What are the Most Picturesque Places in Goa?


A tiny yet diverse state, Goa is one of the go-to places in India. Alike me, the love for Goa is never-ending in foreign and domestic travellers. So, what are the most picturesque places in Goa? You might wonder which one to not miss out on. Well, in short, there are many. The endless list includes forts, hilltops, Fontainhas, unique beaches, tranquil churches to modern cafes

As I did on my solo travel, you will also develop a personal connection with each place. Goa has become my second home now. If you are eager to visit Goa but in a dilemma about the safety in Goa, take a look at this blog post. Stay a little longer here to discover more about these picturesque places in Goa. 

1. Fontainhas: The Latin quarters of Goa

It is very unlikely that you are planning a trip to Goa and haven’t heard about Fontainhas. The “Oh so bright walls” of this neighbourhood in Old Goa are ruling social media. This picturesque place carries the essence and influence of the Portuguese style. It was once a place where the Portuguese rulers settled. The sights of Portuguese architecture are a treat for travellers indeed. 

You can spend hours navigating through the narrow lanes of the neighbourhood. Every now and then, you will come across colourful houses and wall arts that serve as a perfect background for your pictures. So be ready to pose and soak in the Portuguese culture. 

2. Palolem Beach

In my opinion, the name Goa has a direct connotation with beaches. There are exceptional and picturesque beaches in Goa that are worth the mention. Palolem beach is one such beach well known for its enigmatic beauty. This place is not so crowded and is perfect for a leisure day. 

You can relax and unwind at this beach in your shack. Sip on some drinks and get some vitamin D, keeping the stress at bay. If you ask me, there is no better way to end your solo vacation in Goa than this. And of course, you cannot miss out on the nightlife at this beach. The “silent disco” here is amazing!

To know all the offbeat/hidden locations in South Goa, check out my article, Exploring South Goa on Solo Travel Journey

3. Parra Road

While talking about the most picturesque places in Goa, how can I not talk about the evergreen Para road? This picturesque place became famous after being featured in a Bollywood film named “Dear Zindagi.” A fun fact about this place is you can find this road on Google maps with the same name.

Get your cameras ready. Ladies, set up your tripod and click yourself standing between these sky-high coconut trees. I bet this frame is going to be one of your favourites.

4. Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount

It is another picturesque place in Old Goa. The church or Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount is a beautiful white Roman Catholic church. The church sits quietly on a hilltop. Hence, you will find not only this place eye-soothing but also soul-soothing. 

You can easily drive or take public transport to the church. The view from the hilltop adds an extra oomph to this place. If you are a Bollywood movie buff, you must have already seen this Chapel feature in a few movies. 

If you are visiting Goa in November, check out the dates of the music festival that takes place in the Chapel. But I like to visit the church during the rainy season or just after it, as one can wander about the Chapel in all its glory during this time.

5. Cabo De Rama Fort: The Ruins

Fan of exploring forts? Head to the Cabo De Rama Fort. You can take long walks and explore the bits and corners of the fort. It is another place that is known for its beauty. You can spend a few hours in and around the fort. 

All you need is your camera, and you’re sorted.

6. Vagator Hilltop

This place deserves to be mentioned in the list of most picturesque places in Goa. Vagator is among North Goa’s most popular beaches. But what attracts tourist is the Vagator hilltop. The hippie wanderers pour in from all over the world to this place for its beauty.

You can roam around and find different angles to capture. It is also one of the most Instragammable places in Goa. Make sure to catch a glimpse of the sunset from here.

7. Arambol Beach

The buzz around Arambol beach is rising with time. I insist you visit this place in North Goa for its picturesque beauty and the hippie vibe still intact at this beach. There’s so much more to this traditional fisherman’s village. It is quaint and appealing. To know more about this village, click here.

When you are in Arambol, you do not have to worry about your safety at night. Arambol has a very happening nightlife. You have tons of things to do at this place. There’s a sweet water lake adjacent to the beach. It is secluded and so peaceful that you will not feel like leaving it. Get there early in the morning, and you have everything to yourself. Go for a swim and immerse yourself in the tranquil environment.

8. Purple Martini at Sunset Point

When you say picturesque places in Goa, this place pops up in my mind. This one café, in particular, steals the show. From location to views and ambience to the food, you should visit this place at least once on your solo trip to Goa

The X-factor about this place lies in its location. It is right on the hilltop at Anjuna beach, with the pristine Arabian Sea at a distance. This makes way for you to enjoy epic sunsets from here. Do try out their fusion cocktails and sway into the night.

Are these places worth a visit?

What are the Most Picturesque Places in Goa?

I do not have a second thought regarding this. You can visit these places numerous times, and it will still be worth it. So, these are my top recommendations for the most picturesque places in Goa. You can plan your vacation accordingly. Hopefully, it will be of great help.

Until next time, keep travelling.

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