Where do Solo Travellers Gather in Goa?


Goa is a major destination for solo travellers. On your solo trip to Goa, you will come across many amazing people from different parts of the world. You will have the time of your life enjoying the hippie culture!

Moreover, ladies, you can always hit up the popular joints in Goa if you want to meet fellow solo travelers. There are various hostels, markets, beach shacks, cafes, and bars where solo travellers gather during their time in Goa. 

Read further to know where you can head to meet and hang out with other travellers in Goa.

1. Chill and have fun at these beach shacks

Beach shacks are the most common place to have fun in Goa. I personally love them. These shacks are a great way to meet travellers from around the world.

Shiva Valley

It is on one of the major beaches of North Goa, Anjuna. Shiva Valley gets livelier as the night grows. They host parties every Tuesday, where many of the hippies gather.


Curlies is where all major gatherings take place. Being the best beach shack in Goa, the place is flooded with people. If you’re a party animal, you can’t get enough of this place. Parties take place throughout the week. However, Thursdays are a bit special. I have been there once on a Thursday night, and let me tell you, the place is an absolute maniac. You can munch on some snacks as you meet all kinds of travellers here.

Tantra Beach Shack

Another beach shack to chill out is the Tantra Beach Shack. You can hop from this shack to Curlies and Shiva Valley throughout your time as they are on the same beach. This way, you can engage with more people.

2. Cafés are popular in Goa for many reasons

A little chit-chat over a cup of freshly brewed coffee sounds perfect, isn’t it? Well cafes in Goa, along with food, have various activities. Hence, there are many such joints where individual travellers gather.


If art, food, and meeting people are things you love, then head to Artjuna. On the way to Anjuna beach, you can take a quick break at this café. This place has my heart! Strolling around here makes my heart happy.

Mango Tree

This is a place where you can enjoy food and drinks. It is also perfect for catching up with fellow solo travellers.

Café B3

If you are a solo woman traveller who simply loves to ride, visit Café B3. It is like a biker cafe made for riders. The café is around Vagator, Goa. Riders from different parts of the world come here to share their experience. This place’s vibe, food, and culture are perfect for such gatherings.

3. What is a better place to gather than in markets in Goa? 

You know it as well. Markets are the best place to gather. Therefore, you will meet many solo travellers here.

Flea Market

One of the popular markets in Goa is the Flea market. Most travellers and locals head to this market on Wednesdays. I always look forward to visiting this market every time I am in Goa.

Mapusa Market

As you shop at Mapusa Market on Fridays in North Goa, be ready to get together with other solo travellers.

4. Partake in some classes to make new friends 

If you’re in Goa for a longer period, it is always a good idea to take part in some classes. This way, you can make new friends on your solo vacation.

Tito’s Whitehouse Classes

Tito’s Whitehouse Classes are all about fitness. You can take yoga classes to tap into your inner soul. Or you can enrol in kickboxing to kick out the aggression. 

Anjuna Local Culinary Classes

Goa is popular for its cuisine. You can look at my ultimate food guide of Goa to savour all the good things. However, learning how to cook it is a great deal. Many foreigners on their solo trips to Goa opt for this activity. Besides meeting them, you will also have an opportunity to get in touch with the local people of Goa. The classes start from Rs. 1500.

5. Some of the hostels that receive tremendous footfall of solo travellers in Goa

Hostels are the best kind of place where solo travellers not only gather but stay together for days.


This place is worth the hype. Staying here during one of my Goa trips was the best decision I ever made regarding accommodation. You get to meet like-minded people, and nothing is more joyous than that. The idea of sharing the same passion for solo travel with fellow backpackers brightens me up instantly. I highly recommend staying at Zostel, Goa, at least once.

Jungle by The Hostel Crowd

This hostel has a good environment for solo women travellers. It is one of the best places where solo travellers gather in Vagator.

Prison Hostel

The location of this place is what makes it popular among travellers. It is also near the flea market. So you are in for a treat to meet new people here.

Old Quarter

A hostel in the capital city of Goa has to garner the attention of all backpackers. Thus, this is probably the best joint in the city for such gatherings.

6. A major chunk of solo travellers gather at bars and clubs

Club Cubana

My go-to nightclub in Goa. The only nightclub in Goa that has demarcated a ladies’ dance zone. Hence, you will find all free-spirited women dancing their hearts out here. They gather here to engage and party till the wee hours. Their biggest party nights take place on Fridays. And boy, oh boy! The place is filled with all kinds of people.

Nine Bar 

This is a trance party place. Therefore, you can expect many people to gather here in Vagator, Goa. However, take care of yourself and keep an eye on your surroundings.

Guru Bar

A bar on the cliff in Anjuna offers a surreal view of day time. If you dislike parties, this bar is open during the day. You can visit here and hog on food as you meet other solo travellers.

No matter where you are, always be aware of your environment

Where do Solo Travellers Gather in Goa?

I know meeting fellow solo travellers is always tempting. But you have to consider safety first. You can read more on this topic in my blog post, “How to stay safe in Goa as a solo female traveller.” I hope it will be of some help. However, do not worry much and miss out on the fun part!

Keep travelling, ladies!

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