Is Uber Available in Goa?

The answer is YES. Uber does operate in Goa, but due to its late entry into Goa, it is not very popular. And that’s why the density of Uber drivers in Goa is very low. Ola and Uber entered Goa’s transportation market in mid-2019. Soon after that, Coronavirus reached India, resulting in a nationwide lockdown. Due to the lockdown, Uber and Ola didn’t get the chance to expand their business in Goa.

Another reason Uber is not fluently available in Goa is the locals are already very used to local apps like GoaMiles. GoaMiles is one of the local state-made cab services which is very famous among the citizens of Goa. Moreover, this app and some other apps are a very tough competition to Uber and Ola in Goa. However, most tourists who visit Goa for the first time always try to book Ola and Uber. But due to the low driver density, they don’t get satisfactory results and opt for local transportation.

Best alternatives to Uber in Goa


GoaMiles is one of the best mobile cab booking services in Goa. The app-based taxi service is stiff competition to the other two popular apps providing the same service, Ola and Uber. Moreover, the service-providing app also has support from the government of Goa. Apart from that, GoaMiles also offers about 40% lower prices than local taxi drivers and other apps. The app provides multiple payment gateways like UPI, Net Banking, Wallet apps, Cards, and Cash, making it very easy and convenient to take a cab through GoaMiles.

GoaMiles offers a lot of types of cabs too. Such as, if you are travelling alone on a solo trip, I suggest you take their Hatch or Sedan cabs. Whereas, if you travel in a group or with family, you can book SUVs from the app. Also, the app is straightforward and handy, making it more convenient. Since the app’s interface is similar to Uber and OLA, travellers from outside of Goa who are used to OLA and Uber never face any problems while using the app. 

Rent bikes or scooters

You often hear of renting a bike or scooter in Goa from your friends or family who have already been to Goa. Renting a motorcycle or scooter is one of Goa’s safest and cheapest travel modes. If you are on a solo trip to Goa, I recommend renting a bike or scooter from any nearby stand in Goa. Apart from their low prices, which are Rs. 400 to Rs. 800, you can also move freely anywhere in Goa. You can ask the hotel staff you are residing in for the nearest bike or scooter provider. However, you can find them on every corner of Goa. If you just entered Goa by bus or train, you can find them near the bus stop and railway station. 

Public transportation

Public transport options are also available in Goa like buses, taxis, etc. The Kadamba Transport Corporation manages the major part of the bus services in Goa. You can find their buses easily on the roadways of Goa as these buses well connect corners of Goa. Kadamba Transport Corporation has four depots in Goa, and over 15 bus stops are spread all over Goa. However, if you want to move inside the cities of Goa, you can use other private bus services which operate in the cities of Goa.

You will also find local taxis and autos on the roads of Goa. However, I recommend you only consider taking an auto or taxi if there’s a Goan with you. Otherwise, they can cost you a lot more than the original price and make you fool by roaming their auto and taxis on random streets to make the ride look longer. 

Motorcycle taxis

Another best way to roam and reach anywhere in Goa is taking bike taxis. If you are on a solo trip but don’t know how to ride a motorcycle or scooter, it doesn’t mean that the options of cheap and open-air transportation have ended for you. You can opt for the bike taxis, which are run by the drivers or commonly referred to as pilots and only carry one passenger at a time. Moreover, the motorcycle taxis in Goa have their fixed charges, which are ₹5 for the first Kilometre and 2.5 for each additional Kilometre. 

Hiring car

Hiring a car is another good option for solo travellers travelling with family or friends. If you are a solo traveller and don’t want to book a hotel room one day, you can consider hiring a car if you know how to drive. You can rent a car from local car renters or with the help of apps like Zoom car. Zoom car provides vehicles with all India permits, so you can move freely anywhere you want without any problem. Moreover, renting a car can also be a good option for you as a solo traveller if, for some reason, you have to carry your luggage everywhere you are going. The rent of the car can be anywhere from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1200, but it can vary according to your preference of car and the season you are visiting Goa. 

Uber vs. local transportation in Goa

Is Uber Available in Goa?

If you are a regular Uber user, you can try to book a cab through Uber, but you will probably get nothing other than wasting time. However, if you get a taxi via Uber by your luck, you will still spend more money than the other local services like GoaMiles, which provides rides with 40% lesser fares. You can try the local transportation options of Goa like bike taxis or hire bikes and scooters as it will give you more mobility than the other options. Also, these options are way cheaper than taxis and autos in Goa. 


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