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Nightlife and Goa are synonymous. If you are looking forward to spending time in Arambol Beach, you must be wondering – How is the nightlife in Arambol Beach? Here you go – The Arambol Beach in North Goa is famous for its nightlife and bohemian vibe. I bet you will feel the adrenaline rush as you sway into the nightlife in Arambol Beach on your solo female trip to Goa. 

There must be a plethora of queries crippling inside your mind. Wondering to know about the less-crowded Arambol beach, the shacks, where to unleash your party animal, and so on? Read on, and I have got you covered on nightlife in Arambol Beach.

Little about the bohemian Arambol Beach

One of the most picturesque beaches in Goa, Arambol Beach, is gaining popularity, and all for the right reasons! The gem of North Goa, the beach attracts travellers all across the nation for its tranquil charm. Arambol beach is an ideal location for your solo vacation if you want to escape the monotony of daily life. Your search for solitude on your solo travel ends here.

Arambol beach is covered with forests on one side and sea on the other. It is a hippie’s paradise. If you are looking for solitude on your solo female travel, then this beach provides it all. The fantastic nightlife in Arambol beach steals the show. The live-music shows engage people and captivate them. Along with it, numerous open-air events take place across the beach. The watersports are perfect for adventure junkies.

If you are a woman who loves to hog on food and wants to savour all the delicacies, don’t you worry. The sunset and barbeque parties are there to excite you with the lip-smacking food. 

And there are several activities to take part in. If you are exploring the beach on your own, you’re well connected to the other parts of Goa. The beach borders the other two beaches of North Goa that are Mandrem and Keri Beach.

Nightlife and safety

how is nightlife in arambol beach

Amidst all the enjoyment, thrills, and adventure, certain concerns don’t seem to leave our minds. Safety tops the list of concerns. Nightlife in Goa demands you to stay alert all the time. Especially when you are a female, and you are travelling alone. Not only during the night but solo female travellers are also bound to take extra measures for their own sake of safety during their course of travel. Here are a few points to keep in mind to stay safe while swaying with the music. I have gathered these from my experience as a solo female traveller.

  • Gather information about the local women’s helpline number in case of emergencies. This will help you to get aid immediately.
  • Keep your phone charged. This is a very vital point to keep in mind while travelling solo. Your gadgets must be charged as they are your go-to in time of need.
  • Be alert. Stay aware of your surroundings and location. Party in well-reputed clubs, not in the cheap ones just to save your pocket pinch.
  • While you immerse yourself in the nightlife of Goa, keep an eye on what you are drinking or consuming.
  • On your solo trip to Goa, stay connected with your friends and family. Keep them updated with your every location and also the sudden plans.
  • Sudden plans or last-minute plans are the advantages that we get when we are exploring places on our own. But be extra careful if you make new plans at night and do not rely on anybody or your newfound friends.
  • Keep pepper spray, scissors, or any other item handy in your bag for your protection.
  • Lastly, stay calm and enjoy yourself. Don’t attract unnecessary attention, and you are good to go for the night.

How is the nightlife in Arambol Beach?

Now, let’s jump into the nightlife in Arambol Beach and find out what the buzz is all about. The most Northern beach of Goa hosts the most exciting clubs, bars, secret parties, and open-air events. Besides every other activity available, the nightlife that Arambol Beach provides brings all the travellers to this beach. Where to party and how to party everything is covered below.

Arambol Sunset Party

As you witness the sun go down on the distant horizon, get ready to groove. Arambol hosts the best sunset parties on the beach. The dawn is the favourite time for travellers on the beach. Shake a leg to the quirky, upbeat music along with the magical sunset. Sip on your drink, try your hand at juggling, and enjoy the breeze in your hair. This is probably the best way to kick-start your evening and dance into the night. If you are a music buff and have a knack for playing an instrument, then roll up your sleeves. Join the jamming session with the locals and tourists. The bonus is it is free for all.

Coco Loco Club

One of the famous bars in Arambol, this bar is a casual hangout place for party-goers. The bar situated on the side of the beach works as an advantage. If you want some fresh air, you can always walk out of the club and feel the breeze. The place is also known for its Latin music. The beverages and food of this place are top class! If you love to try your hand at something new, then check beforehand as this place also hosts salsa classes for their guests.

Red Rock Bar Club

All in one spot. This place serves all the purposes. If you want, you can spend your time in the pub or bar and dance through the night. Or if you simply want to sit by yourself at the central cafe and enjoy the music while enjoying the food and view, you can search for that as well. The choice is yours! Added upon that is the beachfront view. You get to see the Arambol beach right in front of you as you enjoy the nightlife by yourself.

Sporting Heroes Club

You are on your solo female trip to Goa, and enjoying the nightlife is a must, especially for extroverts. Sporting Heroes Club is the go-to place for ardent music lovers. You can also jump into the pool and enjoy the karaoke system at this place. There is also widespread food and beverages at this club to grab your attention.

Arambol Carnival

If you happen to organise your trip around February, you get to witness the Goa Carnival held every year during this month. Access to this event is free. Open mic is held at the concert to encourage and bring original music to the front. The best part is saved for the last. After the music concert gets over, the after-party starts. The after-party at the beach gets wild as the night grows. The amalgamation of culture is quite evident during this carnival. Hence, you should not miss this opportunity to experience a different nightlife at Arambol!

Where to stay at Arambol?

Finding proper accommodation near the beach is necessary to enjoy Arambol’s nightlife. Read on to discover how to plan for Goa on a budget. You can easily reach Arambol via cab from Panaji or the Goa International Airport. Book yourself a nice stay near the beach. An array of accommodations are available for you to choose from. You can either opt for the resorts or guest houses near the beach, such as Sunshine Guest House, Hype Beach Resort, RAMA Beach Resort, Lotus Sutra, etc. There are also shacks available near the beach to minimise the budget.

Immerse yourself into the unfiltered nature

Nature does its magic every time. On this trip to Arambol Beach, Goa, enjoy the nuances of life. Find happiness in the little things. Besides enjoying the nightlife, also visit the tourist attraction near the beach. Indulge in adventure activities during the day. Explore the culture and bond with the locals over food and conversations.

Let me know in the comments if you have been to Arambol. Please feel free to share your experience of Arambol’s nightlife! Happy travelling, ladies!


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