15 Reasons why Goa should be Your First Solo Travel Destination

I feel each of us should have the ability to take a solo trip. It truly is empowering. From wounds to healing, Goa lets you transform completely. Many ask me why I travel to Goa on a loop instead of exploring other cities. My answer is simple. There is nothing like Goa, and it sure has become a second home for me now. And you, too, will abide by my word once you experience the true essence of Goa’s lifestyle. 

The entire year goes by looking at the outside world from the windows above our office desk, seeing sunrises and sunsets from the pictures shared online, reading acts of kindness and love just through posts. This time let us experience it ourselves. The breeze in the hair, the fragrance in the air, sand between the toes, and letting our bodies repose – give yourself a break and plan a rejuvenating trip where you can lose yourself.

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Here, I will give a complete walkthrough that leaves you with no option but rather book your tickets for Goa.

Rewind to Unwind in 2021

Become a self-start machine and feel the blessing of being alive. Travelling is one source of connecting with yourself and feeling happiness in little things. Your first solo trip should be special. It should inspire you to make many more in the life ahead. Trip to Goa is perfect in every sense as it checks all the boxes from the checklist that we carry around looking for a place. The carefree nature of people, independence to explore, multiple options to find your interest, and solitude by the beach are just a few perks that this place offers. 

We always try to seek beyond what is offered through the brochures or websites. Goa is indeed filled with such hidden gems that are yet to be explored by you. I call Goa a mini-paradise for those who are waiting to be lost amidst nature. Goa as your first solo destination is ideal for nature lovers, hikers, and soul searchers. 

Flaunt your beach fashion

It is time to pull those beautiful sarongs and swimwear out of drawers and go skin-dipping in the ocean. Get that perfect tan on your body that you can flawlessly carry around. Apart from this, I am a big fan of beach dresses. Goa is one of India’s modern and forward-looking states, so wearing a bikini or a sarong dress is not a problem. You will vibe well with the crowd as tourists and locals wear such two-pieces by the beach. 

You can also plan your day and visit nearby shacks for a brunch, party, mocktail, or an impromptu date. Here are a few quick tricks that can help you turn your beach outfit into an evening dress in Goa. Firstly, carry a shrug in a boho design as they add an extra cool vibe to any dress. Wear a halter top over your bikini since it adds a dose of trendiness over the sarong. You can carry a fringe bucket bag, strappy sandals, and hoop earrings to transform your look.

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Beach vibe

Situated by the Western Ghats of the country, Goa is blessed with some spectacular beaches. Going to these beaches will let you relax and reset yourself. I am a water baby, and therefore, beaches are heavenly for me. I can spend my entire day there just looking at the waves crashing the shore, collecting little shells, and making a timeline video of the sunset.

Beaches in Goa offer tranquillity in nature, a hippie vibe, and a soothing environment. My favourite beaches are Calangute, Anjuna, Baga and Palolem beach. All these are located in secluded places where a major part of the crowd is not present. By the clean beaches of Goa, you can exfoliate with the sand, go sun-bathing or drink at beach lounge cafes. 

The ‘D’ factor is another reason to fall in love with the beaches of Goa. You will forget about all the supplements once you get into Vitamin D rich sun rays. What are you waiting for? Just book your tickets and feel the serenity of Goa yourself. 

Wander in the wildlife

Unlike other states of India, Goa is still not entirely commercialised. The government has not territorially marked the remote villages, coastline beaches, and deep forests of the area, giving us the golden opportunity to explore the unexplored. During my trip, I realised that this is one place where you can go for a hike and sea diving. All in one, isn’t it cool?

Visit Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary to see more than 450 species of bird. Alternatively, You can visit Goa’s Wildlife Sanctuary to see rare Pangolins, Guars, Crocodiles, Water Buffaloes, Chitals, and Elephants. Sail through the wonders of Rivona water caves and Arvalem caves, and when you get bored of this, go kayaking in the natural sanctuaries. 

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Divine yoga

Yoga lets you forget, forgive and move on from the experiences you have been holding onto. Yoga by the beach heals you beyond measures. This place is known as Yogic zen. There are innumerable ashrams, wellness centres, and retreats where travellers find their solace. These aesthetically crafted resorts evoke the quintessential quality of tranquillity. It will allow you to fill your soul with a calming vibe and spiritual energy.

