How to Spend a Night in Goa

Relax, unwind, zing, and groove to the party beats – Goa is the ultimate destination providing unlimited entertainment opportunities to its visitors! You can experience the crowded and hippie North Goa or the silent and less-explored South Goa. It will never fall short in amusing you.

Goa is the party capital of India. You might be a solo traveller, a romantic couple on honeymoon, or holidaying with your herd – Goa is for all of you. The city has an eccentric nightlife with extravagant clubs, pubs, discotheques, and casinos, offering visitors the venues to celebrate with zeal all night. 

I am sharing my favourite list of things to do and places to be to spend a fabulous night in Goa.

Best places to spend a night in Goa

I was amazed at the vivacity of tourists enjoying the nightlife in Goa. There are numerous venues to spend a night in the city, and I’m discussing my favourite ones here.

how to spend a night in goa

1. Relax on beach shacks

After a long day of touring Goa, you can spend your evening and night with good food, drinks, music, and a great ambience. There are numerous such beach shacks to wind down your happening day, serving delicious seafood and traditional Goan cuisine. I have listed my favourite beach shacks to spend your night in. 

Beach Shack




Anjuna Beach

Continental, North Indian, Italian, Goan, Mediterranean

Pinacolada Beach Shack

Colva Beach

Continental, Italian, North Indian, Goan


Baga Beach

Chinese, Continental, Goan, North Indian, Seafood



Greek, Mediterranean

There are many more beach shacks on the shores to enjoy your evening through late light. The timing of the shacks varies. So, please check the timing and cuisine before hitting the place. 

2. Stargaze from the floating tent camps

Being the nature-lover that I am, I love camping and start-gazing. But, camping in a floating tent was a one-of-its-kind experience for me, which I will treasure throughout my life. There are floating tent camps available for a few hours at Mayem Lake near Bicholim, where you can gaze at the starry night sky and ponder in a dream-like state. It is a perfect spot for solo travellers and romantic couples. 

You can book candle-light dinners in these floating camps as well. If you want to spend such a night with a gang of friends for a whole night, you can even book yachts with restaurants.

3. All-night partying in clubs and pubs

North Goa is known for partying all night with loud music and booze. We all know that. But what about South Goa, known for its calm and serene atmosphere? South Goa houses several pubs and clubs, where you can groove to your personal music on headphones. Yes! You heard me right. 

Palolem Beach has one such club – The Silent Noise, where you can plug in your headphones and groove to your kind of music. You can celebrate with your herd with silent noise, personally for you and your gang.

4. Enjoy Sunset on Mandovi River Cruise

For an introverted person like me, watching the sunset gives me goosebumps. Watching it from a beach is mesmerising, but watching it from a cruise on a river jazzes up the experience to a new level altogether. The Sunset Cruise, as it is called, offers Goan cuisine and traditional Goan dance performances with the dazzling sunset. After the dance performance, the visitors occupy the dance floors, and DJs take over. The cruise will mark the perfect end of your day.

5. Spend some money in flea markets

Exploring the flea markets, not just for shopping but also for the experience of it. Even if you are not a huge shopping lover, the flea markets showcase the amalgamation of numerous cultures in Goa. These flea markets attract locals and foreigners alike, but not in the vogueish kind of shopping. 

Some famous flea markets in Goa are the Wednesday Daytime Market in Anjuna Beach, the Saturday Night Market in Arpora, and Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar in Baga. The Saturday Night Market in Arpora is a high-end market where you can shop some affluent products, eat delicious food, have some drinks, and enjoy music. Some of these markets operate only during the peak season, from October to March. So, if you are visiting off-season, enquire beforehand about which market is open throughout the year. 

6. Explore the dark Goan streets on a rented bike

Do you love a rush of wind on your face? A long night drive with the endless Arabian Sea on one side and the pubs and clubs on the other is a colourful way to explore the party capital of India. You can hire a bike or a scooter and ride on the endless dark streets from North to South Goa. The enthralling experience gives you an adrenaline rush equal to bungee jumping and scuba diving. If you are like me, who loves to enjoy the silent night on a speeding bike, you should not miss this opportunity while in Goa. But don’t forget to wear your helmet!

7. Test your luck at a casino 

Would you like to try your luck? Do you love playing Black Jack and Roulette? Try gambling in the luxurious casinos in Goa on cruise ships. Gambling is legalised in Goa, so do not fret about it. Numerous casinos in Goa serve good food, drinks, and music to their visitors. Some world-class casinos in Goa are Deltin Royale, Chances Casino and Resort, and Casino Carnival.

how to spend a night in goa

Goa is a wholesome package where you can experience all eccentric emotions in one vacation. But whatever is included in the itinerary, make the best of your nights in Goa. I hope my list of favourite things to do at night helped you enjoy your Goa trip to the fullest!


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