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What comes to your mind when someone says “Goa”? Most people would answer – beaches. Even though Goa has a lot of other things to explore, it is predominantly known for its beaches and party life. Regardless of whether you are a party person or not, beaches will make your trip a memorable one for sure. 

You might have visited beaches elsewhere even if you have never been to Goa. A state that is primarily known for its beaches will not disappoint you at all. And I must say, they are something out of this world!

There is a whole heap of beaches in Goa. All of these beaches have something in common, for example, shacks. But they also differ from one another in unique ways.

During my solo trip to Goa, I visited a lot of beaches! All the famous ones, cleanest, biggest, quietest, calmest – you name it, Goa has got it! After exploring the Goa beaches thoroughly, I have shortlisted the ten best beaches that you must visit. These aren’t based on any one factor alone but on the experience as a whole.

1. Calangute beach

You would find this one on every blog, but why? Because it totally deserves to be on every list. Calangute beach is the largest and the most-visited beach in Goa. Nicknamed “Queen of the Beaches” in Goa, there’s no need to explain why it got that name.

Located around 15kms from the capital Panaji, this beach depicts the variety of Goa in one place. Be it the beauty of nature, or the adventurous water sports, or the parties on this beach. The markets here sell everything you’ll need – you name it, and they have it! There are also a lot of tourist spots around the area that you can visit including famous hotels and restaurants.

2. Baga beach

Located around 21kms from the capital, Baga beach is another popular beach in Goa! Famous for its water sports, you can also spot a lot of dolphins!

Some tourist attractions near Baga beach include Chapora Fort, Aguada Fort, and Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. I highly recommend you to visit these places, just like I did on my solo trip to Goa. And if you like to party, Baga is the perfect place for you. Not only is the place known for its famous beach, but also the parties here are the best in Goa.

If you end up visiting Baga beach on a Saturday evening, you have hit a home run. The flea market is open here on Saturdays from evening to midnight. You can buy colourful accessories, artifacts, clothes, and souvenirs from these markets. And not to forget, the street food here is something you must try along with all the shopping. If you wish to, you can also book a hotel here at an affordable price.

3. Palolem beach

Located 70kms from Panaji, Palolem beach is my favourite in Goa! It is a scenic beach and easily one of the most beautiful in Goa. It is slightly far away from the capital city and booking a cab till the beach is the fastest way to get here. You can also engage in a tonne of water sports like windsurfing, kayaking, banana ride, water scooter, paragliding, paddling, etc.

If you are a party person, you can find clubs here which are not so crowded, unlike other beaches. Also, due to the lesser crowds here, Palolem beach is a much safer beach than any other famous beach in Goa. And if you’re a shopaholic, you will most certainly not be disappointed. Also, if you are feeling adventurous and want a permanent souvenir of Goa, you can definitely get a tattoo from here too.

You are also covered for your evening snacks here. The Olive Room, Café Inn, Café Del Mar, and Dropadi are some of the many good restaurants and cafés that can suffice your hunger. After enjoying the beauty of the beach and partying here, you can also book a hotel according to your budget if you need a place to stay.

4. Keri beach

Also known as Querim beach, it is popular for its calmness, white sand, sea waves, and seclusion from the city’s hustle-bustle as it is 46kms away. Even though a lot of tourists do not visit this beach, you will not be disappointed if you enjoy the calm sea.

The one thing that separates Keri beach from the others is its serenity. If you happen to visit the beach to enjoy the sunrise, you will notice that there are hardly any people on the beach and the sea breeze is refreshing. The same happens after sunset as the beach returns to its state of tranquillity. During the afternoon, you will find a few dozen of people enjoying their time here and indulging in water sports like paragliding, surfing, kayaking, and banana ride. There are more than a few reasons that make Keri beach a must-visit.

The Chapora Fort, Tiracol Fort, and the St. Cajetan’s Church are some tourist attractions around the beach that are absolutely worth your time. There are also some famous restaurants like Rice Bowl and This Is It, which can be the spot for your lunch here. And if you wish to spend a night or two in the serenity of Keri beach, there are a lot of hotels for you to choose from, depending on how much you are willing to spend.

5. Mobor beach

This is one of the intact beaches in the state of Goa which, even after being one of the most popular, remains one of the cleanest and serene beaches. The crystal-clear water of the sea is an absolute treat to the eyes of the observers, and the scenic views are simply dazzling. 

Located around 49kms from the capital, hiring a car or bike is the simplest way to get to the beach. It is surrounded by a few churches that you can visit along with a lot of beaches nearby. If you are feeling adventurous, jet skiing, banana ride, Ringo ride, and parasailing are some of your options to explore here.

After the sunset, you can party here, or play casino games, or enjoy your favourite meal, or just walk around the beach, whatever you like. If you want a souvenir for your family members or for yourself, the shopping complex near Mobor beach is the best place. But remember, if you want to have the best experience here, make sure to visit the beach during the winter season as it is the perfect time for the vacation. And if you wish to stay around Mobor Beach, you can choose from several hotels without a worry in the world.

6. Miramar beach

Located just around 5kms from the capital, this white sand beach is the easiest one to reach from Panaji. From the white sand to the magnificent views of the sea, it is perfect for anyone and everyone. It also offers a variety of water sports like dolphin watching cruise, parasailing, fishing cruise, jet skiing, banana boat ride, and many others.