Shopping extravaganza

Local markets of Goa are popular amongst foreign travellers. From flea markets to the night bazaars, these places are the top attractions. You can buy the best souvenirs to carry back home. Hippie clothes, boho dresses, beachwear, spices, herbs, jewellery, and handmade crafts are made especially with eco-friendly ingredients. 

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Participate in group activities

It is always fun to be a part of group activities. I will go for a solo trip but end up coming back with loads of friends from all across the world. I find this the best way to learn a new culture, language, and interest. In this aspect, Goa is the best place for solo women travellers as you can book your slot in many activities like fishing, yoga, dance, cooking, photography, heritage walks, and water sports.

Easy commuting

Goa is one place where you can rent the vehicle of your choice and independently pick your route. This is another reason why Goa is ideal for solo women travellers, as you do not have to be dependent on anyone for commuting. It is time to forget metro rides or chauffeur driver cars, rather pick a bicycle or a scooter and explore the new town to its core. You no longer have to wait in queues for public transport at a scheduled time. Enjoy the freedom of anywhere anytime when your heart pleases. Apart from easy rentals, Goa has good connectivity of inter-state buses that can take you to the interiors or remote villages. 

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Hang in hangover

Become an active member of partying, boozing, and dancing society of Goa’s nightclubs! There is no place like Goa in India when it comes to cool parties and memorable events. You can find your kind of crowd to chill with. There will be music, a bonfire, wine, fish and chips, and lots of happiness floating around the room. There is a happy hour during most evenings on the weekends so that you can enjoy cheap liquor yet in the best quality. All you need to do to get over your woes is to put on your party shoes and go carefree.

Safe and peaceful

Solo women travelling in India can be a little tricky. Along with the love of people, you will also get some unwanted attention and stares. For me, safety is the first concern when it is about travelling independently. Fortunately, this is not the case in Goa. You can simply ride off without thinking twice of your destination or the time. Goa is mostly safe for women as the nightclubs, beaches, shacks, and cafes are crowded with tourists. I will still advise you to carry pepper spray just to be on the safe side. 

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Budget-friendly hotels

As a solo women traveller, you should try booking an AirBnB or a Zostel. You will get to interact with fellow travellers and get a taste of the local culture. Without burning a hole in your pocket, you can pick your accommodation from many budget-friendly stay options. Goa welcomes tourists throughout the year, so it is advisable to book your stay well in advance and enjoy great discounts.

Seafood by sea-side

Goa is a paradise for all the seafood lovers out there. You can expect exotic fish, cocktails, and salads around beach shacks and street vendors. Eating the fresh fish and Konkani-styled curries are the best to enjoy from their local cuisine. 

Portuguese Architecture

Goa is ideal for history and art lovers. The female solo travellers roam around the city, adorning its beauty and architecture. Goa was a former Portuguese colony, so it is not a surprise to spot many English styles of houses, mansions, and bungalows.

Bring back the adventure spirit!

Goa is a place where untamed forests meet soothing beaches, and hippies indulge in meditation, quite ironic, right? But it indeed is true. Avail of this opportunity and spend time with yourself. Reset your power buttons and be prepared to face challenges ahead. How about facing your fears in Goa itself? I did this, and I am full board recommending you as well. 

You can pick any of the adventure sports from the array of water sports available. Moreover, you can pick a trail and go for a trek, go camping in the forest, or simply for a dive. I tried parasailing, snorkelling, and water skiing, and honestly, they have been the most refreshing moments of my trip. 

Learn the organic lifestyle

An organic lifestyle is a normal part of everyone’s life in Goa. Most of the locals have their own kitchen garden where they grow basic herbs, spices, and manure. They also avoid the use of plastic. They have built bins inside grounds to dispose of biodegradable waste and recycle the rest of the products. This is another reason why they promote handmade goods. From handcrafted paper to reusable water bottles, all sorts of everyday things are available here.

Camera’s day out

Goa is a paradise for shutterbugs. Be it morning, evening, or night – you will get a click for every mood. Beaches and hilltops are an added beauty to the natural flora of Goa. However, its old architecture, forts, and Churches remain my all-time favourite.

The main economy of Goa is driven by tourism. Locals are friendly and habitual of co-existing with foreigners. Due to this, there is no language barrier and, everyone is well versed in English. Goa is colourful, beautiful, chaotic, and inspiring in its own ways. All I wish for you is to Eat, See, Explore, Repeat!

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