What is the Best Time to Visit Goa for Solo Travel?

The peak season in Goa, when the state is bursting with tourists, is from October to March. However, I would recommend the months from November to February if you want to avoid the crowd. Also, in December, the place is too packed with people because of Christmas and New year. So, you can cut that off your calendar too. However, if you are travelling to experience the wild parties in India’s party capital, do not hesitate to visit this exciting place during the peak season. Irrespective of the time you visit this place, I assure you that you will have a lot of fun and many more beautiful travelling memories by the end of your solo trip. So, if you are a female planning a solo trip to Goa, here is all you need to know before embarking on one of your best journeys. 

First, let me eliminate any fear you have, as Goa is one of the safest destinations to travel to in India. You might expect to see some significant cultural differences, but there aren’t many, to be honest. As you land in this beautiful place, you will see the same billboards or the same products being advertised, giving you a feeling of your home town to some extent. However, the people are commendable. They are ultimately used to tourists and welcome you with all the warmth there is. It can be a little overwhelming if this is your first solo trip but trust me, it will be an enriching experience. Hence, here are answers to all your queries before you decide to pack your bags and hit the road.

How to travel to Goa

First things first, just for your peace of mind, make travel insurance. This will help you if you run into any kind of trouble. Next, if you want to save some money, book your flights for mid-week, or take the flights that leave early in the morning. You can also choose railways and cab services if you travel within India.

Also, one of the best ways to optimise your time is by joining tours. For me, tours have proven to be the best way to meet new and amazing people on my trips. Moreover, if you want exposure to Goa’s culture, take culture tours, food tours, and day and walking trips. This way, you will be able to see the lives of the local people closely and learn a lot of new and exciting things about this hipster paradise.

Where to stay in Goa

The main reason for solo travel to Goa is cheap accommodation here. Moreover, you can live in some of the most beautiful places on a minimal budget. Hostels spread all over the state are very cheap and extremely comfy to stay in. One of the chief reasons solo travel becomes easy in this state is these hostels. They are very economical and allow you to make new friends. However, if you decide to stay in North Goa, then here are a few options for you-

  • Arambol
  • Anjuna
  • Baga
  • Vagator
  • Calangute

Of all these equally beautiful places, my favourite place to stay was Arambol. It has this beautiful and pleasant hippie vibe. It also has some yoga centres as well as a market. Moreover, you can also enjoy some very delicious vegetarian food at the amazing vegetarian restaurant present here.

Reasons to travel solo to Goa

Best Time to Visit Goa

The jitters before travelling solo to any place are widespread. But let me help you clear your mind by giving you some amazing reasons to travel to the abode of delicious seafood and liquor.

Safest destination to travel in India

Goa is among some of India’s top places on the safety index. But you may wonder if it is safe for women to travel to Goa alone. You might have slight apprehensions, but the answer remains yes. During my time in Goa, I never felt any grave danger even once. It is mainly because the residents of the state are very welcoming and friendly and because locals and tourists will always surround you. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Best places to make new friends

The party capital of India hosts numerous music festivals and international and national concerts, which becomes an enticing factor for people to visit this place. Hence, it becomes easy to meet people of all kinds and ages here. You can come across fun and exciting people anywhere in this place, be it in pubs, cafes, or any shop. Hence, even though you will reach this place alone, you will surely make many friends and many thrilling memories here.

Travelling solo is much easier here

Unlike other places where you have to book a cab or take buses to visit tourist destinations, Goa gives you the option of travelling completely solo. You can easily rent a bike or a scooter and explore the state on your own. Try to go to the hidden places and explore some of the quietest and rush-accessible destinations without worrying about your mode of commuting. Another plus point of renting a bike is that it is cheaper than taxis and cabs. So, go and explore the beauty of Goa independently.

Delicious food and amusing nightlife

If you love seafood, Goan cuisine will be heaven for you. Besides, you will have many options, whether you want to visit a fine dining restaurant or a local place. In addition to the food, the nightlife is amazing as well. The bars here are open for most of the night, and you can see people attending concerts and playing games in the late hours. So, if you are travelling solo, do not forget to experience the exciting nightlife of Goa.

What to expect

Best Time to Visit Goa

This solo trip to Goa will prove a very rewarding experience. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone may give you some of the most thrilling memories of your life, especially if you are a female. Speaking from personal experience, you are about to taste some of the most delicious food and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in India. Also, there are chances to make some very good friends during this solo trip. So let go of your hesitation and start packing your bags for an amazing experience


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