During the winter seasons, the weather is perfect for enjoying the cool sea breeze. Also, the migratory birds can be spotted around the beach, which is a treat to look at. Some places that you must check out during your visit to Miramar Beach are Aguada Fort, Parra Village, St. Lawrence Church, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and Dona Paula.

If you enjoy partying, Miramar beach has got you covered with some great bars and pubs. The restaurants and cafes here are quite famous too. During my solo trip, I visited The Brasserie, Food Land, and Simple Grills, and I highly recommend that you visit these as they offer delicious food at an affordable price.

Talking about shopping, you can find everything here. Due to the beach’s location, there are malls, shopping centers, and bazaars for you to take home some souvenirs. If you wish to spend a night or two around the beach, your options range from a five-star hotel to a budget-friendly one!

7. Benaulim beach

Located in South Goa, 40kms from Panaji, Benaulim beach is famous for its calm water and great weather. It is one of the cleaner beaches in Goa and is usually less crowded. This accentuates its tranquillity and gives you another reason to visit the beach.

Other than enjoying the calmness of the beach, you can indulge in water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and dolphin spotting, without spending a ton of money. When it comes to partying, Benaulim takes a 180° turn from its serenity and turns into an exciting party hall. Pedro’s Benaulim, The Red Ginger, and Ice Cube are some of the most famous clubs, pubs, and bars here. Be careful if you’re having a drink here, though. Coming to the Benaulim food, not only is the food great, but the service is also more than good.

You must visit the Goa Souvenir Shop, which sells affordable souvenirs. You can also book a hotel here which is mainly luxurious. However, you can find mid-level accommodations, too, after putting in a bit of effort. 

8. Morjim beach

Nicknamed “Little Russia,” a lot of Russians visit Morjim during November and February to escape the snowfall back in their home country. You will have to travel around 32kms from Panaji to get to this place and, if possible, do so during the winter seasons. It can get really hot in the summers, something that you must avoid.

You can visit Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, Vagator beach, and St. Alex Church which are all located around the beach and are major tourist attractions. Morjim beach is one of those beaches which offers some unique water sports like flyboarding, dolphin spotting, and surfing, in addition to the regular activities like jet skiing, bumper ride, and boat ride.

With a variety of pubs and bars nearby, this beach does not disappoint party lovers. Keep in mind that pubs and bars can become crowded easily. Also, if you wish to eat something, you can do so by visiting the restaurants here, a lot of which are open until midnight. You can also spend your nights here at an affordable price. 

9. Colva beach

White sand, blue waves, and coconut trees are the highlighting features of Colva beach. Located 34kms from the capital, you can take a taxi and be there within 40 minutes. The best thing about Colva beach is that you can experience the calm weather here all year round, something unique to this beach.

While you’re here, do visit the Burnzam Ghor, Church of Our Lady of Mercy, and the Goa Chitra Museum, as these are some of the best tourist attractions. Typical water sports like parasailing, banana boat ride, and jet skiing are available here too. The unique one here is the water scooter which ensures an experience like none other!

Club Sunshine, Club Margarita, Boomerang Bar, and Wendy’s Fire are some of the many amazing clubs for you to spend your night partying. You can also experience a wide variety of cuisines that you’ll thoroughly enjoy here. Colva beach is also famous for its resorts that you can try out and be rest assured that you won’t be disappointed. 

This is also a heaven for shoppers, and you can find some affordable deals in the flea markets here. Make sure you carry your camera, among other things, to click amazing pictures of not only yourself but also the scenic beauty of the beach!

 10. Agonda beach

Last but definitely not least, Agonda beach is famous for the Olive Ridley sea turtles, white sand, and blue water. You can cover the 70kms long distance in two hours from Panaji via a bus or a taxi. This is one of the cleanest beaches that are not heavily populated with tourists, something not very common in Goa.

Some places that you can visit around Agonda beach are Palolem beach, Mobor beach, Rock Formations, Cabo De Rama Fort, and Chapoli Dam. I would personally suggest you visit the Rock Formations because it is quiet and a very picturesque spot, perfect for your next Instagram post! Basic water sports like kayaking, surfing, parasailing, motorboat ride, banana ride, and jet skiing are all present here.

The party life in Agonda is something different from the rest. Pubs like Silent Noise Club, Gatsby’s Pub, Johnny’s Cool, and Smuggler’s Inn are some of the many that you must check out. The restaurants and cafes here are amazing, just like the beach itself. Talking about shopping and spending your nights here, you have a lot of options to choose from, and you won’t be disappointed.

So ladies, are you ready to hit the beaches in Goa already?

So that’s it for this blog. I know it is a lot of information to digest in one go, but there are many more beaches as well. These were just some of the best ones that you must visit during your solo trip. Stay alert and stay safe at the crowded beaches in Goa. Because when I say “crowded,” I mean a horde of a crowd! Also, keep in mind that most of the beaches in Goa offers some water sports which are more or less similar.

If you are planning a solo trip to Goa, check out my blog on 5-day Goa solo trip itinerary, and it will help you a lot. And if you have any suggestions or any questions, please use the comment section and reach out to me.

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