What is the Best Mode of Local Transport to Explore Goa?

Goa has several options for public and private transport. You can take a bus or rent a bike or a car. You can also opt to ride on a ferry or use the unique motorcycle taxi, which is found mainly in this state. My first choice is always to rent a bike and explore the hidden gems of the beautiful state. However, if you are a female solo traveller, you can also choose the option of women’s taxi services. So, let us explore some commuting options in detail to explore Goa as a solo female traveller.

1. Rent a bike

I prefer this as the best method of commuting all across Goa. Not only is it enjoyable and liberating but also very economical. The added benefit to this method of commuting is that you can make the schedule according to your will instead of being pressured by the timings of a bus or the fear of not getting a cab or a taxi. Moreover, it is very convenient to rent a bike in Goa. You can book one right after walking out of the airport terminal or railway station. You can also ask your hotel staff for the closest shop to rent a bike.

Bikes can be rented in nearly every nook and corner of the state, making it the easiest way to explore Goa. The dealers charge about Rs. 300 for a bike per day. However, the charge can increase from Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 if you want to hire a geared bike. But it will still be a cost-efficient method of transportation. 

2. Motorcycle rickshaws

If you do not know how to ride a bike but still want to experience travelling on one, then motorcycle rickshaws are for you. They are a unique mode of transportation found mainly in Goa. Besides, they are your own personal ‘pilots,’ which we call the rickshaw drivers. This is a very cost-efficient method for solo travellers. It can accommodate only one person, and you can choose to travel long or short distances as per your wish.

Moreover, as per the government’s guidelines, the charge for travelling every 2.5 Km is five rupees. So, you can do the math and learn how economical this option is for you. The pilots are usually middle-aged men and are quite friendly to travel with. Also, on a lighter note, they will not let you get bored as they have numerous stories to tell.

3. Autorickshaw and cab

Transport in Goa

If you do not feel like riding bikes or are not comfortable sitting on one, then Goa has plenty of other options. You can hire an autorickshaw or a cab to go around the places. However, be ready to haggle and negotiate with the drivers. You better sharpen your negotiating skills before taking an autorickshaw or a cab because they rarely charge the price approved by the government. Most of the rickshaws are not even metered. Also, you will not be highly over-charged as the drivers fix the rate according to the kilometres you travel.

4. Women taxi services

This is the most convenient and one of the safest options for solo women travellers. The government has introduced the women’s taxi service, which is operated by women only. Moreover, these taxis are also metered. I loved the experience of travelling in a women’s taxi as it had all the essential facilities like GPS and printed bills. This way, you are aware of how much they are charging you and the reason for the charges. Besides, the booking is made through a centralised call centre, and they have also installed panic buttons in the cars in case of any emergency.

The number for booking a women’s taxi service is- +91-832-2437437.

5. Bus

One of the cheapest options to travel across Goa is by bus. The buses connecting the urban areas of Goa are numerous and very easy to use. In addition, they run on their schedule most of the time. Besides, I love how you get an opportunity to talk to the local people on these buses. The experience is delightful as the people of Goa are warm and welcoming. The only downside to this mode of travel is that you have to plan a schedule as per the bus’s timings. 

6. Ferry

The ferry in Goa rides only through a few routes but believe me, it will be a wonderful experience. You get a chance to experience the waterways of Goa. So do not miss it. The routes covered by the ferry are- Old Goa to Divar Island, Cavelossim to Assolna, Betim to Panjim, and Querim to Tiracol. This mode of travel is also very cost-effective.

7. Private Chauffeur

If you are willing to travel across Goa in Luxury, then you can go for the option of hiring a private chauffeur. Renting a private car with a driver costs nearly Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000 daily. However, if you are not planning to go sightseeing for the entire day, the better option is to hire a pre-paid taxi service. 

Tip for taxi travel

Here are some tips from my experience of solo travel in Goa. Hopefully, this will help you on your trip as well.

  • Remember to fix a price with the driver before getting inside the cab or taxi. This will help you to avoid any dispute related to overpricing.
  • Be sure to turn on your GPS to track your route, as many drivers can take a longer route to charge you more.
  • Another option would be to befriend a local so that you can get the contacts of some trusted taxi services. This will also help you to save some money.

Tip for bus travel

  • The front of every bus has the destination and the major stop points written on it in English. However, if you still face some queries, you can reach the locals or the bus conductor as they are always happy to help.
  • If you have missed your bus because of arriving late at the bus stop, then do not worry as buses can be stopped anywhere on the road.
  • Also, remember to keep some change for the bus fare as the conductors usually do not accept significant currencies.

Travel safe

Transport in Goa

Now that you are acquainted with all the significant means of transportation, you can choose the best among them as per your preferences. However, my favourite is renting a bike or women’s taxi service as they are the safest modes of exploring the state for women. But you do not have to worry about safety much as Goa is a very secure place and Goan people are very friendly and helpful. Hopefully, you will enjoy exploring the beautiful and exciting state irrespective of whatever transport you choose.

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