safety tips and advices for solo female travellers

21 important safety tips and advice for solo female travellers

Solo travel could be really challenging, especially for female travellers. Here are some safety tips and advice for solo female travellers. I have listed them down based on lessons I learned (learned a few the hard way!) through my solo travel experiences.

1. Do a complete research on the destination/place

It is the beginning step of any trip, regardless of its type! It is always important to be aware of your destination and travel itinerary. Make sure to check the weather conditions and political situations of the destination before booking your tickets. And when it comes to your day tours, ask an opinion from the locals. It could also be people from your hotel/hostel help desk!

When I travelled alone to Bali, I had probably researched a little too much of it! But I’m glad I did because it helped me know the places better, even better than a few locals!

2. Carry a power bank/portable charger

I can’t emphasize this enough! You may click a hundred pictures and use different apps, not realizing your phone is dying fast! Power backup must be the priority in your checklist. Also, make sure your phone is fully charged before you step out of the hotel/hostel.

I carried two power banks during my long day tours in Egypt, just in case! I made sure to set my screen brightness low and turn off the background activity and wifi to save my phone’s battery. And it made a huge difference!

3. Add important phone numbers to your mobile phone

It is mostly skipped by a lot of travellers, intentionally! Phone numbers of local emergency, helpline, hotel reception, and government consulate are needed during an emergency. Solo travellers must save these numbers beforehand to avoid last-minute mayhem. Remember, there is no place for overconfidence when you’re travelling alone.

I had to call my hotel reception to come and pick me up from the streets of Zamalek, Egypt, when I couldn’t find Uber or any reliable public transport. I panicked a little, but I quickly got ahold of my hotel number that was already there (saved) on my phone.

4. Install all the primary/essential apps on your mobile phone

Keeping the phone updated with all basic and essential apps is necessary for any traveller! Following are some of the apps that I installed on my phone.

  • Google Maps
  • Google Translate
  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • WhatsApp
  • TripAdvisor
  • AccuWeather
  • A hotel/flight booking app
  • Any mobile app to scan the important documents
  • Local women safety apps

It is also essential to get familiar with the apps beforehand to avail of the purpose without any trouble in a difficult situation. Also, make sure the apps work in your travel destination.

5. Do not flash your wealth

It could be your cash, debit/credit cards, expensive gadgets, jewelry, or accessories! Please do not flash them in public transport and places. Furthermore, keep them stashed somewhere in your backpack that you think is safe and not budge-able! Please leave the least useful things locked up in your locker/luggage in the hotel room.

I made sure my valuable things like cash, cards, and camera were safe and intact in my backpack during my day tours. Also, I checked on them often, actually way too often!

6. Learn essential words in the local language

It is one of the underrated tips for solo travellers. Trust me, it is an added advantage if you learn the basics and three magic words (i.e., Thank you, Please, Sorry) in the local language. In addition to that, you can also use Google Translate!

I learned many essential Arabic words before my trip to Egypt, and it was the best thing ever! The more words I used, the more friendly the locals were! Finally, I would also recommend the solo travellers know the local word for ‘Help’ just to be on the safe side.

7. Memorise your family/friends’ phone numbers

Gone are the days when people actually remembered phone numbers. Honestly, this tip is a must-do for everyone no matter what. It can come in handy if you are lost somewhere with no access to your mobile phone.

I know a couple of my friends’ and family’s phone numbers by heart. However, I always keep a small pocket notebook with important phone numbers written down in my backpack, just in case!

8. Keep your cash in more than one place

It is a common advice that you might have heard a little more than a hundred times! You need to follow this right from your journey in transit to the day tours in your itinerary plan.

I always stash some cash in the back of my non-transparent mobile case and other secret compartments of my backpack. In addition to that, I also hide some on my body. Trust me, it’s the best tip ever, especially for solo female travellers.

9. Do not be shy to ask for help

It was not easy for a hardcore introvert like me during my first solo trip to Bali. I had to unmute myself at many places to fetch help for basic things like asking directions from the locals.

And remember, it is important to get rid of your shyness and second thoughts to use your solo trip to the fullest. So, get rid of your comfort zone and ask for help when it is required!

10. Leave your valuables locked up in the hotel

Please keep all your valuables like jewelry, passport, and other important documents locked up in the hotel safe or luggage. Also, don’t forget to make copies of your original documents and keep them in the backpack during your day tours. And please make sure to carry extra photocopies as well, just in case! Here are some documents that you may need.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Student ID (if you are a student)
  • Driver license for address proof
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical certificate (includes information on any vaccination recommended for tourists)
  • Debit/Credit card (in case you lose it)

I hate to admit it, but I lost my precious finger-ring on one of my day tours in Egypt. And the worst part is I was not allowed inside a famous historical site for not having a copy of my passport!

