My Ultimate Guide to Palolem Beach in Goa

The land of beaches, churches, and forts, Goa is a magnificent tourist destination in India. Thousands of tourists fly down to this destination every year to witness the magical reality with their own eyes. Apart from these things, Goa is famous for its vibrant and wild nightlife. Most of the parties are hosted at the serene beaches of Goa, so you can be sure that you will have a wonderful time!

Now, talking about beaches, there are plenty of those in Goa. And every beach is better than the other. You will be spoiled for choices when it comes to beaches. On your next solo trip to Goa, check out this stunningly beautiful beach – Palolem Beach. It is among the most serene beaches in Goa and is a must-visit for all the beach bums!

Palolem Beach is specifically famous for its calm waters and shimmery sands. You will feel all your worries melt away when you step onto the beach. Additionally, it is quite popular for fun night parties as well. You will find many locals and tourists grooving to the music and dancing the night away. Not sure if you have heard of this before, but Palolem Beach hosts some unique “silent discos” as well. Here, the partygoers put their headphones on, play music, and dance to their beats!

If you are considering spending a day at Palolem Beach, keep reading this blog. It is my ultimate guide to visiting this beach and having a fun and memorable time.

How to reach Palolem Beach

From Goa International Airport, it will take you about an hour via cab to reach Palolem Beach. This is the easiest and most convenient option to reach the beach safely. On the other hand, if you wish to take the bus, it will take about three hours. Also, you will have to change the bus thrice. Although a cheaper alternative to cabs, buses are quite time-consuming and not-so-reliable.

What is the best time to visit Palolem Beach?

The best time to visit Palolem Beach is between November and February. The weather is comparatively calmer, making it perfect for you to step out on the beach and enjoy lazing around.

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What are the fun things to do at Palolem Beach?

Now, let’s get to the fun part. Here are some things that you can try out at Palolem Beach:


Try paragliding to view the beach and its surroundings from a different angle. The beach and the crystal-clear water look mesmerising when you look at them from the top. It is a safe and fun-filled activity that you must try!

Boat ride

If you would like a lesser-adventurous activity, go on a boat ride. What makes these boat ride all the more worthwhile is dolphin watching! Yes, you can spot dolphins in the waters surrounding the beach. You can spot some turtles and other marine creatures along with dolphins. Your boat ride is a relaxing activity you can do after trying out a bunch of adventurous activities.


Since calm waters surround the beach, it makes for the ideal spot for kayaking. Both beginners and professionals are welcome at the beach to try their hand at kayaking. If you are a beginner, then don’t worry. You can check with the experts for tips before sitting in the kayak. Again, this is a more relaxed type of activity where the only thing you will have to do is row the kayak with your hands!


What’s better than spending the day meditating at the beach, surrounded by a serene ambience? Palolem Beach offers many booths that offer yoga sessions. If you are someone who would like to spend your time at the beach doing something unique, then definitely check out the yoga courses. The added advantage here is the waves crashing against the shores, making for the perfect melody for you to meditate. Also, if you are a beginner, you might even learn a few poses and techniques!

Get a tattoo

Ever wanted to get a tattoo but never got the chance? Then get one at Palolem Beach. There are many tattoo studios that you can check out before finalising one. This tattoo can be a little reminder of your time spent in Goa at Palolem Beach. However, I recommend you not get something on a whim and regret it later. Because honestly, getting tattoos removed is painful and bad for your skin health.


Laze around at the beach and admire the surroundings. Sunbathing is a totally fun way to spend your time at a beach. If you are not up for anything, just laze around the whole day! And while you are at it, I recommend slathering a good amount of sunscreen on your exposed body parts. Sun damage is real, and nobody likes a stubborn tan, right?

Is Palolem Beach worth visiting?

what to do in palolem beach

I enjoyed my time at Palolem Beach. Just like everyone says, the beach is famous for its serene waters and pleasant ambience. It is perfect for spending a lazy afternoon. Also, the silent discos caught my attention when I read about them on the internet. I attended one of these. Let me tell you, it was amazing! It is one of the most memorable memories from my solo trip to Goa.

If you found this blog post helpful, do let me know in the comments below. Till then, happy travelling ladies!

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