What is at Vagator Beach?

Innumerable, exciting, and adventurous water sports, decent-sized bars, and spots for witnessing the most beautiful sunset of Goa make Vagator beach so popular among the tourists. If you are a solo traveller looking to hang out at some of the best places in Goa, Vagator beach should become one of your top preferences. The marvellous Chapora fort looks over the beautiful stretch of sand. The scenic beauty is just one of the many reasons to visit the place. Let me enumerate some more compelling reasons to help you decide to spend some time on your trip at this gorgeous beach.

1. Water sports

Visiting the Vagator beach and not experiencing the water sports will waste your amazing trip. The beach has some of the most fun and thrilling water sports, and you will love them if you find adventure pleasurable. Some sports that you can enjoy at Vagator beach are-

What is at Vagator Beach?
  • Parasailing- Want to enjoy the sky view of the beautiful beach? If yes, parasailing is the best activity to enrich your experience while enjoying the scenic beauty 500 m above the ground.
  • Jet ski- Just for Rs. 500, you can race across the ocean at the Vagator beach. This is a thrilling sport if you need that adrenaline rush throughout your body. If you have never been on a jet ski before, do not worry! They will train you for the activity within an hour. 
  • Dolphin sighting- Do you not want to indulge in rigorous activity but also want to enjoy the beauty of the ocean? I recommend you participate in the dolphin sighting activity at Vagator beach. Seeing these majestic creatures leap out of the sea will be a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

2. Some of the best places to stay in North Goa

Vagator beach has some of the best accommodation options in North Goa. There are several hotels and resorts near the beach, making it an even better spot to stay. So, here are some of the best accommodation options at Vagator beach.

Amour Resort

If you are looking for a luxurious stay in Goa, then the Amour hotel is one of the best options. The stay option at this resort ranges from rooms to studio suites, suites, and even a villa. The deluxe rooms here are based on African, Royal English, and Greek themes. Is it not amazing? You get several other features like a kitchenette, mini bar, air-conditioned rooms, bar, and lounge, as well as free parking. So if you want a luxurious stay in Goa, Amour Resort provides the best facilities at just Rs. 4000 per night.

Leoney Resort

Now, if you are not interested in spending so much money just on accommodation, then Leoney resort is the perfect option for you. They offer some of the best facilities at such a reasonable price. This resort is a gorgeous blend of cottages and mock Portuguese villas. Moreover, it is set amidst some of the most beautiful gardens and a pristine blue swimming pool. If you are on this trip for a natural detox, then this resort will surely help you loads. The rooms are air-conditioned and come with a minibar and a safe. Besides, if you bring your pet on this trip, they even have a pet’s room. The resort has a bar and lounge and free wifi and parking. The room cost in this resort will only be around Rs. 2000.  

3. Nightlife at Vagator

If you want to see the most exhilarating side of Vagator, spare one night from your schedule and experience the beauty of Vagator beach. After experiencing the most beautiful sunset, Vagator enlivens with hangout night parties, dance, and music. So, what is better than spending some time among some fun-loving strangers and making some unforgettable memories. The most popular party venues include the ‘Nine Bar’ and the ‘Hill Top.’ So, rock yourself to some beats and funky music and enjoy the vibrantly lit nightlife of Vagator beach. 

4. Sightseeing

Vagator beach is in the vicinity of some places you should visit during your solo trip to Goa

Chapora Fort

No matter where you decide to stay or how you plan to spend your time, do not forget to take a trip to the famous Chapora Fort. Suppose you are a millennial who also happens to be a Bollywood fan. In that case, you will easily recognise this fort from the movie “Dil Chahta Hai,” which will automatically compel you to visit the place. However, if you do not know what I am talking about or are not interested in Bollywood, here are some other reasons for taking a stroll about this fortress. The view from this fort is mesmerising, and the beautiful sunset with the perfect reddish-orange skyline makes it the perfect spot for photography. Who would want to miss such a splendid view? Apart from this, the place also has historical importance, and several legends are attached to this fort. So, you must certainly go to this place!

Little Vagator

The Ozran beach, also known as Little Vagator, is located north of the Vagator beach. It is a secluded spot that is perfect if you seek serenity during your solo trip. Besides, this place has two water springs, making the scene even more appealing. 

5. Enjoy the delicious food

What is at Vagator Beach?

The food shacks line up the entire Vagator beach. So, you must try to have some of the authentic Goan savouries and snacks from these stalls. You can also enjoy the mouth-watering Goan drinks!

Visit Mukti Kitchen

Mukti Kitchen is a value-based teaching workshop where you will get an experience you might not expect while visiting a coastal area. Here you can learn to cook many traditional and delicious dishes. The Mukti Kitchen workshop is entirely based on teaching Indian Cuisine. Moreover, if you love to cook and learn new and amazing Indian dishes, this place is a must-visit place. It is a 3 to a 4-hour-long cooking workshop where you can learn veg and non-veg dishes. 

Relish the Vagator Beach

The Vagator beach is one of the best and most happening spots present in North Goa. You can enjoy various water sports, live at luxurious resorts or budget-friendly accommodations, and spend time sightseeing some of the most iconic places in Goa. Besides all this, the nightlife at the Vagator offers an abundance of thrilling vibes. So make up your mind and spend part of your time at the Vagator beach to relish your solo trip to Goa. 

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