Are There Any Hidden Beaches in Goa?


Goa is a tourist destination in India synonymous with parties, beaches, or even beach parties. There are so many beautiful beaches in Goa that one solo trip may not be enough for you to explore them all. And while the popular beaches are usually crowded (and for all the right reasons), there are quite a few hidden and unexplored ones. If you are someone who would prefer to spend some time away from the crowded beaches, then this blog is perfect for you.

I have been to Goa multiple times. On my last solo trip, I decided to do something and went ahead with checking out the hidden, non-touristy places in Goa. And the introvert in me was quite happy with this decision. Not only did I manage to stay away from the crowd and noise, but I also made a bucket full of memories that I will cherish forever!

Each of these hidden beaches in Goa is unblemished beauty and offers awe-inspiring scenic views of the surroundings. Let’s dive into the list of these stunning, hidden beaches worth every minute of your time!

1. Betalbatim Beach

Often known as Sunset Beach, Betalbatim Beach is the ideal place for all those who love spending time admiring gorgeous sunsets. This beach allows you to witness some of the most magical sunsets you will see. Dotted with beautiful pine trees, Betalbatim Beach has soft golden sand. It is about 1 kilometre long and is rarely visited by tourists. If you want something to try out at the beach, check out dolphin watching! You must check with the local fishermen near the beach to get on a boat and watch the lovely dolphins!

2. Sinquerim Beach

One of Goa’s most beautiful hidden beaches, Sinquerim Beach, is situated at a distance of 13 kilometres from Panaji. The exotic palm trees, along with the shimmery golden sand, make for the perfect combination to look at. For adventure enthusiasts, this beach is perfect as it offers a wide range of adventurous water sports. You can try out parasailing, paragliding, surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, and even fishing here! If you visit the beach in the evening, you can spend some time here soaking in the breathtaking sunset.

3. Butterfly Beach

are there hidden beaches in goa?

When discussing the beautiful hidden beaches in Goa, it is difficult to miss the gorgeous Butterfly Beach. It is in a quiet yet serene area surrounded by towering rock formations. This semi-circled beach is home to a wide variety of aquatic species, which is rare to see at other beaches in Goa. The best way to reach Butterfly Beach is by taking a ferry from either Agonda or Palolem beach. Or, if you are up for a little bit of adventure, you can even trek through the forests that envelope the beach. Butterfly Beach is a place for those who love calmness and tranquility. And not to forget the peaceful sounds of the waves crashing and the wonderful sights of the sun setting on the horizon!

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4. Hollant Beach

A truly delightful beach nuzzled amidst the gorgeous landscapes of Goa, Hollant Beach is worth visiting on your solo trip. It is particularly known for the stunning shoreline views, which look all the more beautiful during high tide. If lucky enough, you can even see the mighty Western Ghats, which delight the eyes! Since the water near this beach is relatively calmer than other Goan beaches, it is also the perfect place for you to go out swimming. If interested, you can try out kayaking here too. This beach will give you several beautiful sights for nature and landscape photographers, so don’t forget to bring your camera along!

5. Siridao Beach

Nicknamed the ‘Shell Collectors’ Beach,’ Siridao Beach is the perfect place to unwind and relax after a long, tiring day. As the nickname suggests, you will find an exquisite variety of unique seashells here. Apart from that, you will also find a wide range of pearl shells and oysters. The beach is also home to numerous mysterious caves, a visit which will surely make your day. You will find a quaint church at the top of the hill – Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth, worth visiting. All in all, Siridao Beach proffers a relaxed time, away from the crowds and noise of the city!

6. Velsao Beach

Playing host to a rich landscape and picturesque views, Velsao Beach is among the most beautiful non-touristy beaches in Goa. It is surely a hidden gem in Goa, as you can even hear birds chirping here if you listen carefully. Along with the calmness and solace, the serene sounds of the crashing waves make for the perfect place to spend your day. The soft white sand is ideal for walking along the shore or sunbathing. When it comes to water sports, you can try out snorkelling here. Or go for short boat rides!

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Are the hidden beaches in Goa worth a visit?

are there hidden beaches in goa?

Every beach in Goa has its charm. Be it North Goa or South Goa. There are plenty of hidden beaches that are rarely visited by both locals and tourists alike. If you prefer a calm and less-crowded beach, visit the hidden beaches. These beaches also make for the perfect spot to click some aesthetic Insta-worthy pictures with the serene ambience as the backdrop!

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