Which are the Hippiest Places to Visit in Goa?

Hippies from America began infiltrating the Indian peninsula in the early 1970s. After stopping at various locations in the sub-continent, they chose Goa as the last spot on their hippie trail. The lovely beaches, Goan hospitality, and little interference from the government made these hippies form a permanent base in Goa.

Today, a major part of the charm and allure that Goa exudes is because of the influx of this migrant hippie culture. Over the years, they have formed their unique Goan culture and contributed to the tourism industry here.

So, if you are intrigued by the hippies and their way of life, Goa is the perfect destination to find tonnes of these happy-go-lucky people. Goa is a paramount part of the hippie trail in the world. But, if you want to go to places specifically run by hippies or have a contagious hippie vibe about them, scroll down below.

1. Arambol Beach – Hippie haven

One of Goa’s most gorgeous beaches is Arambol Beach. The majority of hippies came to like Arambol over time. Sweetwater lagoon, a valley in the bush, and hot springs with healing minerals ideal for mud baths are all located at the further end of the beach. During the nights, Arambol Beach frequently hosts drum circles and poi dances. 

Drum circles are music and dancing events happening at this beach’s furthest end. Travellers, hippies, and ex-pats meet up to play drums while the others dance in circles around them. The atmosphere is lively and oozes with happiness.

Things to do in Arambol:

  • Arambol drum circles
  • Bathe in hot water springs and take rejuvenating mud baths
  • Unwind in Arambol’s hammocks
  • Shop at the hippie market in Arambol

2. Anjuna Flea Market – Hedonistic hippies paradise

Anjuna Flea Market in Goa is a hippy’s paradise where you may score a great deal on hippie clothing, trinkets, souvenirs, and handicrafts. In the 1960s, hippy travellers used this weekly market to barter their one-of-a-kind goods. There can’t be a better place to go if you’re looking for the greatest Tibetan and Nepali things. You can also get your body pierced or your hair coloured at the stalls. If you’re in Goa, you should take a break from partying and explore the distinct character of this flea market that hums with Goan flavours.

Things to do in Anjuna Flea Market:

  • Get your hair coloured
  • Get your body pierced
  • Buy cool headgear and tribal facemasks
  • Invest in some inexpensive macrame jewellery or funky beaded jewellery
  • Buy beachy bikini sets

3. Vagator Beach – The real hippie beach

hippie places in goa

The hippy haven of Vagator beach, close to Anjuna, is well-known for the raves that took place there in the 1990s. There are wonderful restaurants around where you can watch the sunset. Since the 1980s, Disco Valley, a section of Vagator Beach, has been the premier location in Goa for trance parties. Disco Valley has some well-known outdoor clubs that draw large crowds to the beach. Every Wednesday, there is a flea market close to the shore.

Things to do at Vagator:

  • Enjoy the vibrant nightlife dancing with hippies at various nightclubs.
  • Visit the Disco Valley to enjoy some trance parties.

4. Arpora Night Market – Get your hippie high here

The night market at Arpora is famously called the Saturday Night Market or the Saturday Night Bazaar. With a huge collection of jewellery, clothes, trinkets, and souvenirs, this market easily becomes the largest shopping event in Goa. Here you can find a cosmopolitan and hippie culture. This market is held only during the high tourist season. You will find hippies selling all kinds of beaded jewellery or playing musical instruments. The atmosphere is also quite lively.

Things to do at Arpora Night Market:

  • Shop till you drop
  • Refuel your midnight hunger cravings at one of the many midnight eateries here.

Where do most of the hippies in Goa live?

The above were a few places where you can find the maximum number of hippies trying to sell something, grooving to trance music, or being their hippiest best. But, have you wondered where they stay in Goa?

Most hippies in Goa are put up in North Goa. You may find them in small dwellings around the beaches of Arambol, Morjim, and Ashvem. Apart from partying and relaxing, they mostly indulge in yoga, meditation, running, and strolling by the beach during the day.

Although many hippies have left Goa, they have left behind a rich cultural influence, religious identity, and way of life. A huge hippie population is still found here. Their ideals and spirit have left a charismatic mark on the Goan culture.

Goa trance – Hippie music

A unique form of electronic music was born out of the hippie culture in Goa. Thumping kicks and rolling basslines merged with Hindu ragas define this style of music. It quickly shot to fame as the nation found this genre quite appealing. And a lot of Goan parties characteristically feature this kind of music. 

hippie places in goa

This was all I had to share about the hippie scene in Goa. I went on an unforgettable solo trip to Goa last year. I wanted to see and feel everything that is hippie there. So I made a few hippie friends and spent time with them to learn more about their culture. Goa is safe for all the solo female travellers out there, and hippies are lovable beings!

So, the next time you plan to visit this beach countryside, take some time to see, sense, and enjoy the hippie culture here.


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