11. Carry a safety defence tool

Every solo female traveller must carry a self defence tool for protection in danger. You can place the tool in the easily accessible compartment of your backpack or conceal it on your body. Following are some of the non-lethal safety defence tools.

  • pepper spray
  • pocket knife
  • non-lethal taser for women (check if it is permitted in your travel destination)

I carried a small keychain knife and a whistle in my wallet. The whistle can be used to draw people’s attention during an emergency. I even learned some self defence moves with the help of YouTube tutorials!

12. Don’t stay out too late

Please do not trust anyone too quickly and stay out late at night! Remember, you’re in a new place all on your own, and it’s not safe to take any chances. It’s ok if you have missed out on a few places in your itinerary due to time constraints. Your safety comes first!

I only stayed for a day in Luxor, Egypt. However, I managed to visit a few historical sites during the daytime and rest in the hostel at night. I had extra time to organise my luggage and nap, so I could start the next day early to explore a few places near my hostel on foot.

13. Plan the mode of transportation before you head out

Planning your mode of transportation for day tours is as important as booking flight tickets to the destination. Ask your hotel/hostel help desk for suggestions on the best local taxi-hiring apps and public transport. Remember, it is vital to plan for a round trip.

I mostly used Uber in Egypt because it was cheaper than a few local apps. I also used my hotel transportation service when I couldn’t find an Uber taxi and reliable public transport.

14. Let your loved ones know your daily travel itinerary

Yeah, I get it. Solo travelling is about spending quality time for yourself without letting the world know your whereabouts. Sometimes, it doesn’t work that way! So, it is important to send a copy of your travel itinerary to your loved ones or keep them informed about it.

I informed a couple of my friends about my plans on day tours, and it made me feel safer. Trust me. It helps a lot!

15. Dress appropriately

It could come off as an invasion of your privacy, but I have to tell it no matter what. Every solo female traveller must make sure to dress up that is best suited for the place and destination. Above all, it is always important to respect the traditions of culturally diverse locations like religious sites.

I carried a scarf and a spare dress in my backpack at all times. In addition to that, I also chose to dress up in clothes that did not draw unwanted attention.

16. Pack light for a long day tour

It would be best to pack light if you’re planning for a long day tour. Following are the must-carry things in your backpack.

  • Copies of important documents
  • gadgets (if it is absolutely required)
  • Power bank for your mobile phone
  • Wallet (containing cash, debit/credit cards)
  • Self defence tool
  • Spare dress & scarf
  • Accessories based on weather conditions
  • Medications (if any)
  • Water bottle (you can also refill to avoid plastic)
  • A small snack

My day in Luxor, Egypt, was a super long one, and I was exhausted by the end of the day. No kidding, my light weighed backpack saved my day, though!

17. Be aware of your surrounding

You cannot get this wrong! Never let your attention wander off at any time. Following are some of the things to watch out for.

  • Make sure to choose the hotel/hostel with the highest ratings.
  • Watch your drink at a party.
  • Do not stay in a place with any activity that is out of the ordinary.
  • Monitor the activities of a stranger who offers to help you in a stranded place.
  • Do not reveal your accommodation details to strangers.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings all the time.

Honestly, you’re good to go if you follow these steps!

18. Make a local friend

Local friends help you to get better insights into the destination. You could always ask them for suggestions on places and other significant things. So, please make sure to let go of your shyness and be more interactive on your trip.

I made great friends while on my trip to Egypt. A local Egyptian family took me in for dinner, and it was the best experience ever, thanks to Airbnb! They helped me to know better about the country.

19. Trust your instincts

Never go easy on your instincts. If you think that something is just not right, follow your gut instinct. Do not underestimate anything that you’re not entirely sure about!

I followed my instincts and took decisions that would only benefit me. Moreover, I believe it is the best practice of mine!

20. Say ‘NO’ firmly

Learning to not socially oblige is often required on your solo trip. Be prepared to be approached by local vendors and others (if any) to make you buy/do things. In this case, say ‘No’ firmly without a second thought. If there is a gap to take some breaths, you can also say it politely!

Many local vendors nagged me in Cairo to buy souvenirs for super high prices. However, I managed to escape from them by just saying ‘No, thank you’ in Arabic without making eye contact.

21. Stay in touch

You could find this point a little too often but conveyed differently throughout the blog post. Keeping in touch with your loved ones is a must, even if you are in the safest destination in the world.

I frequently shared photos and exchanged messages with my loved ones. And honestly, I did not feel lonely at any point in time!

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