Can I Rent a Bike in Goa?

YES, you can always rent a bike for travelling in Goa. Unlike other cities where you have to go through the troubles of private cabs just for one person or commuting by overcrowded buses, Goa provides you with the convenient option of renting a bike or a scooter. This gives you the freedom to travel to every nook and corner of the destinations freely. It is even more liberating as a woman as you do not have to worry about being squeezed into crowded public transport. Hire a bike and freely explore the tiny yet beautiful state while letting the gentle breeze refresh you. 

Where can I rent a bike in Goa?

Finding a bike provider is very easy in Goa, as you can find them at any nook of the state. You can see numerous shops renting bikes just as you come out of the railway station or bus stand. However, Panaji is the best place to rent your bikes from. You can also ask the hotel staff for the nearest bike renting store. 

What is the cost of renting a bike in Goa?

Can I Rent a Bike in Goa?

The rate of renting a bike is affected by different factors like it costs more in the peak season whereas the cost decreases in the off-season. The expense also depends on the kind of bike you choose to ride. For instance, for an Activa scooter, you may be charged about Rs. 400 a day. On the other hand, a high-end bike may cost you at least Rs. 1200 per day. These prices usually fall in the offseason to Rs. 250 and Rs. 900, respectively.

Do I need a license to rent a bike in Goa?

YES, before renting a bike in Goa, certain documents are mandatory. These documents are-

  • License- Your original license is kept by the bike dealer, while you can keep a copy of the license to drive the bike in the state. 
  • Identity proof- You need to submit a valid ID proof like your passport to the bike dealer.
  • Bike documents- Now, it is your turn to take all the required documents for the bike from your dealers. It is mandatory to show cops if the need arises without any exception of being a tourist or not.

What are some things to keep in mind before renting a bike in Goa?

Precaution is always better than regretting later. Hence, make sure to follow these guidelines before renting a bike-

Testing the bike

It is best to test your bike for at least two hundred metres before making the deal. There can be dealers who will give you old bikes that may look fine but cause problems while travelling. Besides, it is of utmost importance to check the breaks, indicators, headlights, etc., before taking it on the road, as Goa has several roads without streetlights. Hence, do not skip this important step of checking all the functions of your rented bike.

Fill the fuel

The rented bike usually does not have enough fuel in it. So it is advisable to fill up your tank before hitting the road as it is better than getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. 

Jot down the dealer’s information

It is necessary to write the dealer’s number so that you can call if you run into any trouble. The dealers usually have a wide connection and can send help to most places in the city.

Record the condition of the bike

Please take a picture of the bike before you rent it. This will save you from paying a fine for things you have not done. Pictures will prove whether the bike was already damaged or not. 

Take that helmet

For all those who hate wearing helmets, here is where you will have to compromise a bit. It is extremely important to wear your helmet, as not wearing one will cause you a fine. Besides, the cost of the helmet is already added to the rental, so why waste money and then pay extra as your fine.

Return in time

Return the bike within the given time, as any delay will be charged by your bike dealer.

Safety is necessary

Wherever you go, you are bound to find some troublemakers. So there are chances that you may find some of them on the road too who try to race away or take you over. Hence, it is better to keep calm and maintain your speed limit instead of trying to fight with them. Avoid spoiling your travel experience by getting in a dispute with such rowdies. Prioritise your safety and enjoy your visit to the beautiful state, as biking will be a very memorable experience.

What caution should I take before hiring a bike in Goa?

Can I Rent a Bike in Goa?

The most important thing you have to be cautious about is always hiring a bike with a yellow-coloured number plate. This is because bikes with yellow number plates belong to the Tourist Taxi Owner Association and are legal to rent. In contrast, the bikes with white number plates usually belong to private dealers and are rented illegally. So, in case you fall into any trouble, the local police will seize your vehicle, and you may be left stranded with nobody to help you. Hence, it is better to be aware and rent the bikes with yellow number plates only.


As a solo traveller, it is one of the best options to rent a bike and travel throughout the state carefree. It is safe and economically a better option as you do not have to pay for cab service just for one person. Besides, you get the independence of exploring each and every part of the state without worrying about the fact, “What if I do not get any transport service this late?”. So rent a bike and go anywhere you wish without constraints and hesitation.


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