in Goa, squeeze a visit to this fort into your itinerary.

Location: Cabo de Rama, Canacona, Goa

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Mormugao Fort

Portuguese rulers built the Mormugao fort to protect their port from marine attacks. Although built by the Portuguese, the fort also showcases Maratha’s influence. The fort, to date, stands tall among all the forts to visit in Goa.

You won’t face any trouble travelling to this destination as it is only a few kilometres from Vasco da Gama. You can even hire a cab to reach the place safely. If you want to witness the Varca beach, climb to the top of the fort. The pristine blue water of the ocean is nothing less than a treat to the eyes.

Location: Port of Margao, South Goa

Timings: No specified time, a visit during the daytime is recommended.

Betul Fort

One of the lesser-known forts in Goa, the Betul fort, lies at the foot of the Betul hill. You won’t hear much about this place like the other popular forts in Goa. However, I feel it is worth the mention! You have to walk through a village to reach this place. As soon as you arrive at the destination, a sense of calmness will take over you. I bet the hypnotic sight of the Sal River and the Arabian Sea amalgamating is something you will cherish forever.

Location: Quitol, Goa

Timings: 5:30 am to 7:00 pm

Are these forts worth the hype?

forts in goa

I think forts, especially in Goa, have a certain unsaid charm. So you can take my words for it—it is worth all the hype! You can check out my solo guide to Goa if it is your first trip to Goa.

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Stay safe and keep travelling.


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