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India is a diverse country—travellers all over the world make sure to explore the country once. I can’t deny the little pride inside me to call India my home country. I know what you’re thinking—travelling solo as a female in India doesn’t sound safe. Also, I have often seen India being labelled as “unsafe for women.” 

However, my initial solo adventures in the country have changed the narrative. Take a look at why India is safe for solo female travellers and clear your doubts. I have learned from my experiences how to stay safe as a solo female traveller. I am hopeful my experiences will boost your confidence to initiate your solo journey in India.

Goa the Ultimate Destination in India

What’s better than Goa to start your solo journey in India? Goa attracts travellers across the globe. I have even mentioned in my previous blogs that Goa is the Las Vegas of India. It is one of the safest states in India for solo female travel. Numerous beaches, carefree life, a hub for parties, hippie vibes, different modes of entertainment, and whatnot. I believe Goa has something in store for every kind of avid traveller. Be it you are on a budget or not—Goa is the ideal place for vacation. I travelled and explored Goa on budget, and let me tell you, the experience is euphoric!

Goa is one of my go-to places for vacation as a solo female traveller. Be it for unwinding or exploring—you can never have enough of Goa. Goa is all in one destination. It is ideal for your first solo trip. I have lost count of my number of visits to Goa. If you are like me and done with the touristy things, get your backpack ready and break the monotony. I have a list of the non-touristy places in store for you to explore in the state. The heart of Goa lies in these places. I have discovered so much about myself in the peaceful atmosphere of South Goa.

However, safety is a serious business…

As a solo female traveller, safety always remains my biggest concern. I abide by the quote “precaution is better than cure.” Whether you are on your first solo trip or the nth time, safety concerns are always the first thing to pop up. I completely understand your feelings. These are normal, and each one of us faces these jitters. 

I would prefer to stay in Goa for weeks and wander. You must be wondering by now whether Goa is a safe place for solo female travellers or not. How to stay safe on your solo travel to Goa must be making sprints in your mind. Don’t you worry! I am here to rescue you from your monstrous mind. Take a look at some of the points I have learnt from my experience in Goa.

How to stay safe on your solo travel to Goa

Plan your trip prior

I believe planning your trip prior helps you to have a smooth experience. This is my pro-tip to anyone who wants to have a safe trip. I always make sure that my days are planned, and my family knows about my whereabouts. Especially when I am on my own, planning becomes necessary. A clear idea of what you want to do is going to work in your favour. However, you can always have an unplanned day and go with the flow only if you’re cautious.

Pack the essentials for a hassle-free trip

how to stay safe in Goa

To have a safe stay in Goa, ensure you have everything you need before leaving. I prefer travelling light as it becomes easier to use the local transportation—pack light clothes for Goa’s hot and humid weather. Don’t forget your sunscreen, lovelies! Take loads of them to protect your skin from the UV rays. After all, your skin needs safety as well, right? Keep in mind to pack pepper spray and basic safety things for your protection. Oh, and how can I forget about flip-flops? Trust me on it—flip-flops will be your best companion on your stay in Goa.

Choose your accommodation wisely

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to choose the right accommodation. As a solo female traveller, I prefer staying at a good location. I opted for a mid-range stay near Calangute Beach on my solo trip. Airbnb is a great option if you stay in Goa for a longer period. But make sure it is not in a remote location.

You can even opt for hostels if you’re on a budget. Hostels are a fun way to meet new people on your solo trip. You might even find a buddy. Have a look at zostel in Goa to have a fair idea about it.

First, keep your documents safe…

No matter where you are, keep your documents like passports, visas, and driving licences safe if you want to stay safe. Make extra copies of your document and carry them along as you wander off in Goa. Do not forget to upload your documents for emergency purposes.

Carry less cash

I have personally developed a rule while travelling solo. And that is not to carry a hefty amount of cash. I distribute my cash here and there in my luggage, phone case, and, well, obviously, some in my wallet. This ensures even if I am robbed, I am not completely broke. Well, I hope I never encounter such an experience!

If you’re travelling solo to Goa from outside India, keep in mind to always exchange money from a certified place. Oh, and don’t forget to collect your receipt. Always check bills before making the payment. This way, you will be safe from mishaps. 

Be aware of your surroundings

Goa is famous for parties, nightlife, fun, and adventures. It is mandated to be in your senses. Be aware of what is happening around you when you are on your solo stay in Goa.

Enjoy the nightlife and sway with the music. At the same time, ensure your safety. You are on your own, so all the responsibilities are on your shoulder. 

You’re in Goa—there are several things to do. Stay away from any sort of drug and drink responsibly. Drugs might lead you to legal trouble. Say a straight NO, and if any stranger seems fishy, I would suggest you remove yourself from the situation.

As I have travelled to Goa, I have realised Goa is the safest place for solo female travellers. The cops in Goa ensure their service runs all the time. Even if you’re an outsider, you can easily communicate and solve your problems. Besides, it is highly advisable to stay alert and safe in Goa.

Respect the culture and religion

No matter where you are on the Earth, you must respect the culture and religion of the place. Wear proper clothes while visiting some particular places. Goa is known for its churches. Maintain the decorum of such places, and you’re good to go.

Rent a bike or prefer any public transport for safe solo travel

how to stay safe in Goa

If you are a wanderer, I would suggest simply renting a two-wheeler. You will be sorted for the rest of your trip.

I have travelled, availing of the local transportation. This kept tensions at bay. It is the best way to stay safe in Goa. Also, I got to meet some amazing human beings. The insights on such a journey will leave you spellbound. The locals treat tourists like their own family members. This is mainly because the state relies on tourism for the economy. Travelling with the locals is one of the favourite parts of being a solo female traveller. The diverse set of questionnaires never fails to surprise me.

We enter the world alone, and we leave the world alone, so why not travel alone? Trust me, ladies—there is no turning back once you start your solo travel journey. Prioritise your safety and pack your little world in your backpack. Do share your experiences with me. I can’t wait to hear the stories of my fellow solo female travellers!

If there are any safety tips, please leave them in the comments. If you have been to Goa, let me know about your experience. Boss up and keep wandering, my ladies!


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